Ninety-sixth chapter

Ninety-sixth chapter

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Wan over town full of black air, the whole sky is a dull black, can not see the original color, the atmosphere around too depressed to amazing.

Quartzite on the ground seemed to tremble, as time goes by, more and more apparent that tremble, as if the whole earth is shaking.

Air black air like a giant black hole, continue to expand around toward the Qin ink a few people myself are looking to launch an attack looks, because they found that as the proliferation of black gas, the aura around more and more thin.

Bird's throat garrulous evil in a flurry of strange laughter, hand black for the gasification of only a huge black claw, claw profit on the black light flashes, with endless power and influence a few people toward the Qin ink lunged surface.

Meanwhile, the evil spirits at the foot stomp, the bottom of the crater suddenly filled with a vast blood, that blood was found mixed in with numerous bones, and instantly turned into a giant ax, aggressive, with endless bloody and Yin Li, Zhanxia pledge against several people.

The ax darling of power and influence is very strong, Qin ink eyes of a cold, receding figure, emits a bright light on the hands of the lightning sword, but only just blocked the blood ax. Blood splattered, ink fell on top of Qin's robe over his robe actually left a few holes.

Qin Leng Heng soon as the ink, spiritual power surging away into the mine landed sword, clusters of burning thunderbolt from his body to the top of lightning sword. Thunderbolt is touched, pools of blood on the blood begins with the ax falling down under the action of the thunderbolt, that slowly dissolve blood ax


Lin Yuan Ta feet, with a string of prayer beads wrist in an instant spread, his whole body floating in a circle. Lin Yuan lips slightly parted, what the mouth murmured, as his voice sounded, those beads are exudes a bright golden light, and galloped off toward the direction of evil.

Is irradiated to gold, it had a strong black air shivered instant poo dark a lot.

He has been looking with awe at the three monks Lin Yuan behind. The most senior static holding empty wooden fish "knocking" tapping, the rest of the round and Jing Xu Jing hands Results India, between Buddha surging Dangxia rapid claws.

Evil eyes fiercely surging, facing Qin ink captured several people severely beat up the head. Sudden, surging gas black, more blood ax flying out from the bottom of the pit. Under shady sky, a few people Qin ink pressure suddenly increase.

Spiritual source of prayer beads around suddenly shaking up, flying from his side to the top of the sky, prayer beads quickly zoom in the end, twelve beads almost the whole sky.

Under bright golden light, the entire Wan Town at this moment are light up. Under light, the ink has diffuse to a few people at the foot of Qin blood quickly pull back. Evil spirits who smoke burst of smoke, limbs shaking badly, which is light on his injury really is not small.

His pair of scarlet eyes wide open, staring Qin Lin Yuan ink and a few people. They have been imprisoned family millennium, he resigned, why he wants revenge, so that the whole world kneel at the foot of their evil family.

"Roar!" Shrill roar from evil spirits out of the mouth, black intertwined with gas and the carnage continued. He quickly climbed out from the bottom of the pit, above the palm facing the prayer beads to shake off,Lin beat his head against the source of pressure to go.

"Be careful." Qin ink right hand sword, the blade was removed, Dangqi thousands Jianying, who split to go against evil spirits. The left hand moves quickly transform a constantly pinched the printing method, a thunder from behind him sprang straight into the giant pit into.

Sunrise Sheng, a giant pit screaming sound waves.

Lin source looked back, heart jump slightly. Under prayer beads, ink Qin's face was infected with a layer of gold, added a bit of holy atmosphere. Front of this man and his memories of Big Brother is completely different.

Before him what to think, evil attack has come before him. Lin Yuan frowned, the hearts of very unhappy. His temper has been very good, will leave a little more room for others even to fight with people, but at the moment he had only one idea, and that is to kill the evil spirits.

Factor not only because of old grudges between him and the evil, the more indistinct look inside.

Lin Yuan foot step back, his hands rapidly changing with eyes gold blinks, then hands together, palms light surging, facing evil slammed down.

"Boom" a loud noise, a huge body of evil spirits out backwards, fell heavily into the pit, splashing through countless bloody. He struggled a couple of times, but always failed to stand up.

Qin ink slowly exhaled breath, facing the bottom of the pit once again fall a giant tired, put away the hands of the lightning sword.

Lin source is smiling mouth, quickly went to the front of the Qin ink, rather excitedly exclaimed:. "Qin ink fellow really spells of high-strength"

Qin ink flick of his hands, watching the face Lin source of some aphasia.

Although it is in the mouth of his boast Lin Yuan, but the pair are full of bright Mouzhong "flights of fancy me, I am powerful" means, Qin ink lips moved, eventually some dry when he said: "You are good too."

