My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter 02 system is turned on!

Chapter 02 system is turned on!

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Luminous child've been very ill, sleeping for three days. After patients always feel small luminous mind the occasional female voice talking.

"Bite, system integration, the integration progress of 5%."

"Bite, system integration, the integration progress of 20%."

"Bite, system integration, the integration progress of 50%."


Small luminous early age that time, did not go to the tube, and Mom and Dad did not say. After some time, one day, playing the small luminous mind a voice heard, and this sound and had repeated the phrase "in system integration" is not the same.

"Bite, system integration is completed, the integration of 100%."

"Bite, the system is open ... Please wait."

"Bite the system is turned on, has not yet reached the activation conditions, the current system is in its original state, complete host system release task, activate the system."

"Bite the system for the first time, drawn in a random reward."

"Bite, to randomly skills: never forget, the system is in the initial state, the use of automatic skills."

"Bite, activate task Published: Please host recite a poem in today's quest: to increase system activation progress; tasks punishment: the host is likely to be bitten by a dog."

Being in kindergarten small luminous being sneaky little girlfriend SGX want to pull small hand it bud, where hollow tubes mind that a series of weird sounds.

the next day.

"Bite, mission failed."

That day, bud family's small dog after seeing a small luminous mad to catch up with the herd bite, thanks to clever little luminous, running something else, after being chased and finally throw off a few blocks of a small dog.

Small luminous very angry ah! Humph! I am not secretly pulling small hand Well, as for dogs on baby? Such a girlfriend rather forget!

Break up! Decisive break!

Small luminous love to such an end, but also sad that a small luminous morning, noon, eat a bowl of rice, usually eat two bowls of.

"Well, the rest of a bowl of rice on when to pay homage to the baby dead in love." Small luminous rise of 45-degree angle at the sky.

"Bite, activate task Published: Please host ......" small luminous memory of love is also not catch the female mind what to say.


On the third day.

"Bite, mission failed."

The same day, a small luminous fell into a drainage ditch.

The fourth day.

"Bite, mission failed."

The same day, a small luminous SGX little girlfriend is the next class Li Taotao with a bag of spicy pry bar to go.

Fifth day.

"Bite, mission failed."

The same day, a small luminous by several large class of boys bullied.

On the sixth day ......

The seventh day ......

Eighth day ......

Small luminous still small, but he was not stupid. Small luminous feel wrong, reminiscent of the recent sound mind always arise. He was a bit afraid, but do not know how to tell Mom and Dad.

To the ninth day. "Bite, activate task Published: Please host learn five new words quest: to increase system activation progress; tasks punishment: host a stomach ache."

The same day, always mischievous little luminous becomes surprisingly well-behaved,Today teach 10 new words a small luminous actually no one will learn, kindergarten teacher marveled.

The next day, no small luminous stomach ache. Small luminous very happy. As long as the original task will not be punished for it. After you complete the task seriously it!

"Bite, activate task Published: Please host learn 15 new words ......"

"Bite, activate task Published: Please learn to host two poetry ......"

"Bite, activate task Published: Please host learn addition and subtraction within 10 ......"

The little luminous way to start my life task. He also for a variety of system tasks, plus the bonus system then skills: never forget. Other people's children became legendary.

The system grew along with the small luminous grow up, luminous slowly adapt to the systematic life, in fact, the system has been released on the task of learning about and luminous, like recite the text ah, ah mid-term exam was first class, Some columns final exam the first full year, ah, ah get out the math test like the tasks related to learning.

Luminous never forget because of the skills, if that is the task of learning a genius Pa, the system is also easily done.

This situation continued until the luminous Middle School that year.

"Bite, the system activates the progress of 100%, the system will be upgraded, upgrade time for four years, the host should not be excessive mental activity behavior during the upgrade line with the system, task Issued: Please host candidates in painting from Nanchang University quest: the system is activated;. task punishment: system upgrade fails, the host cerebral palsy. "

Luminous look ignorant force, in order not to cerebral palsy, helpless to give up candidates Tsinghua University Beijing University, the great dream of the future to become national leaders, without the knowledge of parents apply for a professional art department of painting Nanchang University.

