Chapter seventy-ninth to get along

Chapter seventy-ninth to get along

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Although there Linzi Zheng, but the identity of the Qin ink is not able to attend this important meeting at the Dungeons, Qin ink does not take that to heart, immediately leave the Kitamiya palace.

Left the house, he saw the ink Qin Wen Qing missing for several days, now standing warm blue flowers, hand stroking a small yellow daisies do not know what to think.

Qin ink so surprised that in a short period of time, the temperature had already reached the green building base repair.

Qin saw the arrival of ink, he laughed softly, slowly came to him, can not see the corner of the Qin ink, flower daisies and instantly turned into a fly ash.

Qin green ink and temperature are the two first came here, not really Kitamiya terrain, you can only walk around the huge palace Kitamiya up.

Demon Monster magic repair and repair as those under not very high, and ordinary monks low-level interface for the repair quite. Qin Ling ink silence of nine, in addition to the Four Gong Miyaji and their henchmen, his cultivation is regarded as the top, so did not encounter any trouble along the way.

Wen Qing mouth and spoke, Qin secretly ink has let go of his soul, carefully check it out from the situation around to.

The entire lower Demon divided into East and West Four Gong, while Green Blood For convenience, they put their own accommodation directly judge the Kitamiya. The most central Kitamiya is a huge palace, young blood on weekdays lived here, generally encountered major problems will be negotiated in the palace.

They crowded around the grand palaces dotted with all kinds of houses, after Qin ink release the soul, a moment she could not find the place where they used to imprison Lingyun et al.

Qin ink eyes suddenly meal, he found a strange room, obviously just an ordinary study, there are three guards in front of guards, many more magic hidden in the repair secretly guarded.

It seems that here, Qin ink can be carefully check it again in the study, but did not find any strange place, Qin ink brow wrinkled, want to come here is what is given authority.

The side of the warm green eyes flickered, suddenly facing the direction of ink out his hand Qin, Qin head ink reflex happens, you want to escape the warmth of touch, warm green and elegant voice sounded in his ear: "there are the leaves fall on your head."

Qin ink movement meal, let the temperature Green scored falling leaf.

In the main hall, the four Wei Gong Miyaji about how to dispose of those monks noisy sea border a second time. Linzi Zheng heart intolerance, we will have a conclusion after the only other person in the Demon came, and now they said nothing else. Heart irritability, he slammed the sleeves left there, ready to go to Qin ink.

Had left soon after, he saw not far from the warm blue ink being gently hugged Qin, Qin ink did not resist and let the warm green hug.

Linzi Zheng's body suddenly froze in place, eyes staring at the two gloomy, it was his big brother, his ......

Behind the emergence of a burst of dark light, Linzi Zheng clenched his fists, took a deep breath and pressed the restless mind, and walked in the direction of Qin ink. His action fast, but every step left a footprint, footprints around the flowers have withered.

He came near, only to find Linzi Zheng Wen Qing and Qin did not hold ink, just put your hand on top of Qin ink ink hair, but even this can not forgive,Big Brother is his, every inch of him.

Linzi Zheng felt the familiar atmosphere, Qin ink immediately turned away, they saw more gloomy than usual of Linzi Zheng. Though he was smiling, his face veiled well, Qin ink also immediately found him different, he frowned and asked: "? How the"

"Nothing." He looked at Qin ink surface is exposed expression, Linzi Zheng somewhat fascinated dissatisfaction subsided a lot.

He held out his hand, seemed to shoot down unintentionally still warm hand on green ink Qin hair, then hold on tightly to the hand of the Qin ink, turn left here.

Mouth, then said: "These days, Kitamiya in more than a few to spend a good spirit made from plant food, big brother may wish to try, they do not produce impurities in the body."

"Good." Listen remark Linzi Zheng, Qin ink eyes reveal a touch of lighted up, although he has been refraining from eating grain, but years of habit is not easy to change.

Behind the two, Wen Qing looked abnormal swelling of his right hand, feeling an in vivo scurrying aura. Like a sigh, said: "It's possessive exuberant child ah." His gentle tone, it seems very loving, but it is a deep Mouguang freezing cold.

Devil harsh environments, air aura scarce, can be bred plant fine spirit and even fewer. So before Qin ink simple three-soup is a very precious.

