Chapter 69 was arrested

Chapter 69 was arrested

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Tip exudes bright light, with a fierce momentum j □ j straight into the chest of the black man, black man more pale face up, chest constantly dripping blood, hand movements also attacked instant slow down.

Qin ink body startled, at the foot slightly forward, suddenly broke free black people's control.

Standing opposite the black people, Yuan Qin ink divine body like a river suddenly as the Pentium up swords of light flash, disappeared from the black people's chest, again appeared in front of him.

His eyes were flashing, sword across the chest with the sword who continue to have light flashes. Qin Jian Pi to mention ink, suddenly turned into a sword of light and shadow, light and shadow contains a terrible power, give all toward black people who go down.

It looked vicious blow, the man in black brow jump jump, should be in peacetime, with his strength, Qin ink set is not afraid of attacks. But by the time he pitted with a gold pen for the elderly before the injuries, there is a strange moment behind the eagle continue to haunt, Qin ink blow really caused him no small trouble.

Black people look dark, in scarlet eyes slowly emerged out of a strange color, a rich black gas, spread out from his body, and then constantly twitching, quickly wrapped a black man's body.

In this black air among the black people of stature quickly becomes large, dark atmosphere of the whole body is also increasingly strong together.

Qin Jian Qi extremely sharp ink that has come in front of black people, and then fiercely boom in the black body, unfortunately, black people move around a black gas directly to the Qin ink that powerful sword parried.

Black air slowly spread, the original black people figure has disappeared, presented in front of the Qin ink is a huge black monster. His stature tall and strong, about five meters tall and skinny but thoroughly, from afar, like a withered corpse.

At that moment this black monster appeared, distant fountain pens elderly face a slightly changed, standing still, Jin Min lips, mouth, quite incredibly, said:. "They are, they even out." So saying, he eyes glanced Linzi Zheng.

"Follow me." Dry voice came from his mouth, eyes constantly flashing scarlet, staring in front of Qin ink, at the same time, his right hand outstretched dry, straight toward the Qin ink the direction came. An atmosphere of cold constant reports from his body, so that the air around them is one of stagnation.

Soon as he opened the Qin ink they already know black people before it is just this monster.

"Whew!" Came the voice of Po Kong, then a pale shadow swept rapidly from a distance come.

This figure is the road had previously been intertwined with the Men in Black Eagle, under the control of Linzi Zheng, which sowed sharp giant eagle beak, with exceptionally strong force, head toward the black people attack in the past.

The sudden attack and did not let black people face the slightest change, his eyes still stubbornly staring Qin ink, dry palm casually fired in the direction of the Giant Eagle, Black Mountain flash, Giant Eagle's stature suddenly froze in place.

"Poof." Blasting sound, Black Mountain got into the eagle's body, then burst open inside the eagle's,Giant Eagle stature shocked, then turned into points of light disappear in the air. This eagle is condensed by the divine Linzi Zheng Yuan's made, strong black people at the moment is broken up, Linzi Zheng suddenly a weak flavor.

Did not say anything, black people facing the direction Linzi Zheng again hit the beat, violent strength in the twinkling of an eye after falls Linzi Zheng's body. He was hit, Linzi Zheng's body quickly burst shot out backwards.

See Linzi Zheng injured, has been quite quiet expression of fountain pens elderly face a bit nervous of color.

He did not know Qin ink, so the life and death of Qin ink is not concerned, but different Linzi Zheng, such a thought, his stature flash, in a split between came behind Linzi Zheng, and caught him constantly back body of.

Linzi Zheng Qin ink looked, he did not see any serious problem, then no energy to pay attention to his case, because black people in front of Linzi Zheng hit after hit, dry palm toward his direction hit again.

Qin ink stand still, face a freezing cold color, but a deep pupil vigilant.

Breeze blowing, the amount of ink black hair before Qin gently swing the swing, covered his dark eyes, under this tense atmosphere, Qin ink suddenly moved.

His right to take the one step back, right hand loose, floating sword in the chest, eyes clear, quick hands Results from the Indian Act, mouth whispered shouted:. "Happening Sword"

Happening Jian Qin ink disposal attack in one of the strongest moves all, we must rely on a lot of spiritual power to use, but the face of black people such a powerful enemy, he also gave a lot.

Majestic vastness of the power fluctuations, and slowly slid from Qin ink side, maybe it is an illusion, seems to have some distant sky darkened.

Qin Yuan ink from the front of cohesion divine sword suspended Qin ink, issued a "buzzed" sound, the air around Yi Chan, a powerful force continuously toward the blade came from the surrounding air.

Qin ink that power is not familiar with spiritual power, but another kind of magical power scattered in between heaven and earth.

Under the impact this energy had become more and more transparent condensate real sword up, obscure and heavy coercion came from the blade slowly, flick the blade, becomes gigantic, black tip directed who, with awe-inspiring murderous, in so split down.

Black people hand movements meal, the body of the black light once Sheng up to form a huge shield like him firmly in the care of them.

Just listen to a loud muffled sound came from the middle, the blade hit the shield over black people, black people's body shook involuntarily back a few steps before it stopped.

Looked up to the sword in front of the eyes of the scarlet black people even more, of which there have been black gas flashing, sneer came from his mouth, under the gloomy black light, stretched out his pair of dry palm, actually caught directly in front of the Sword.

The next moment, shook his blade, change back to a transparent state in a stalemate slowly lost its great power.

Qin eyes locked on the man in black ink, does not see a strike, the right hand grip, and a sword appeared in front of him.

