Ninth thirteen chapters

Ninth thirteen chapters

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Lying on the ground Linzi Zheng has lost vitality, but strangely, there have been interwoven black and golden light appeared in his body. Next to him, warm blue eyes closed and motionless.

Lasts a moment effort, froze in place of warm green move, his body trembling, his face no better than lying on the ground Linzi Zheng much better on.

Hand propped forehead, warm green frowned, seemed extremely painful, but his face was showing a carefree smile:. "Haha, regardless of your previous and more arrogant, is not reduced to the fate of their wits."

The distance, the monk looked Qin ink, look, there's an indescribable complexity. Lightning sword floats behind the ink Qin, Qin ink cold eyes, is the front man killed Linzi Zheng.

Earth tremor a bit once again, this time on a larger movement than the previous lot, as if the whole world should be broken off from here.

The spiritual power of the more rarefied air up, Qin ink heart shocked, seems to have happened, turned and looked, they saw a strange warm green hands holding machetes, he is toward Linzi Zheng who crossed out, that action seems to want to Linzi Zheng drawn and quartered.

Qin ink pupil contraction, gave the monk in front of the body, stature quickly toward the two side away. Monk apparently saw this scene, the surface takes on the color a bit Yin Li, his apprentice, also fail to get someone treated as such.

Wen Qing's machete has been stabbed to Linzi Zheng's body, blood flowing down from Linzi Zheng's body, the same time, a dazzling white light from Linzi Zheng's body rising into the sky.

That more and more dazzling light, even more than the brightness of the sun, stab people blinded. It will be enveloped in all of them, everyone felt the spirit of trance, and instantly lost all consciousness.

Qin ink clearly see Linzi Zheng's body turned into ashes in this light, he widened his efforts, maybe it is too dazzling light, as much water was flowing from his eyes. He held out his hand against the direction of Linzi Zheng, and finally caught one exudes light crystal ball.

It is separated from Linzi Zheng body ball out of a piece of debris. Qin ink clenched hands, clung to a piece of debris.


Seimei Island is a huge area of ​​the island, on the mountains everywhere, green grass, the scenery is very pleasant, Qin ink standing on the island, his eyes look into the distance.

He has been living on the island for five years, ever since he woke up after appear here, obviously, is not the Devil here, Qin ink did not know how he appeared here.

Qin ink hand unconsciously touched hanging in his chest a round ball, the ball against his chest, feels a warm, Qin ink is the last piece of debris caught.

Linzi Zheng so dead? Qin ink does not believe that since the world still exist, then Linzi Zheng must still somewhere alive and well.

But whenever the dead of night, Qin ink think is the most Linzi Zheng body turned Huifei scene, his heart faint some bad feeling, but always want to believe.

"Qin ink kid, come here, to leave the ship." Just when Qin ink daze, from behind him came a voice call out,At the sound, Yang Qin ink brow, his face is gentle lot, replied:. "Cang Uncle"

So saying, Qin turned towards the edge of the ink around the island, a boat parked on the stretch of sea, a man standing at the bow, he wore a plain linen, is the Qin ink mouth Cang Shu.

After Qin ink sober, spiritual power depleted, even the body's tendons also broken a lot, fortunately met Cang Shu, was able to heal the wounds of the body, strength is a step further.

On the island are mostly ordinary people, but Cang t is clearly different, he is an alchemy teacher, and grade is high.

Qin ink just set foot on the boat, the boat will gently vibrate a little, then a loud, dark green t a bow wave, the ship will set sail staggered.

"Qin ink Boy, you really want to leave here?" Cang t brow of a challenge, looking at the Qin ink, and listen to the tone does not come out any emotion, it seems very random.

"Ah, I'm going to two people." Sea breeze, with a bit salty, Qin ink hand touched the chest of beads, eyes will be determined to fall on top of the sea.

Qin ink hearing these words, do not complain t-Cang, he smiled directly got into the cabin, Qin ink left alone a person standing on the deck. Looking at the broad sea, Qin ink Youde sighed.

Seimei from the island to the nearest town Wan takes time on the 10th, this time has come to the fifth day, a boat trip to half the distance.

Qin ink sitting in the cabin, drink a cup of tea. Dusty cups placed on the table at the bottom of the cup, a few slices of dark green tea slowly rippling.

This tea is a resident of the island Seimei own proofing and think of them, Qin ink shallow grin.

Desktop suddenly startled, originally standing on top of the desktop cup violent shaking up, bathed in the tea table, Qin ink scowled we heard a burst of noise coming from outside the cabin.

"Change of weather!"

