Eighty-fourth chapter of the blood pool

Eighty-fourth chapter of the blood pool

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This is a very ordinary look of study, but this study appear in the Devil itself is an unusual thing.

Some looked environment within the study, Qin ink will focus attention on the only painting on the wall. It was a portrait, people do not see the face on the portrait, was able to clearly see his eyes.

When Qin and ink portrait standing face to face, he blinked his eyes suddenly strange on the portrait. Qin ink surroundings changed, around suddenly open up.

At this point, around suddenly whipped up strong winds, strong winds in this, also mixed Jisi faint odor. Qin ink swirling robe, under which strong winds, the people are back a few steps.

Qin ink hold your breath immediately, while the outbreak of coercion from his body, his aura wrapped in one, quickly stabilize their stature.

Numerous fire suddenly appear out of thin air, quickly surrounded him up. This fire is very strange, but wind up, just for a moment they have filled the entire space.

Qin stood in the dark ink flames, the body just felt waves of pain, the spiritual power that whole body toward the flames are constantly rushing, even in this flame engulfed his spiritual power.

This world has swallowed the power of death and filled with thick gas flame fire only to die.

But obviously not dead in front of the fire body Qin ink, but from the dead fire split out a small part, and previously encountered similar Qinglian fire, but the fire power of Qinglian weaker than many, or Qin ink when they were surrounded by flames Shiguwucun.

In front of the flame constantly boiling, lunged toward the surface of the ink Qin, Qin ink heart nervous, putting the soul, the flame will firmly stand in front of the outside. Black gas on the fire to boil, beat on that layer barrier, and kept burning the soul of Qin ink. Qin ink hands flutter flutter, my mind came a sharp pain.

However, his actions did not stop, running off in vivo spiritual power, a thunderbolt replaced the soul appeared in front of him. Thunderbolt spirit world is the fire, the extent of more valuable dead on fire, not to mention in front of a real fire death.

A thunderbolt, around the dead fire winced, directly backed away a few steps, but it does not go out, even if the thunderbolt of power again strong at the moment Qin ink can also use only a small one, and themselves in fire death can not be compared.

Black flame forward, was surrounded like a thunderbolt wrapped in one, it seems to want to absorb thunderbolt.

Qin ink scowled despite the brain waves of pain, separation of part of the soul controls the thunderbolt, while once again form a barrier, most of the dead fire cut off from outside.

Within the barrier, the thunderbolt of fire and death entwined, powerful thunderbolt gradually gained the upper hand, even more amazing is that, after a stalemate for a moment, actually thunderbolt directly to that part of the dead fire absorbed.

Thunderbolt can swallow unclean thing, it is full of dead fire dead air, stimulate the thunderbolt of nature during the confrontation, attracted thunderbolt swallowed it.

Feel the power of thunderbolt from constantly coming, even though the pain was killing, Qin ink mouth also hook up a slight hook.

Qin ink without blinking an eye, or suffer from pain in the brain, the thunderbolt will continue to control the fire in front of all the dead differentiation absorbed.After absorption of the dead fire, Qin found thunderbolt ink colors actually changed little from the original carved up and become dull purple, which can be seen even a touch of black.

Qin want no more ink, the thunderbolt after mutation incorporated into the body. Then the piece out of the Qiankun Dai per stone, into the consciousness wherein up the interest rate adjustment. This meta stone is a gift from the old fountain pens, ink Qin damaged soul now, it is suitable for use.

Previously absorbed died when thunderbolt of fire, will be part of the energy back to the Qin ink into the body, under the influence of these forces, Qin amendments to improve the ink directly to the spirit of the Great Perfection silence, we can form only a step saver .

Qin ink to be re-opened his eyes, only to find the front of the scene has changed.

After the death of the fire disappeared, here there is a narrow corridor, in the corridor is very dark, only a few glowing pearl inlaid in the wall above the lines, you can see a bit of light. Qin ink walk in the corridor, the species is quite gloomy feeling.

Qin ink speed up the pace, continue to move forward along the promenade. This way extremely calm, Qin ink had met no longer dangerous.

Most end of the promenade is a whole body black room, in front of the house there is a huge Shimen, stood initial two spiritual silence in front of the magic repair Shimen, Qin ink whole body is wrapped in a layer of divine yuan to two magic repair the repair is not found in the Qin ink.

Now that stone door wide open, Qin ink standing in the distance you can see the situation inside.

That extra room empty, only a huge pond in the entire space, it is not an ordinary pond basin, which filled with blood. This is the moment the blood pool bubble many people. Of these, Qin ink one saw pale and Wu Lingyun cable.

Rolled over the surface of the blood pool, from which you can vaguely see a lot of black claws extended from the middle, caught in a pool of blood that body. Each caught a claw, those who will be looking on a bit of white.

This blood pool is the famous Devil's magic pool refining, refining magic in the pool, if the monks strength is not strong enough, then it can only be watched their essence and blood is absorbed and clean the blood pool, slowly lost his life. And if there is enough strength, it can absorb power from the blood pool, greatly enhanced cultivation.

Standing outside, Qin ink eyes riveted on the house scene, shaped like a real murderous in his whole body. Qin ink a palm grip, lightning sword appeared in his hands.

Qin ink sounded chill, waiting outside the front of the repair magic sword hit. Jian Qi, such as rainbow, drive straight to the left of magic repair beheaded.

