My Star Teacher (updated)

By Ye De Guang

Chapter 01're just one system from the good little rebellious youth

Chapter 01're just one system from the good little rebellious youth

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Legend of the universe there are countless planes, and even some planes almost time where we are exactly the same. The story took place in a parallel world and the Earth in almost exactly the same.

Luminous is a primary school teacher. Well, it should be said originally a primary school teacher, because, today luminous resigned. Luminous why resign? It began after a very complicated bizarre.

Luminous, JX Nanchang, 182 tall, handsome appearance can not say, but also looks very pleasing to the eye, very engaging.

These days, luminous parents began to worry. You have to ask why? Because the family out of such a son not worry! Son grow up, love toss, getting jumped, the old couple worry ah.

Luminous words, but an old married couple that had heart treasure, good little. Ever since school began, luminous is other people's children legendary. From primary to high school, every year the first class, learn what what the teacher taught him to listen again on the basic will.

Childhood classmates may admire him. The other students are doing math homework when luminous playing marbles; other students are doing Chinese homework time, luminous playing marbles; other students playing marbles when, in luminous and they play marbles together. Do not ask me who marbles Yes.

Why? This is because even if the goods are not doing their homework will not be criticized by the teacher.

Also a student, the gap between how so much? Not convinced? Teachers feel unfair?

The teacher will give you a word hate is back: "If you could have come first every time you do not have homework!"

From primary to high school, luminous how parents would not have to worry about basic luminous, intelligent child, learn good manners, but also special sensible, things will come, the neighbors liked him. Luminous parents and others to talk to the kid always heads held high, a son airs, very, very proud. However, this situation lasts only until the luminous Middle School that year. That year, Luminous Glow secretly did something to make things parents want to discount his legs, stick up to his father, and ultimately did not have the heart to fight on.

College entrance examination, luminous secretly put one hundred twenty-three have applied for voluntary Nanchang University, specializing chose art: painting. After luminous know parents, almost an old blood to gas discharge.

Luminous parents what schools actually reported luminous son did not make much of intervention, the son of peace of mind from an early age, academic performance is top-notch, you son of this achievement, Tsinghua University Beijing luminous parents can not guarantee each of the offerings, but luminous Fudan traffic parents still feel confident, in that case, the son would like to report what school they reported what school, in short, is not too bad. Although the case of voluntary reporting time, my mom could not help specially care and told a luminous something.

Remember luminous boldly vowed at that time, said: "Mom you worry I have a few, son guaranteed not to lose your face!!"

Mom believed.

Then, luminous secretly reported the Nanchang University.

Voluntary reporting after the closing. That day, night is pinching the shoulder to the father, but also to the mother hammer legs, absolutely not sweet in the mouth, prompting the old couple elated. Dad waved his hand, "Well! Want to buy what you want to take advantage of doing dad happy hasten to say!"

then,Luminous keep a straight face, he said: "I volunteer reported the Nanchang University."

"......" Mom and Dad silence. A little surprised, to say good Peking University, Tsinghua it? Jiaotong University and Fudan University, said it good?

Luminous and lengthy added: "123 volunteers are Nanchang University."


How reported the Nanchang University of it? Mom and Dad somewhat surprised. Luminous parents thought might be to big kids never left the house, leaving their parents, so the universities are willing to go to the field. Nanchang University, can not say how good, compared to the original anticipated Tsinghua University Beijing University, Fudan University and Jiaotong what is certainly to be far worse. But also a number of key universities Well 211. Son of academic performance is so good, is virtuous and talented person, regardless of which university in the future will be promising. Moreover, children do not want to leave home excusable Well, at his side in life parents can take care of the point. I figured out these luminous parents did not say anything, just some small disappointment.

Dad sigh breath, "Nanchang University Nanchang University on it, close to home, all right, fine."

And the mother should be: "Yes, close to home, they do not live in the school, do not eat the cafeteria, you are a long body, nutrients have to keep up, Nanchang University close to home home room and board, just right, son! you reported what professional? "

Luminous weak weak retorted: "Art ......"

Mom and Dad moment of luminous glare!

Before the onset of parents, luminous and added: "...... in painting."

brush! Mom gas stood up, Dad a little toothache ......

Nanchang University without the knowledge of the candidates put up with loud noise, the child does not want to leave home thing. Arts professional candidates we also may be able to, and want children in the future Zuosha what kind of work when their parents are not too good intervention, but you choose a painting professional, you want to doing? What are you flying it! Can not endure, cliffs will be able to! Did not say, I hate him!

Mom Cha Zhaoyao, pointing to the luminous nose scolded: "??!! You kids, you want to doing painting you draw the ball to you that two brushes, you also learn painting."

Dad also chimed in and said:? "Is, is that you learn to draw, as a child you say you draw a tiger, abruptly drawn into a hello kitty, what you say you choose a good professional performances, film and television, even if you it also recognizes the school dance, but why would you choose a painting you! What are you earthshaking ah you! "

"How is? Do you want to be a painter ah? I do not know the artist are only owned by the famous fairy ah, you see several works of living artists can be famous?"