Qin ink out of the cabin, they saw a bright sky had been dark, blustery calm sea has always been on his feet as if a ship in a boat on the sea continuously waft.

"Hold!" Cang tertiary standing on the bow, arms raised, calmly directing, it does not have much of Ju Yi for the storm.

To see him, had also some confusion crowd gradually subsided, the ship is not an ordinary boat, but the boat made of spiritual comprehension, naturally not afraid of this storm, they are nothing to worry about.

A layer surrounding the boat spirit Ward, even if the wind comes up, there is no water on the body of the people fall spirit boat.

Qin ink brisk walk to dark green t-around, looked at the surrounding seas. Original blue sea into a deep black, always kind of indescribable strange. Qin ink eyebrows all at once, but quickly toward the soul beneath the probe to go.

Qin ink now has the strength to Yuan Ying, more powerful soul force, soul entered the waters, Qin ink will be found weirdness, there is a mass of black shadows hidden in the bottom of the boat spirit, with the spirit boat keep going.

Black object moved his body, Qin ink saw a pair of huge eyes, and that which is full of endless greed and bloody Henli.

Qin ink is suddenly looking a little change,Mouth Li He: "Be careful." Lightning sword in his hand mind, soul while water cemented a fine sword toward the black object in his eyes that stab in the past.

Qin soul ink a move, underwater monster will be aware of its huge body, but it is very flexible, only a moment, then ducked very far. But Qin ink strength than before, even if it moves quickly, Qin ink sword relentlessly fell on its right eye.

Monster mouth of shrill cries heard, the body Yi Chan, sprang out of the water, and under the action of this monster, the more powerful the spiritual rock the boat up.

But people on the boat at the moment are not spiritual energies attention to the foot of the Spirit boat, his eyes are on a huge monster boat in front of the Spirit.

"what is that?"

"Evil Jiao." T-Cang bow somewhat surprised began, then toss the sleeves, white flash, burst out from his sleeve white powder, it falls upon the crowd, told: "evil toxic around Kau, which can avoid the poison powder, we care. "

Once this is done, only to once again look to the dark green t-evil Jiao front, some doubts whisper: "? This Kau is not always the demon world how it will appear in the near Seimei Island."

Upon hearing this, Qin ink movement meal, the demon world.

"Roar!" Evil Jiao's body surfaced, constantly tumbling about on the water. It originally wanted to secretly attack, will swallow the belly of the boat people together, not have thought right eye was hit by Qin ink sword, probably already blind.

It pain, facing the direction of the boat spirit severely wag of its tail.

People are Seimei Island Spirit boat on the residents, they are all mortal, to see this menacing evil Jiao blow, his face suddenly became very pale, but they did not panic too much, but carefully hid Cang behind Uncle.

Cang tertiary unknown, unpredictable strength, appeared a decade ago in Seimei island, Seimei people on the island have personally seen him kill a ferocious hand Yao Yi, the strength of his naturally very trust.

The dark green t has raised an eyebrow, look to the side of the Qin ink: "It was evil Kau, but only the strength of Yuan Ying, you go to practice your hand."

Qin ink injected into the spiritual power of lightning sword, the blade trembling, stridulated thin, seems to be very excited. Qin ink a nod slightly, toes point, jumped out of the boat spirit.

Sword floating in the chest, Qin ink, pointing to the tail in front of a huge evil Kau, Di loudly: "! Go" on purple flashes of lightning sword, with a touch of fire, directly through the tail of evil Kau.

Jiao evil mouth cries constantly, giant mouth wide open, a black tongues sprang from his mouth, wrapped around the body to go toward the Qin ink. Meanwhile, the four evil Jiao Juzhua slide up in the air, between the claws on the number of Qin coldness toward the ink hit eyebrows.

Qin ink looking as usual, his hands quickly Results India, lightning sword floating in the air, facing evil Jiao kept stab down. Meanwhile Qin ink palm over the pages, a bamboo flute appeared in his hands.

The flute put in the mouth, eyes slightly narrowed Qin ink, melodious flute slowly out of the flute.

Although the hearts of everyone on the boat a little strange Qin Ling ink why at this time blew the flute, but still can not extricate themselves immersed in the flute.The opposite of evil Jiao was extremely painful.

This flute is the Qin get ink in the Okanagan Devil, its ordinary monks not have much effect, but can be used to attack or control the Wicked.

Look at this evil Jiao has lost the ability to resist, between hand lift Qin ink, lightning sword against the evil head Jiao thorn down.

"Bite!" A prayer beads appear out of thin air, hit in the top of the Qin ink sword, the blade shocked, and a down empty. At the same time, a distant voice from far away.

"God has the virtue, but also look to give it a fellow dragon's life."

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