Chapter 87 twin

Chapter 87 twin

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Wind blowing warm air on the face, eyes Qin ink flutter flutter, slowly opened his eyes.

India into the eye of a familiar face goes Linzi Zheng, Qin ink trance for a moment, did not react for a time their current status, body of a switch, intense pain came from behind, Qin ink some confused consciousness only to wake up .

"Big Brother ......" Qin Linzi Zheng whole person covered in body ink, jet black eyes staring at the Qin ink, the eyes of the surging waves, do not know is excited or something else. See Qin ink woke up, he looked down, Qin ink conspire ear, low voice call.

Yesterday the scene in front of the fly, Qin ink clenched his fists, his eyes dark light surging, Linzi Zheng ...... he moved his body, his arms and legs shackled previously chains are gone, but his spirit still can not force the body use.

Looked conspire face in front of him, Qin ink lips pinched, and finally could not help but raised his right hand, facing the harsh surface of Linzi Zheng played a beat, if not his aura now was locked, he wanted Linzi Zheng directly to kill.

Linzi Zheng did not dodge, let Qin Hui ink a slap to his face. Qin ink hand back just in the moment, holding the palm Qin ink. In fingertips down a kiss, gentle eyes looked Qin Linzi Zheng ink, whispered: "? Big Brother, you are tired."

Qin ink body of a move, I feel somewhere behind him came in a subtle pain, after building the base, his physical strength will be greatly enhanced, now can feel pain, imagine the intense situation yesterday.

Think of the way in Linzi Zheng own body under the Qin ink face reddened, anger or shame can not tell.

He pulled his hand, cold eyes: "Linzi Zheng, you'll never get what you want."

Fingertips caress each other for a moment, listening to the words of Qin ink irony, Linzi Zheng Qin head against the ink shoulders, feeling the Qin ink body warm feeling, quiet for a moment, suddenly laughed out loud, loud, which can never hear a bit lost meaning.

Linzi Zheng entire body covered in ink Qin's body, because laughter, chest heaving up and down. Linzi Zheng Qin ink and not the inch strand, touching the skin at the moment, he can clearly feel the touch between the skin and want to push Linzi Zheng Qin ink above, but did not bear fruit, only to get turned uncomfortable his head.

Laughed for a long time, Linzi Zheng stopped down, he raised his head, mouth smile, her eyes a deep sadness, fingers unconsciously slid Qin ink on the neck, tone softly muttered: "Big Brother, this is you forced me. "

Voice down, Lin Zaizheng looked down, left control the ink Qin neck, the strong tongue pokes ink mouth Qin, Qin ink swept in the oral mucosa, then a tongue firmly, pushed into an object deep throat garrulous Qin ink.

Garrulous down the throat to feel toward his body away objects, Qin ink face Dayton changed, his hands want to Linzi Zheng pushed away from yourself, Linzi Zheng body of a move, the Qin ink firmly suppressed in his body.

Linzi Zheng Qin tongue cling to ink a soft tongue wandering around in the mouth, and finally licked his lips amidst glowing ink Qin, was reluctant to leave."You give me to eat what?" Linzi Zheng left, Qin immediately identify the ink his own case, he did not find any particular place.

"What, Big Brother'll soon know." Revealing a strange smile Linzi Zheng surface Mouguang a bright, Qin ink seize arms, hands firmly between the Qin ink turned a body.

Qin ink lying face down on the stone bed, feeling the sharp coolness came from above the stone bed, the heart gradually have a bad feeling.

Qin ink gaze wandering back smooth, Linzi Zheng gaze passed very stiff below the toughness of two meat, slowly becoming dull eyes up.

Secret place fingers in the middle of the two, and looking at the overuse of some swelling, Linzi Zheng pupil a shrink.

Feel the situation clearly behind, his hands clenched into fists Qin ink, the body was brought under control it did not move, Qin ink only a boxing at the top of the stone bed.

After last night, Lin Zaizheng this matter has been Shumenshulu, regardless of Qin ink resistance, expansion were finished, a direct stab them.

In Linzi Zheng into the moment, Qin ink original white and back actually changed, a cluster of delicate vines spread out slowly from the waist Qin ink, with Linzi Zheng impact, vines growing Sheng Finally, the entire back Qin full of ink.

