Chapter 99

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Taishou a woman, you see the forest source holding guns menacing rushed over to him. Has not cleared the fog around, Lin Yuan figure somewhat hazy.

When his body to be felt unusual fluctuations woman frowned. Empty waved his left hand, at the foot of the water in the high jump out of a giant eagle, sounding in the direction of prayer beads away, Dangxia prayer beads attacks.

The moment right hand bell becomes too big, her wrist doubled, it would be thrown on the bell faint light, light an entire space shook a little.

Lin Yuan flashing light body, those are body care aura, Dangqi guns in the hands of thousands of light and shadow, with Thunder trend toward the surface of the woman's dive away.

Woman smiled, hand Qingtai, caught pike forest sources. Just this one action, let Lin Yuan could not move.

Lin Yuan gaze swept the woman's eyebrows all at once, had a quiet emotional transformation in the eyes, actually a little sad.

Women's suddenly a move, the hands of the bell disappear, red veil fluttering in the wind, Dangqi charming circle arc. Lift real estate broker, across from the head above the forest source and the last points of the eyebrows forest source.

Under the coercion of women, Lin Yuan did not move, his eyes Yin Li, but only let women action.

"Residual soul?" The woman ditan heard, there is a strong tone scattered not open sadness.

Woman had put away the bell, ink and Qing Yang Qin control both at the moment is not the soul of the town bell.

However, Qin ink sanity is still not clear, under the action of the previous soul of the town bell, which he suppressed in the body of demons once again thrives.

Fire burning body, a rise of Qin ink, trance, we can see Linzi Zheng was firmly in control in the hands, it seems at the moment will lose their lives.

Qin ink body suddenly broke out an alarming momentum, he ignored the woman in deep powerful coercion, sword in the hands of a pull toward the direction of the woman stabbed. Continue to enter the mine sword landed in Reiki, his sword, Jianguang flashing, like a sky fly.

Qin ink under attack, the fog around, trembling, like a barrier which surrounded him tightly. Hanmang the sword flashing, these fog eleven cut pieces. Fragmentation of the fog into a ribbon-like, direct break open the Qin ink psychic barrier, he fell on his body, burned his skin.

Qin ink looking the same, sword continue to move forward.

The side of the Qing Yang perceived movement here, hands pinch tactics, a giant tiger appears behind him.

Qing Yang a wave, the tiger roar heard, big eyes staring at it a pair of bells, Xuepentaikou Zhang, rushed toward the woman's side.

"It feels ......" woman Dai Li in place, the finger still on the brow forest sources, but his eyes stared at Qin ink, let him that jianpi to her body.

Red light flashed, even if the woman did not attack her whole body body care aura spontaneously from the ground up and running. Veil dancing, toward the Qin ink and Tigers fan who in the past.

Veil was repulsed, Qin ink body back, just fell on top of a tiger's body.

Qin ink from the storm was repulsed in the only moment of effort, Lin Yuan to be slow to God, I saw Qin ink fell to the Tigers who embarrassed Mo Yang.Lin Yuan eyes slowly turn red, the whole body up the atmosphere becomes unstable.

"Oh? Because he is, you only lingering residual soul do?" Lin Yuan felt the change of mood, previously leaked to recover the woman's emotions, finger brushed brow forest sources said softly. "Worth it?" Her voice was low, and even the side of the Qing Yang

Both ink and Qin did not hear.

"But unfortunately ......" woman sighs loudly about to say something, suddenly looking for a change, looked up to the distance.

Horizon, a rich black gas soaring into the sky, in the air among the black, vaguely mingled with a touch of pink.

"Oh, so many years, the first time someone dares to me to make trouble." Although the woman was laughing, the sound actually can not see a trace of pleasure intended.

She readily put down the forest source, stature into the sky, has been immediately followed by the side of the nightmare.

She barefoot floating in mid-air, stature suddenly meal, facing the direction of the forest source of a bayan, a ball of light got into the body of Lin Yuan, just listen to her bow and whispered: "I'd like to see , you will be what happens ...... "

Voice down, she abruptly turned Xiupao flick in the air, previously cleared of fog once again strong up the following few people wrapped in one. Then she turned into the shadows disappeared in this place.

The fog, the three Qin ink trance, slowly asleep.

The rising sun illuminate this piece of heaven and earth, the fog had rich already spread. As at yesterday wilderness, I do not see any difference, should not personal experience, they would not believe, just one night actually happened in so many things.

A few people sitting in the wilderness, looked at each other, and sometimes no one to speak, and even small books are rare quiet.

Flying crane frowned: "Yesterday was really so mysterious woman the strength of high-strength?"

Lin Yuan looking solemn nod, said:. "Well, she's still ...... on coercion Master"

The presence of several people in addition to the Qin ink all suck down a cold lump, Master Lin Yuan, and they know that he is the head of the macro Temple Wen heart monk masters, already have fit on the repair, this woman is even higher than the smell masters heart repair on a chip, it ......

Everyone's face suddenly ugly again.

