Ninety-fifth chapter

Ninety-fifth chapter

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Dense rain outside the window, ears can only hear the sound of rain, the whole world is filled with a strange quiet.

Qin ink at the window, waist messaging jade Jane suddenly lit up, Lin Yuan's voice came from the Yu-Jane:. "Qin ink fellow, this Wan Town bizarre"

Qin ink looking slightly changed, Kuaibu Xiang went outside.

At that moment he set foot quartzite, the whole world has changed, the original empty quiet street, it instantly becomes noisy, brightly lit bluestone on the road, coming and going, distant looked like a bustling night market. Even previously been under the rain stopped.

Qin ink stopped, so strange surroundings, he released his own soul, and slowly the probe to go forward.

Front and no lights, but the darkness was full of people, they deal with the goods, keep talking, and even a few people clashed, should be during the day, seemed like some lively scene, but now this case, it seems very strange


Wan Town and Seimei different island, the town is more than human monks, even the monk Yuan Ying, Qin also saw several ink.

In situ thinking about it, Qin ink left in front of the inn, embarked on a noisy Street. Roadside sale of goods monks saw him, all cheeky smile to him to sell goods, Qin ink shook his head and walked away.

Did not take long, the ink will be met Qin Yuan Ying monks. In Wan Town, the monk Yuan Ying very status. That middle-aged man erect head, lost his hands behind him, an air of pride, saw Qin ink for the repair, he was quite reserved to facing the direction of ink Qin nodded.

Qin ink footsteps meal, Wan town in the end it is happening? Town of human action without the slightest sign of stiff, do not see any problems, if not the right environment at this time, he did not find the abnormal Wan Town.

Qin ink this time standing before a loft, is this attic door. Dark, plain white robe on his body emitting a faint light. This robe is dark green t to him, it is a high-order defense instruments used.

In the attic, an old man watching the Qin ink outside got into blind eyes, naked eyes flashing, he saw immediately that the man of the house is the best clothes woven silk jade, only one is worth three hundred varying spiritual stone, this man is definitely a sheep.

Came up with the conclusion, the old man touched his beard, his face smile went Qin ink side, opening said:? "The little friends, you look quite unfamiliar, whether first came here I was Shangshanfang the steward Qiu season, it might come to see? "

Qin ink shook his head, lifted it toward the next step walked.

"Little Friends may know, we Shangshanfang things are not only numerous but also very precious ......" Qin ink to go see, Qiu Ji stature flash, blocking his way, cheerfully urged.

Qiu season in front of smiling like a fox, Qin ink action has stopped. When those previously gone through those roadside stalls, and then he shook his head, and those who will no longer struggle, continue to greet others. Now think about it, those who set the action seems to be good, every move according to a fixed format.

And in front of the Qiuji Ming is significantly different.

Qin ink stand still,Qiu season sight seemed to inadvertently who swept away, then his eyes fell on Shangshanfang behind him. Within Shangshanfang the many positive magic emitting a bright light, Qin ink squint his eyes, said: "What? That you have something."

See Qin ink so, Qiu Ji surface laughed heartily, furrowed facial features, more like a fox, Xiupao pendulum, my hand there was a little mouse gray and black. This mouse is only as big as his hand, at the moment is obediently stay in his palms.

Seems to see Qin ink doubts, Qiu Ji said:. "This is the pursuit mouse, just let it sniff the smell of people, no matter where he is one interface, you can find him out."

Qin ink breathing a lag, left hand unconsciously ask on the chest of beads, Pursuit mouse do?

Qin see the ink has been much Qiu season stretched out his left hand, open palm in front of the Qin ink made a "five" look, his voice full of meaning bewitched: "As long as five hundred top grade Lingshi, small Friends can have only a mouse pursuit. "

Qin ink fingers flutter flutter, fingers close to his Qiankun Dai.

Qiu Ji mouth smile, eyes staring with excitement but conceal Qin ink fingers, and five top grade Lingshi ah.

Lin source, see is this scene, he walked forward, preventing the ink Qin action, see Qiu season disgruntled look and Qin ink puzzled expression, Lin Yuan surface exposed shallow smile and he said: "Sorry, we do not Lingshi him."