Linzi Zheng Qin ink sat opposite, watching the Qin ink some critically pick the meat dish on their own bowl, eating meat only to be somewhat reluctant to pick a vegetable.

Linzi Zheng eyes glow sort of smile, I did not think Big Brother has always been cold will actually picky eaters and only like to eat meat. But this is the big brother of the others have not seen it. Such a thought, Linzi Zheng mind a little more joy.

But still want to punish Big Brother, after all, he had so casually was warm green met.

Linzi Zheng jade in the hands of a move long chopsticks, most of the vegetables in the dish clamped to the Qin ink bowl, caring tone said: "Big Brother, which is conducive to spiritual practice spiritual power implanted in the body, eat."

Looking at a bowl of bright green leaves, Qin ink movement meal, disgust eyes flash of color, looked up Linzi Zheng opposite, see the color of his face concern, moved his lips, final He did not say anything, slowly down to eat those vegetables.

Linzi Zheng from time to time to eat a dish, eyes has been placed opposite the Qin ink body, watching his brow Qingcu, very difficult to swallow those vegetables, mouth raised up, Big Brother, I believe you will remember this lesson , and others will not be so

Close the bar.

This meal, spent a full hour of a time Qin ink until the end, watching the front has a clean bowl, Qin ink relieved to see the opposite Linzi Zheng seemed to want to say something, Qin ink quickly stood up, then concealing the Lile own clothes, mouth, she said dismissively:. "I finished."

There are strange eyes full of light flashed, what Linzi Zheng just want to say, there will be a group of people from outside rushed in.

The lead stayed Kitamiya Miyaji is young blood around a bodyguard, bluestone. After he came in, his eyes first swept stood Qin ink,Immediately in front of Linzi Zheng direction saluted and said:. "Lin predecessors, the son of the ruler would like to go."

His voice was calm, but the attitude is very arrogant, had finished speaking, ranging from what Linzi Zheng said that on the front behind a few people waved, indicating that they seized him Qin ink.

Looked at several surrounded him in the middle of the Monster, Qin Leng Heng soon as the ink, then waved his sleeves, hands light flash, a light band at lightning speed flew a few monster's body, just listen "bang", and that several monster groups are awkwardly fell out.

Bluestone he is looking the same, looking at a few monster eyes but some unhappy, really a waste, a few lonely spirit of the monster actually take no less than a skinny monk. Immediately his feet a move, some dirty cloud of spiritual power wrapped in palm toward the direction of the Qin ink Jishe away.

A reduction of air, piercing sound coming from the side, a bluestone pupil contraction, stature rapidly receding, but unfortunately it was too late, jade-green glow through his palm landed straight on the side of the wall.

Turned around and looked, I saw a long jade chopsticks infected blood deep into the middle of the wall.

Seeing this situation, Qin ink long-sleeved flick, quietly withdrew fine needle-shaped object in the hands of silvery. It was his divine meta condensate

Poly made a fine needle, can surprise opponents of soul damage, bone and black with the old man he had wounded yuan divine sword Yuan Ying is a reason.

Bluestone clutching his injured hand, look to the side of Linzi Zheng, in the hands of Linzi Zheng He's been looking out for, but did not think he moves so quickly, so easily hurt to the same period of the Great Perfection is the saver himself.

"What people give you the courage to arrest my people?" Linzi Zheng leaning back in his chair behind him, playing with the other hand jade chopsticks long, faint smile at bluestone.

Linzi Zheng was so looking, bluestone heart suddenly shocked, and realized he was still standing in front of high-strength than their ruler strength of the people.

He looked down slightly, respectfully said:. "There are a few in front of his disciples died, they were injured by pure Jianqi, deadly sword."

So saying, bluestone turned around and glanced at Qin ink, saw his face still a calm, did not see the color of panic. Underground passage in mind this person is not simple, and now the whole Kitamiya all know he is the right way monk, he can only resorted to pure Jianqi. At this time, even if there is strength in unpredictable Linzi Zheng, not be able to keep him.

"? Oh really?" Linzi Zheng still casual tone, did not get his feelings at the moment, he shook the hands of the long jade chopsticks, looked Qin ink, said: "That being so, we go see it . "

Voice down, Linzi Zheng slowly release your hands, a long jade chopsticks fall on the desktop, begins broken off.

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