Hearing this, Lin Yuan immediately grin up, how the face of hi Italy also not cover.

Calm Air, static circle, Jing Xu trio silently turned away, they never found their Shishu could be so stupid .......

Qin ink turned a little uneasily, eyes around those Wan Town townspeople who swept his eyes again dignified, he sighed in mind, said: "It is their salvation quickly as well, after all ... ... "

Qin ink, then did not finish, but Lin Yuan immediately understand what he meant, he put away a smile face, face some compassion, these are all caused the death of people, if not earlier salvation, then easily turned into devils.

Rolled in the hands of prayer beads, Lin Yuan just what to say, I heard the roar came bottom of the pit begins.

Lin Yuan pupil miniature, that evil did not even die.

"Crash" sound ring, the bottom of the crater had already subsided blood boiling up again, from the bottom of the pit soar into the sky, like a giant tiger, Qin ink toward the few people who pressed over.

At the same time, under the roar of that road, surrounded by the bodies of a stiff action, strange black gas emerge from them, glazed eyes become blood red very moment, then quickly toward the back of the Qin ink a few people bashing Come. Their action is very full

Qi, as if an invisible giant hand behind them as the control.

Lin Yuan Qin ink and dangerous five people to be suddenly and trapped in the middle.They Daileng only for a moment, then quickly to the line up.

Everbright lightning Jian Jian Sheng, facing the front wall of the blood split the past. Lin Yuan in the hands of prayer beads again Jishe out.

Bottom of evil seems to have been insane, under his control, and that the blood of thousands of corpses walls and great strength, Qin ink several people sometimes could not reach them. Under the frenzied attack, Qin five ink gradually down to leeward.

Under dark night, gold swaying under extremely weak bones into the sheet goes out the next moment it seems like. Those corpses breath gather together, like a shot of the upcoming changjon, Qin ink tip directed five people, it seems that the next moment will take their lives.

Qin ink floating eyes turn dark fell on top of the head, which seems to have a strange sky.

Bottom evil lying, the body slowly spread out, do not see the shape of his face revealing a strange smile, they are a family of evil is not so easy to deal with. Just a moment later, his face suddenly froze.

Only man, save leaps from above the ground, holding his sword blade with a very grand and imposing across the dark sky.

A light in the shot came from the sky above them, as if the sun broke open like a whole dark. That light got brighter, under this light, black gas around slowly receded, revealing its original appearance.

Under the sun, Qin ink a person's back seemed very tall. He withdrew the sword, returned to the forest around the source, at the time of his sword, out of which there are people in the black gas attack.

The corpses of those grim face at that moment the sun have turned into a fly ash and disappeared in the air. Even the original wall claws of blood falling down it so directly, blackened blood scattered over the ground, it is very frightening.

Bottom of evil unwilling opened wide his eyes, he breathed his last, followed by body turned black gas disappeared in the air.

Under bright sunlight, where everything is visible, blood all over the floor, a pit full of corpses.

At the moment over Wan Town, stood a Feizhou.

"Disgusting." About a fourteen-year-old girl from a majority of people stuck his head, eyes swept over the wreckage below.

Eyes turn to see the forest below the source, she Mouguang light up, then a beep lips, dislike and asked: "? Smelly monk, how do you here."

Hearing this, Lin Yuan face a helpless smile, his voice was full of an obvious inclusion: "Bong division ordered within the next blue sky sector, through here, did not expect to encounter misfortune Wan Town of ...... "

Here, he made an Ibo man in the Feizhou, said:. "Thank you to help"

In the previous critical juncture, it is above the Feizhou people together and break open the Qin ink enchantment here to save them. He did not think this actually has two tactical deployment Wan Town, inside the matrix method is to deceive the public, outside the matrix method is the real killing array.

Girls slender eyebrows a challenge, proudly said: "You know like, but for us ......"

"Little book!" Solemn voice came from beside the girl, girl stick your longer speak.

See small book no longer speak, the side of the middle-aged wrinkled brow slowly release,He told Lin Yuan smiled: "It's just little things only, according to the relationship between school and the mountains of macro Temple, not when the sound of Lin Yuan Xie little friends."

So saying, he waved his hand, so that a majority of people fell on top of the ground.

Lin Yuan hand over slightly, smiled and said:. "Brother-Crane, when nature is obtained"

His smile is very bright at the moment, there is an indescribable charm, even been watching his dislike of small books are spent to stay until she reflected over time, could not help Lengheng soon, reddish cheeks turned away.

Lin source after the fretting heart, turned to look at the side of the ink Qin, Qin ink to be seen, he frowned.

Because without him, at the moment Qin ink-Crane eyes focused on the woman behind the body.

The woman a white, looks between flow with the cold atmosphere, it is a breeze to send mountains fairy.

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