At the same time, acoustic Lin Yuan Qin ink in the ears: "Do not buy, and that is false."

Qin ink movement meal, ultimately did not come up in Qiankun Dai began with only nodded echoed Lin Yuan argument.

They see that, Qiu Ji had smiling face and slowly cooled down, mouth Leng Heng a cry, he slammed the sleeves, turned directly back into the Shangshanfang.

Source face serious forest with rare color, Qiu watched the season left, he spoke and said slowly: "The whole town is covered Wan a matrix method, and we are in the midst matrix method, see They are illusory. "

See Qin ink eyes swept over the crowd around, the tone of the source forest is full of mercy: "These people are dead, and now they are walking corpses."

Here, he was a little meal, the eyes of the surging waves, to look good on the square in front of:. "Should you just deal with him, you will become one of them."

Qin ink breathing a lag, some dry voice: "Today Seimei island ......"

"Do not worry, they are not and Shangshanfang of people trading today, has left the safe."

Qin ink calm down, eyes fixed set up to look good Square, which Shangshanfang in the end what is the situation?

Lin Yuan Yang Xiupao: "It Shangshanfang front eye of this FIGHTING."

Qin puzzled to see the eyes of ink has been quietly standing behind Lin source of static circle monk explained:. "Lin Yuan Shishu array is famous Master," said the last, his voice no lack of pride.

Qin ink nodded, lightning sword appeared in his hands. Under the dark of night, purple flashes lit up around here this piece of heaven and earth.

His eyes steady, holding on to their lightning sword, all of a sudden leap, holds up a sword.Now here is the front eye, it would ruin the front eye.

Qingchan blade, draw a touch of dazzling arc, extraordinarily scorching in the moonlight the cold.

Only sword, put on Shangshanfang suddenly split from the middle.

With the collapsed Shangshanfang, a visible ripple slowly spread from the intermediate. Shrouded in the top Wan Town battle formation broken.

Hustle around as quickly dissipate if a farce, just blink of an eye, bustling town it was missing, replaced by a huge pit.

This large pit, almost half of the entire area of ​​Wan Town, Bottom bones capped, on the edge of the pit is a dyed blood red color.

At the edge of the crater, standing many human body, they are already without life, pale and trembling, withered body, the body of flesh and blood have disappeared. But it seems to have been brought under control something like, kept in place wandering.

"I never thought this Wan Town actually had such a turn of events, so the town's people have lost their lives for no reason." Lin Yuan sigh, cheeky bear: "Unfortunately, I came too late, or else will be able to save some people life. "

Just when Lin Yuan sigh of mouth, Qin ink pubic region suddenly flutter flutter, he has been quiet stay in the pubic region of a smaller version of the monument rocket suddenly suddenly shake up.

This stone is to get him in a dark tomb, with family-related evil, do evil Wan Town is a family thing to do? A family of evil can not be sealed yet?

Stone's action is growing, it issued a golden light in the Qin ink pubic region. A burst of breath quickly spring up a few people from their feet, Qin ink a reduced pupil.

He quickly entered the lightning sword of spiritual power, sword fibrillation, with a biting Jianqi chopping off towards the foot. While the body fell back, mouth Li:. "Be careful"

Lin Yuan four enemy a lot of experience, when the mutation occurred had been aware of. Stature Putui out, although some hasty action, but it is very calm, did not see panic.

A large share of blood pouring from the bottom of the pit, that bright red blood, but also with warm temperatures, like to stay like from living people. Chilly wind blowing endless bloody mixed with the gas from the bottom of the pit scraped.

A black monster stood up from the bottom of the pit, his tall stature, who can be seen faintly black scales, scarlet eyes contained a lot of hostility. See Qin ink five, he threw his snake licked his lower lip, his eyes showed obvious coveted intended.

Qin ink micro-flute, which is ......

"Goblin!" Lin sound source chill, his voice for the first time to bring a chill.

Looked at Lin Yuan, Qin ink hearts of suspicion and even more evil family has been sealed in a dark grave spiritual source community, how he know it?

Author has to say: just read the reply, the identity of the source of the forests have been guessed, excited at the same time a little lost, good readers too smart stress T ^ T

However, since it is guessed, this should not be stretched right O (∩_∩) O haha ​​~

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