Qiazhao jianjue, Qin ink solemn eyes, mouth low shouted:. "Chop situation" voice down,Black people will be facing the direction once again hit the sword.

Pixia sword around blustery, with a Jianmang enough momentum to tear the world toward black people to cover their heads. Obviously, before the power of the sword that sword bigger than many.

"Went so far as to take advantage of world energy ......" virtual gold pen elderly eyes narrowed, mouth said with some surprise.

"No, not the world of energy." Turned around gradually withered plants, fountain pens brow wrinkled old man, "This is the breath of life between heaven and earth."

Here, he paused, looked Qin ink, gently shook his head: "However, this is really a pity, if this young man again stronger yuan god, maybe really can beat this man, but right now……"

"Boom!" His voice faded, they heard a loud blast of sound, that sword has been coming together with black people. Intense burst of energy from the middle of the storm spread, for a time, changing around them.

Be that volatility subsided, two figures are awkwardly stepped back, barely stand in the air.

Qin ink some uneven breath, a surge of blood from his throat at the garrulous Bay out, but he still stood straight, looking indifferent, in addition to slightly pale face, no one can see his abnormality .

Black people across the Qin Qin ink ink looks better than many miserable, his left arm limp on the ground, it's just an arm in battle Qin ink already been spent, and distributed to them constantly flowing glowing black blood, really miserable.

Even so, the man in black eyes still staring Qin ink, the body of a move toward the direction of the Qin ink stretched out his right hand intact.

Qin ink holding a sword and was about to again Pichu sword, his hands Que Tu Yi Chan, sword disappeared in his hands.

Black people face a grim smile, it is clear that after just a powerful blow, Qin Yuan divine power within the body ink has been depleted.

Seeing this, Linzi Zheng pupil a shrink, dragging the body has been injured, struggled from the floor stood up, stumbled toward the direction of ink Qin walked.

Yuan divine whole body constantly surging forward, but this time, Lin Zaizheng only condensed out of a long stick. Holding long sticks, Linzi Zheng eyes full of murderous shadow, he wanted to hit against black people who go.

See Lin Zaizheng so, fountain pens elderly face a stiff, at the foot of a dynamic, direct stand in front of Linzi Zheng, touched his beard, quite figure who trained kinds of means, the mouth is advised: "Do not get excited, you are now not his opponent. "

"Go!" Linzi Zheng eyes chill, deep pupil have a strange black light surging, mouth slowly emerged out of touch bloodthirsty arc.

Voice down, a road strange black lines emerge from his whole body, wrapped directly in front of the old fountain pens, pulled him to the side, toward black people themselves continue to attack.

Linzi Zheng's eyes were scared to, all of a sudden the old fountain pens froze in place, when the body was to be transferred to react.

Linzi Zheng was again looking at the black people easily fly out to play, the old fountain pens immediately get rid of the body of the black line toward the side away Linzi Zheng.

Linzi Zheng seize the wrist,Feeling almost boiling yuan divine power came from him, the old man frowned tight gold pen, looked at the distant Qin ink and black people, a move the fingertips, the Linzi Zheng stuck in place.

Linzi Zheng looked creepy eyes, eyes shimmering gold pen for the elderly, hollow laugh or two, said:. "You stay here, I went to help."

Behind came the enormous pressure, black people have been stretched to the limit of the nerve twitch of the two, he became the state it is to take quick ink Qin, Qin no one thought of ink actually have so much offensive power. And now he is in this state will not last long, and if we play against Golden Pen old man's words, today is not given away the Qin ink.

Qin looked at the front of the ink, black eyes red flash, emerged out of a firm look, in any case, today he must take this person, this is the request of the owner.

Such a thought, black people's movement for a change, right hand clutching his left arm drooping, mouth smothered exclamation, a hard, left arm pulled down, the blood dropped to the ground, as if black people do not feel pain like, lips flutter flutter, whispered a few words

Then, at the same time, move a finger in the air, slowly drew a circle.

Under his action, a door abruptly appeared in the sky. Looked at the door, the man in black ink directly into the Qin hit the beat.

Qin ink stature flash, black people want to escape the blow, but suddenly a stiff body, a burst of pain coming from the limbs. At that moment he paused, the black people of Zhang Feng has come before him, which hit him directly promoted among the black door.

When Qin ink into the door, and the door slowly disappeared in the air, Seeing black people's face was a satisfied smile.

Golden Pen old man has been attacked to the front, black people have no defense, at the same time, a burst of black light from his pubic region slowly spread.

Golden Pen elderly face changed, and stopped the attack, stature quickly retreated back, pull back Linzi Zheng, mouth and roared:. "Hurry, he wants blew"


A distortion of the surrounding space constantly torn apart, rich black gas enveloped the whole world between things in space have been turned into ashes, they disappeared in the air.


In a stone chamber tomb deep house, the air suddenly shrink a bit, then a figure appeared out of thin air in the one.

Qin ink stabilize the body, looked up and looked around, then a portrait in a high-impact way lodged in his eyes.

That portrait is painted on a hideous evil, that evil scarlet eyes, staring Qin ink, even if it's just a dead, Qin ink seems to be able to feel a burst from a deep sense of malice.

"Ha ha ha, welcome to the tomb of the government." At the time of the Qin ink betting attention entirely on the portrait, a horrible voice suddenly came from behind him.

Qin ink body of a stiff, slowly go back, they saw a figure sitting on top of the sarcophagus central futon, eyes faint exudes a strange red light, I will be looking at him.

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