After killing this man, Qin body ink a turn, did not hesitate to her magic sword to the right of the body repair split to go, and that magic repair has not realized what happened, he fell to the ground.

Clenched sword, Qin ink body with a biting chill, directly into the interior of the house.

On the other side, Linzi Zheng complexion darkened, constantly changing up the body of breath, fingers rippling, and finally beat up against the front of the eye photographed.

On the whole one thousand evolutions suddenly light Dasheng, there's a lag Qing Yang breath, so slowly fell down.

Qing Yang looked down, right way the monks suddenly in an uproar, and even that last three are senior expert opened his eyes,Look very ugly.

And here is the magic repair smile, was about to say something to Linzi Zheng, I would see him stand up straight body darkly, obscure black gas hovering around him, the black air filled with dangerous means, For a time so that they have banned the sound.

"The other side of the array Master lost consciousness, this array is not going to break up, I will go back while the interest rate adjustment." Linzi Zheng feet kept walking forward, she began.

When he walked around the four to be ruler of the palace, his footsteps suddenly stopped, dark eyes flashing light, slowly spoke and said: "But this array is not too stable, in order to prevent their forcible attack array, you still stay right here. "

Green Blood, who nodded his head and deep that, on the waist jade Jane light constantly flashing, remaining magic repair Kitamiya who have also toward coming here.

The Linzi Zheng then toss robes, quickly left here.

Enter into the house, Qin ink ran toward the pool of blood. Lingyun went straight to the side, Qin ink palm stretched out, pulled directly Gun blood pool would pull him bleeding pool.

See Qin ink, Lingyun eyes suddenly lit up, opened his mouth want to say something, but was too weak without making a sound.

When Qin sleeves brushed ink pool of blood, blood pool inside the blood boil even more powerful, many black claws emerge from it, straight in front of Qin who captured ink.

Qin Lingyun ink left hand clutching his right hand hit the sword, Jian Qi sharp, straight cut off the blood Ikegami those black claws.

"Ooo, ooo ......" Qin ink claws were cut off, and that the blood pool as much as a whimper constantly continue to spread.

No one at the pool of blood in front once again hit the sword, sobbing suddenly stopped, blood pool surface immediately calmed down, and even Lingyun, who has been holding claws are also omitted.

Qin ink in the hands of a hard, they put a pulled up Lingyun, Lingyun was finished after Qin ink put his hand directly into the cable above the witch, he also pulled up.

Cable witch is also looking very pale, but his cultivation higher than Lingyun, Lingyun better than the situation naturally. His blanket a grin, laughing: "a multi-Xiedao You." With that, he could not stop coughing.

Seeing other people, the blood pool also regardless of physical weakness, have climbed out toward the top of the blood pool.

"Qin ink ......" Gun sound weak, after a moment before then said:. "We leave here together."

Qin ink body stiff stiff, I suddenly remembered that on the night, Lin Zizheng holding him let him not leave his scene, the hearts of some trance.

Seeing him, Lingyun only when he is tacitly, to swallow the Qin ink fed to immortality.

Qin ink behind, the crowd can not see around the corner, a ghost flutter flutter.

Outside Linzi Zheng stopped, hands over his face, blocking his eyes, he burst out laughing out loud moment later: "Oh, Big Brother, you still have to leave me ......" whole body was cold how also not cover.

He lay down to be re palm, his expression no major changes, mouth and even his mouth smile, deep eyes only a dark, pulsing with no apparent madness.

"Liu predecessors ......" Qin ink in the spirit of some trance when,A slightly familiar female voice in his ears, Qin ink looked up, they saw a long lost Wan Xiang smiling at him, she lay on the ground, breath sluggish, but the eyes are very bright, mouth murmured: "you should probably tell you it ...... Qin ink ......"

So saying, Wan Xiang Qin insisted frail body toward the ink side to climb over, she wants to get closer to him, in addition to the auction that she has not seen the real face of Qin ink.

The hearts of every woman lived a hero, that hero is the Wan Xiang Qin ink heart. When Wei sea border, because she was the powerful Qin ink on his dark heart Xu, now at the lowest moment of life, but also the Qin ink appeared to save her.

Beauty is beauty even embarrassed, so crawl Wan Xiang, the whole body also has a unique charm.

Qin ink lengleleng, he remembered the woman had in the sea border guard, she showed him a great deal of goodwill. She looked so difficult to crawl appearance, Qin ink hearts of some bear, quickly went to the Wan Xiang's side, the immortality into her mouth.

Immortality entrance, turned into a warm, let Wan Xiang whole body warm up, her mouth up, his face revealing a bright smile, raised his body. Hongyan lips labeled Qin ink slightly cold thin lips.

Qin ink sluggish in place, I did not expect Wan Xiang will do this, for a time, the entire space of silence down.

"Bang!" A loud noise came, Wan Xiang Qin ink immediately opened, they saw a huge house front door Shihmen broken off, Linzi Zheng appeared at the house.

He suddenly start lip smile: "Big Brother, what are you doing?"

I do not know why, Qin ink felt a little cold.

Author has to say: Linzi Zheng small, vulnerable nerve and its breaking up, he has to go mad, poor senior, you will certainly feel the cold point it [wax]

Recent wind tight, do not know if I can write something we loved what [tragedy]

Thank evening throwing mines and - cherry, Z dream of throwing two mines, touched, Mody Mody clatter.

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