Chapter Seventy-seventh back

Chapter Seventy-seventh back

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Quaint stone table top placed a few small brown cup, hot cup transpiration from the sky through the dense fog, dust Qin Xiao looked at the ink across the face, opening: "That's the way the woods Zheng left before it is accepted now fallen spiritual source heritage. "

Qin ink looked down, fine eyelashes flutter flutter, looking at his reflection in the cup continues to rock gently "Well," a cry.

Xiao then dust a pick brow slightly, looking out across the Qin ink, quietly open asked: "In fact, I am more curious is how your blood can unlock the seal stone of it?"

Here, he paused, Qin see no change in the ink surface, only then said:. "When the spirit of the original source of the fall of the once said that only he or his reincarnation of a person's blood to make the monument reopened"

Qin ink cup holding hands tightened, then quickly released, and did not let dust Xiao aware, after a long time before he spoke and said:. "I do not know, maybe I've ever eaten blood Linzi Zheng of it."

Xiao dust brow wrinkled, apparently do not believe the reason Qin ink, but now in addition to this reason could not find any other reason. After Hong Min about it, he found a lot of people, but their blood can not cause a reaction monument, Qin ink only this one exception.

Xiao dust would only whispered sigh, tea table touch did not touch it and then turned and left here, left alone Qin ink a man sitting on a stone bench.

Qin also looked at the ink he'll steaming, heart Antan heard a pity, you know where the tea is really good on the desktop.

Xiao said about the dust problem, Qin ink this time also ponder for a long time, finally came to the conclusion, with the dust Xiao said he is not reason, but because he himself is an anomaly.

Once this idea rises, Qin ink can not give up the idea. He had not belong to this world, but also to go with the big brother completely different path, To the world, he is a great anomaly, his blood can unlock the seal is not impossible. Although this is only speculation, but my heart is already firmly Qin ink the idea is right.

Holds up a cup, gently sip, Qin ink facial features slowly unfold.

When the temperature to green, to see is this scene, white son sitting alone before the stone table, looking cold stare, drinking the tea, even if he is, at this moment, the hearts are gradually calm down.

His eyes drooping, the pace slowed down a lot, go to the Qin ink beside the fingertips of a move, a container of tea cup will be secure in the fall on his hands. It tasted slightly wherein the tea, warm green mouth raised up, praise:. "Tea"

Because the old man of warm sake, Qin green ink on the temperature a little wide and, at the moment to hear Wen Qing say, Qin ink to go immediately from his thoughts out, looking a little cup with a bit Bise tea, lightly: "really good."

Wen Qing This person, who started to meet, will make people feel cold, but live a long time, you will find that he is a very gentle person. His peace of mind, so that people get along with him feel very comfortable.

He said the old man had warm temperatures and blue ink similar to Qin,Actually wrong.

While some strange Qin ink temperature Green grew up in a dark tomb, how knowledge is so vast, even on the spiritual source of spiritual power sector in the crowd knows that little is known, but it is undeniable, and get along is a very warm green pleasant thing.

In the stone table to be a half-day, Qin ink mind quite a feeling of snatch half a day, until sunset, he realized took another day. This is the third day into the tower Linzi Zheng accepted the inheritance.

Thought of this, Qin ink brow slightly Weicu Organization, did not stay long here in the mood, and Wen Qing farewell after directly back into their homes.

Qin ink left, warm blue sitting in the same place, watching the Qin ink previously used cups, obscure vision is unknown, do not know what to think.

Xiao dust live in the mountains, house looks very simple, but he is a very focused life, it can be seen from the arrangement of the house or two. Although Qin ink simply living rooms, but the layout is particularly delicate, even bedclothes are made of precious silk into day.

Qin ink tray sat on the bed, their bodies glance soul. Because the air is no reason aura of spiritual power tendons in his body nearly dried up, only vaguely see a few purple.

Skip directly tendons, Qin ink will invest in the pubic region soul. Even without the support of spiritual power, still in that cluster thunderbolt Qin ink exuberant burning in the pubic region. Next thunderbolt, a gray square in which the floating object.

It was a square object that previously when flying from the stone altar on top of the object. Looked thin, this object is a narrowing of the monument, and even traces of it are exactly right on the stone.

Qin soul of ink just met this monument, there will be some word into thin air appeared in his mind.

By this text, Yuan Qin ink learned divine, spiritual source community is the soul power of self-cultivation sector.

Original spiritual source community is only a community of thousands of ordinary comprehension interface interface, the difference is that people in this interface is extremely good at using the power of the soul. Later, to seal evil family, this interface is completely closed, the outside world has gradually lost its soul better use.