During college, it becomes luminous probably because of system upgrades, become extremely sleepy. Sleeping in class, after class to sleep, go home to sleep. University four years, also received a large number of alumni luminous awarded him the title of honor: South god of sleep!

However, the luminous University for four years and did not let the fee. While it has been in sleep, four-year university has been doing a luminous same dream in his sleep.

In the dream, luminous and almost came to a world where he was exactly the same parallel world (our world), luminous in this world is an ordinary office worker, walked married shit of a gentle and virtuous, Meirutianxian wife. Both world of band, loving happy life together.

His dream world and the world of amazing consistency, almost exactly the same. But there are not the same place.

Dream world, the most popular phone is a phone call Apple. And His World, contending the mobile phone industry, have called orange, pear have called, but not Apple, not Samsung, Huawei no, no millet.

Dream, China already has its own aircraft carrier LN numbers. And His World, China has no aircraft carriers.

Dream, China as early as in 2008 successfully held the world's attention the Olympics. And His World, Olympic Games to be held next year.

Dream, BAT and microblogging accounted for half of the Internet.And His World, BAT and microblogging almost exactly the same in this amazing world. Baidu is Baidu, but Baidu is more successful in this world, a single large. Ali or Ali, but no dream is so strong not look directly at Ali, Ali, the world relative to other same industry, although in Big Brother's position, but only an advantage. Far from the dream world is so beautiful. Tencent QQ is not called QQ, but called Tencent TT. China microblogging microblogging collectively, there is nothing Sina Weibo, Tencent microblogging, microblogging Netease, Sohu Weibo points.

Dream, all kinds of variety shows, movies, television, literature poetry, fiction or even a network, the popular north and south. And His World, this world, songs, there! Movies, there! Fiction, there is! Poetry, there is! Nothing missing, but poor compared to the dream world is not a star the slightest. It is simply a cloud of mud!

Luminous skills have never forget, remember every dream seen and heard, so that he felt very real, even for some time, have some luminous know which is a dream, which is the real world. It took a long time to adjust to the luminous over.

But, there are things, luminous feel very confused, because never forget skills, luminous can be seen clearly remember the dream, but the dream of his wife, his daily life in a dream man child. He can not remember how long she look like. Fall asleep when the luminous can clearly see his wife's appearance, and is exactly the same in the real world. But every time he woke up, when recalling his wife's appearance, like a cloud of mist enveloped in general, can not remember how his wife looks.

Luminous not talked about love, but suddenly in a dream and others married, living together, even though his wife as beautiful, gentle and virtuous, but luminous subconscious dream's always some visual sense that is standing outside the world of the beholder , his wife can not say more than like. But after some time, night was this gentle, pleasant wife conquered, threw himself at her skirt. In many cases, a clear luminous also propped head, grinning, his wife recalled a dream and sweet together bit by bit. Sometimes not even wake up from a dream, and only for children who dream stay a while.

Finally, four years of college is over, the system upgrade tasks successfully. This is a luminous make some happy and some regrettable news. After completion of system activation, nor luminous in entering into a dream world. How much of the dream world he did not give up, however, the dream of his wife, luminous really reluctant, he considered the true feelings of. Otherwise, four years, looks not bad actually luminous university did not pay a girlfriend so why?

"Bite, 100% system upgrade, system upgrade is complete."

"Bite, host disciple value has not reached the minimum system requirements, tasks Released: Please host serving a primary school teacher, to use the system requirements within half a year quest: a full range of host can use the system; task Punishment: The host can not be achieved using the system requirements , the system described is not suitable for the host, the system shut down. "

Ever since, luminous and began tossing of his way, to test hemp slip of the Teacher. Then "hearts with love,Move with reason "to convince the parents, he became a glorious teacher of the people!

A few months teaching career, in fact, to really like luminous teacher this career, also likes the school, the innocent smiles of the students. His teacher told the students respectfully night when a surge of pride in his heart luminous mood came over.

However, when improperly teacher he can not say, it depends on the system pits father ah!

"Bite, host system pupil has reached the required value."

"Bite, the only system the main task of publishing: the title of teacher for all ages!"

"Bite, host of the current job is not easy to complete the main quest system, please resign host currently working, in order to accept the system task."

"Bite, feature updates the system, the system is expected to be officially opened eight hours."

So, luminous resigned. . .

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