From the moment vines smoke, Qin ink will feel the hot Italian backs, led to his embarrassment that, with the change back, he feels it more sensitive than the previous.

Linzi Zheng mouth a hook, finger on the vines brushed, touched by Linzi Zheng Qin ink just think back even more hot Italian, mouth a low hum.

Lin Zaizheng following operation stop, Qin hands on the body side of the ink, the whole person lying on the back Qin of ink. The hot tip of the nose spray ink on Qin's neck, Linzi Zheng voice undescribable proud of: "Big Brother, you know twins spend it?"

Qin ink body thrill, this poses for the Linzi Zheng closer to him, more in-depth at that, he's feeling more and more clear. He clenched his teeth, not to make any noise.

Qin ink can not be answered, Linzi Zheng also did not mind, he gently touched the Qin ink in the ink hair, light eyes flashing: "Years ago, twins spent on self-cultivation sector in the very popular companion, companion when using the twin flower alike can enhance the repair, you know why then slowly lost twin flower trail yet? "

Searing back meaning more and more obvious, looking flushed Qin ink, not saying a word.

Linzi Zheng eyes slightly narrowed, who sniffed the fresh scent of ink Qin said:. "Use twin flower companion of convenience in addition to not touch other people, once touched, will be subject to bitter Wan piercing of the body and ... ... "

Linzi Zheng body under a force, continued:. "Twin flower is a kind of spirit in the spirit of the flower, seed at once, it can not be eradicated regardless of a few world of reincarnation, planted flowers twin companion addition to the convenience can not be near any people."

Linzi Zheng opened his eyes, the eyes have to see is a rich black, abnormal firm tone:. "So, Big Brother, you are destined to be my"

Voice down, Linzi Zheng mouth growl, hot liquid pouring out of ink in the Qin body.Qin ink in liquid enters the body at the moment, Qin ink on the back of vines stretch to the extreme, a bright color flowers in the middle of the vines slowly blossoming, vaguely, can smell the fresh flowers. Meanwhile, behind Linzi Zheng emerged out of a beast pattern.

Linzi Zheng flowers on thin touch up, mouth praise:. "Really deserves twin flower."

Qin ink lying motionless on a stone bed, leaving bloody Shining flowers open in his back. Linzi Zheng his mind naturally reluctant to believe it, but at just that moment, he clearly felt Linzi Zheng heart, the kind of deep love and ...... intractable despair.


Since that day, Qin ink they had never been out of this cave, cave door was Linzi Zheng cloth matrix method, not only to prevent people outside intrusion Qin also prevents the ink out.

Qin ink sitting on the stone bed, eyes fell on top of his wrist. Otherwise smooth wrist is now a less obvious small vine covered.

Looked at it, the eyes of the Qin ink condensate of condensate, which had only grown vines on his back, is Linzi Zheng the last few days trying to make it so lush vines to multiply. Qin ink Lengheng soon Xiupao flick of the wrist on the vine to cover tightly, sight for the net.

Before he never thought of his Linzi Zheng many have is this feeling, betrayal had Linzi Zheng He thought for a long time, even jealous than the fly.

He did not think Lin Zaizheng actually love him, previously thought Linzi Zheng like crazy, Qin ink heart whispered a sigh, then lengli looking up, love can not Linzi Zheng hurt his reasons.

Qin ink tray sat on the bed, the body spiritual power running in a circle, his face expression finally relenting down. Although the twin flower is very strange, but it really is of great benefit for the repair of lift, just a few days, Qin ink for the repair will be consolidated at the peak of the spirit of silence, as long as conditions permit, they can form a saver.

Since the thunderbolt of fire engulfed the death of that group, it functions more magical, actually lifted the ban in the body under Linzi Zheng Qin ink.

Qin ink got into blind eyes to his current strength, although not kill Linzi Zheng, leaving still possible. Qin ink palm shoot in the top of the stone bed, a crack appeared in the stone bed edges.

Although he wanted to kill Linzi Zheng mind, but he understands that his strength was not Linzi Zheng opponent, if you do not take this opportunity to leave after perhaps no chance. Thought of this, Qin ink some unwilling heart rare.

Ward Office shaking a bit, Qin ink immediately retracted meditation posture, such as sitting on the bed at random as usual. Body not consciously tense up, Linzi Zheng came, he was ready to do it today is the day.

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