Flying crane expression changed several times, glanced around the environment, a bite, said: "Today is also the disciples of other sects to which, should they not before sunset, we tried to get out of here, something else again later decide to do. "

A few people, the oldest flying crane, the strength is the strongest, and therefore His words, few people have no objection, here waiting for them.

Other martial disciples continue to arrive, these people divided into factions according to different sects.

Lin Yuan is located outside the Temple of macro and mountains where the school flying crane to remove a bit, there are several other sects. Dressed in a blue robe sky Jianmen, The Sound of Music were all composed by a woman, good at alchemy of Uni school, there are no other outstanding small sects.

These disciples of the repair is not very high, mostly in the Yuan Ying, is the highest repair OBE. The travel industry bailout blue sky, the desert community does not attach too much importance,Only sent Ha Yuan Ying disciples to go, when is a trial.

In the desert community, Yuan Ying is very common, but blue sky sector, Yuan Ying is leading presence.

Sun, flying crane looked next to a forest source, nodded his head.

"If you have to, then we'll get going." The speaker was a monk OBE, his eyes in the presence of people who skipped last fall forest source who dismissively began.

In the desert community, Wang Temple has a high prestige, although the temple's monks are normally ignore mundane, but their strength is very strong. Lin source for hundreds of years the only one able to practice their hair lay disciples, it is not due to general macro temple position.

Lin Yuan smiling mouth: "a thousand mountains fellow brothers say is an electrode."

Other people naturally have no objection, have a boat ride on the cloud toward the blue sky circles away.

Qin ink into the blue sky after a pedestrian community, we found that the situation here is worse than they imagined places.

Empty on the vast land, Mount quiet from time to time emerge from the land, has just entered the meantime, he clearly feels a strong chi.

"There's a spiritual power fluctuations." Qianshan frowning, pointed to the south.

Qin sight around the ink swept away, and then viewed along the direction indicated Qianshan, that Huang Fam.

Qin ink look a bit complicated, Huang Fam ......


Blue sky sector, Huang Fam

Five years ago, the world changed dramatically in this change, Huang Fam around the enchantment disappear. Since then, full of material to treasure Fam yellow day among the crowd appeared in sight, everyone here has become a favorite of blue sky industry experience danger.

But now, here it turned into their final place to live.

Jin Linger standing in the crowd, walked gingerly forward. Most peripheral Huang Fam is shrouded in a layer of strange gray gas, in which the soul is limited, Jin Linger repair only the base building, now subject to the restrictions soul, she could only see a radius of ten

Meter environment.

Around chi dense atmosphere was very strange, coming from the foot of the "click" sound Cui Xiang, Jin Linger looked down, they saw a black man has been pan-bone.

Jin Linger face a little pale, but did not like the first time I saw-like cry aloud, after all, since for so long, she has used.

"Be careful." A familiar voice beside her said Jin Linger go back, we can see the hole Xiao said with a straight face.

Jin Linger nodded.

Xiao hole now also have the saver of the repair, he no longer have to do to send your son, gestures a little more calm. Jin Linger eyes shimmering, who can never change it?

At this point, around suddenly whipped up strong winds, under this strong wind, even the saver of the monks were blinded.

In this high winds among large tracts of black smoke shot up from above the ground, catching people who smoke suddenly turned into ashes. Listening to his screams, the presence of people looking legislation change, the hearts are all very fear.

This blanket of darkness that they have encountered many times, it almost destroyed the whole community blue sky. Unexpectedly, they hid among the yellow Fam days, or is it to find a blanket of darkness.

"Hee hee hee, ha ha ha ...... so many delicious ......"Cries spread from the blanket of darkness, the presence of people in despair and closed his eyes.

Xiao Jin Linger direction toward the hole by the by, she want to die, but now no way.

At this point, the roar came from their heads: "Damn demons, Get out of here!"

Voice down, the entire Huang Fam are fierce earthquake shock, Black Mist is torn directly from the outside, a pedestrian appeared in this


This is in the hands of pedestrians magic shining bright light, just a moment, here's the blanket of darkness will be gone clean.

Many come, can Jin Linger look around, eyes saw only one person.

He wore a white robe, whole body cold atmosphere without any hint.

Jin Linger murmured: "Big Brother."

Jin Linger dressed in green clothes, his face somewhat dirty, but did not affect her tender face. She tears in her eyes, but his face with a smile.

Qin and Jin Linger looked ink phase, as Wang, Lin Yuan hearts skip a strange and unhappy intention to kill.

He surprised the hearts of meditation clear mantra several times. The world and the world where he is not the same, Jin Linger and he also did not get married, he really should not have intended to kill this thing to give birth to Big Brother.

Such a thought, but did not find him, he looked in the eyes of Jin Linger hidden chill.

Qin ink minds belong to the memory of the rapid recovery of Big Brother, and he touched the waist Qiankun Dai, ultimately only shook his head, cold voice: "I'm not your big brother, I'm Qin ink."

Lin Yuan mouth of a few can not check to Alice Alice.

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