In addition to this information, a small stone in only a few simple meta divine use of methods, including how unite the soul

Methods force of arms and they reveal.

Get this little stone has been a few days, this monument Qin ink several times over and over again observed, and can only get this information, no other findings.

Sigh, only to give up Qin ink, he began to study yuan to divine. He was previously a cock divine weapons to unite the yuan, now we have the knowledge system ought to make the research study.

Fast forward again over the past two days, this day, Qin ink just out the door, they heard in the distance "boom" a loud noise, looked up and looked, they saw in the distance stands the Spire slowly collapse a.

Linzi Zheng still inside, Qin ink movements meal, at the foot of a turn, went towards the direction of Spire away. When he arrived until the stone, dust and gold pen Xiao old man was standing there, it seems to have been waiting a long time.

"God turned the tower collapsed." Xiao dust on his hands behind the back, quietly watching the front of the Spire,His face is lost or can not say happy.

Spire burst out of the ruins in golden light, golden light that filled more and more, it was not a bright gold paved road, spread to the front of three people. Linzi Zheng figure in which the slowly emerging, just appeared, he came forward along the direction of King Road.

Many feel the pressure on him stronger than before, Xiao dust and gold pen for the elderly faces are exposed pleased smile at each other as the one, they are pleased to see the meaning of their eyes, so many years past, his spiritual source finally come back.

Xiao disregard direct line of sight with the dust of the old fountain pens, ink Qin Linzi Zheng went to the side, said:. "Big Brother, I'm back."

When his eyes swept behind Qin ink, far from standing trees under a warm blue, eyes light suddenly dimmed.

Who came from Linzi Zheng seemed to feel the chill, warm blue mouth micro-Yang, slowly revealing a smile on his face kind of speechless provocation.

Linzi Zheng eyes dull, facing Qin ink revealing a smile, the mouth easily, said: "Big Brother, when are we going back?" Right hand cuffs but slightly shocked, and an invisible light toward the warm blue body straight He shot straight to the past.

Wen Qing like mocking smile, then waved his hand, Linzi Zheng originally menacing attack so he would be defused.

Qin ink back to the warm blue, and dark and did not notice Linzi Zheng Tao raging between him and heard so Linzi Zheng asked to shift attention to Xiao stood by dust and gold pen old man, he did not speak, but the meaning is very clear.

Xiao dust and gold pen elderly face changed, Xiao dust eventually running out of patience, he stared at Linzi Zheng, some teeth have to open: "? You're not yet recovered memory"

Linzi Zheng brow of a challenge, his voice quite a disdain for meaning, only casually glanced dust Xiao a, casually said:. "Nothing more than a dead useless memory fills remember all the same."

Xiao dust reddened complexion, Lengheng soon toss the sleeves left here, and even temper has always been good old gold pen his face does not look good.

He tugged at his nerve, revealing an ugly smile, said:. "You come with me, Chuan Songzhen in there."

He turned to the old man with a gold pen inward around, only to see Qin Wen ink green tree in the distance.

Passing warm when young, Qin ink footsteps meal, his eyes fell on him, it seemed to consider what, a moment later Qin ink before the opening: "You stay in the dark spiritual source community not to return to the tomb, and I will ask the dust Xiao seniors take care of you. "

Although previous dust Linzi Zheng Xiao of behavior is very angry, but let him believe Qin ink to help take care of a person he would wish.

Warm blue eyes slightly forward, eyes and Linzi Zheng coming together, he suddenly gentle smile, said: "? I can not go with you along with self-cultivation sector"

Qin ink a moment, then remembered in the dark prison shogunate warm the old man said, and paused, nodded her head slightly. But I did not see behind him Linzi Zheng face very ugly.


Qin ink watched the three figure disappeared on Chuansong Zhen, fountain pens and old people slowly sighed, spoke and said: "Oh, dust Xiao old man,You could not bear to say so, not all day stood a stink face. "

"Well." Lengheng sound came, Xiao dust figure slowly emerged in here, he has looked at the empty Chuansong Zhen, too cold opening: "Who cares brats, take the most well never to return. "

Golden Pen old man shook his head, do not expose his mouth does not mind, only a slight frown, some doubts when he said:. "I do not know why, I feel somewhat familiar warm green, and he gave me the feeling is very good."

"You want more, there can be nothing wrong with, say, there was a kid in it." Xiao dust face some impatience.

"Also." Golden Pen old man smiled, just give up the idea of.

Author has to say: Thank dream not a dream of mine, very happy, Mody Mody da! (╯3╰)

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