"Ok, even if there is, but also Qilaobashi old painter you a small young, you want to destitute Qilaobashi not?"

"You expect me to feed you and your dad a lifetime thing?"

"That is, they do not fly at you this momentum, your mother and I will be your day Zhibuding gas passed."

"You had in mind is what? You say! You do not give me today the perfect explanation, you can never over-expose wholeness this crop!"

"Yes, give us a perfect explanation!"


"......"Parents of luminous for as long as half an hour of a full range of vocal opposition. Power comparable to a nuclear bomb. Luminous forehead wet one, not sweat, saliva is Mom and Dad.

"Yes, baby his father, volunteering is not able to change again?"

Dad eyes a naked, excited and said:. "! Right, right right right can change, can change."

Mom was excited: "That's what you waiting for, quickly let you worry this is not the son of the volunteers changed!"

"What is my son, not your son ah!" Dad stubborn road.

Mom and Dad glared: "This time you and me stubborn!"


A mixture of saliva and sweat on the forehead luminous wiped, looked clock, 18:43. Weak weak, he said: "It is 18:43 GMT and 18:30 today, that is, you blame the most readily when I called, the National College Entrance Examination system has been officially closed ......"


"I'm an inverse kill you!"


Then, after the entrance, luminous with amazing score 720 points to become the national college entrance exam and was admitted to the Nanchang University ... art ... in painting ......

President of Nanchang University of fun just like in a lottery, the national champion ah, did not go to Tsinghua University, Peking University did not go, came Nanchang University. In the end is still the home of the child Well, it really gives long face. This child is chosen professional ...... who cares, it does not matter what profession, we are students of the University of Nanchang thing! So, he waved his hand, tuition fees? Free, free! scholarship? For, according to the highest standard!

Other major brand-name university president also crazy, what the hell? The national college entrance exam, not to let Tsinghua University Beijing University, Fudan not Jiaotong University, so many prestigious universities you do not choose, but picked Nanchang University? This Nima unscientific! Also, the college entrance exam choose this major? Art ... in painting. Good heavens! What must be open the wrong way ......

As for Mom and Dad luminous, luminous won the national college entrance exam, things would have been proud to mention, but my parents luminous Leng Shimo out to show off. Show off Gesha? College entrance exam that out is very fast hardware, but if the neighbors asked which school on your baby? Tsinghua or Beijing University? how to answer? Luminous has been reported in painting from the University of Nanchang, the die was cast. You said luminous parents is not good to say? Or do not say good? Or do not say good? Not afford to lose this man! It's that, then.

Luminous teachers and high school students were also very surprised to find him have to ask why. I asked many people, luminous also tired, as long as someone finally asked, luminous answer two sentences: South close to home, sister and more professional.

Very wayward answer, however, is not wrong.

So, luminous was willing to compensate the so-called close to home, sister spent more than Nanchang University college career. Finally, the university four years later, however, a luminous girlfriend did not pay too ...... but luminous expertise is leaps and bounds! Staggering! Unlike painted tiger finally a hello kitty. Like coffee cat! Do not laugh, this is huge progress Okay.After graduating from college, luminous My parents were worried about the future organization of work is luminous.

Luminous look of proud parents and said: "Dad, Mom, you do not worry about the old couple, doing the work I have thought and a very decent job yo!."

Mom look of surprise: "? Son, what work fast to talk about."

Dad have a bad feeling.

Luminous confidently took out a small notebook from his pocket, "Teacher," Proud said: "When the teacher Look, I have good test certificate teacher more than okay, dedication, teaching, noble and great!! ! after you know your son had to respectfully called your son out:! night teacher think there is a little excited about it. "

Mom: "......"

Dad on the spot freak: "No go!"

Luminous Of course not: "! I am going to have my license exam."

"No go!"

"I'm going!"

"You're not professional counterparts! Fraught!"

"I'm going to go!"

"When the teacher wages low!"

"I'm going!"

"When the teacher was no future!"

"I'll go!"

"I dare you to break your legs!"

"I went to ~"

"You and I dare say bad words!"


Eventually, my parents did not Niuguo luminous luminous.

Glow in a local primary school successful candidates, became a primary school teacher glorious contract system ......

A few months later. Luminous resigned ......

Mom and Dad going crazy, you want to doing? Are you monkey ah? So can be frustrating, it is you want to turn my God! School entrance examination college entrance examination is not a good option, choose a good professional and not professional, work of the teacher will not let you go when you go to a non-teacher, when the teacher a few days, said the resignation resigned. What are you doing? I ask you to doing?

After the neighbors know, to see the luminous also secretly shook his head, alas, a child a lot more well-behaved children, ah, how now so frustrating, so do not worry, do so rebellious? The child, be destroyed.

Mom and Dad this worry ah. Oh, do not worry birth to such a son, but unfortunately ah!

Luminous is also very helpless ah. MMP is not a forbearance, which is to be doing? Toss what? May your ancestors plate board ... a break! system! EC!

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