Sixty-eighth chapter of engagement

Sixty-eighth chapter of engagement

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There have been water droplets falling from the sky above, Qin ink has collapsed under the standing rock, looking somewhat uncertain look forward.

When ready to leave the three black cave, the sky suddenly began to rain, heavy rain for this trio is to have no effect, but the trio decided to leave and so the rain stopped in here.

Qin ink out his hand forward, took the rain, watching the rain in the palm, gently wrinkled brow, the faint trace of rain this sort of black, no matter how he can see, can not find the cause of abnormal rain.

Linzi Zheng Qin ink standing around, blocking the oncoming wind, the rain did not even know these give Qin ink any impact, he habitually want guarding Qin ink.

In a corner behind two years, Wenqing An quiet sitting on the ground, watching the ink and Linzi Zheng Qin back, his face showing a smile full of fun.

Originally quiet space suddenly there came a sound of footsteps, then a figure slowly emerged among the three in the line of sight.

The man wore a black robe, blankly toward the trio came, rain fell around him will just disappear, does not affect him nothing.

Under Linzi Zheng previous hit, the whole volcano have collapsed, only the middle Shining magma was still burning, the man walked Rulvpingdi on the floor of the rubble, in the ink from the Qin and Lin Zizheng when only ten steps away, he stopped.

His eyes Qingtai, look no temperature fluctuations swept Green and Linzi Zheng, who finally landed Qin ink, moved his lips, and said: "Grave House owner has requested."

Qin and Lin Zizheng ink froze in place, to utter a word at that moment that black people there, and obviously he did nothing, their bodies but did not move.

"Ticking ......" The whole space can only hear the sound of raindrops falling on the rocks of a sudden.

See Qin ink did not answer, the man also did not mind, still maintain a deadpan look, gently waved his right hand, large Xiupao in the air across a touch of strange arc. Under his actions, Qin ink, Linzi Zheng Wen Qing and three of a stiff body, at the foot of a move, involuntarily came to his side.

Man turned, and not be slow to leave, Qin ink trio behind his body uncontrollably as he walked forward.

Feeling stiff limbs of state, looking at the black man's back, Linzi Zheng's eyes flashed Lise, he had never been so controlled by others. Qin looked at the side of the ink, Linzi Zheng body just felt there was a fire burning in the Shining, divine yuan immediately around the corner up.

"Huh?" Feel behind the fluctuations in the light Yiliaoyisheng mouth black man, but still looking the same, long-sleeved pendulum.

A dark light toward Linzi Zheng who go straight direct, Linzi Zheng complexion reddened, suddenly spit blood, binocular

But more and glared at the man in black.

The look is very dull, endless reveals a deep meaning, the black man's heart jump slightly, then the right hand of a Young, seems to want to hit a blow against Linzi Zheng again.

This situation has been brought under control he was startled Qin ink body, stature flash,Linzi Zheng directly stand in front of the body of the yuan divine quickly mobilized, the direction of the black man's boom of the past.

See Qin ink, man Mouguang flickered slightly, it seems that what scruples, long-sleeved flick recover previous attacks against Linzi Zheng. When Qin ink attack arrive in front of him, immediately dissipate in the air in a heap on the spot.

Man looked coldly Qin ink eyes, and moved his lips, seemed to want to say something.

"Wrong, the previous power fluctuations in here." Just then, a voice around a few people abruptly appeared in the.

Black men operation meal, expressionless viewed toward the front, the air in front of the reduction of the shrinkage, then a shadow appears in front of several people.

Qin ink pupil slightly reduced, after which the man appears behind him there is a long line of faint white emerges, you can see his speed has reached the extreme.

Come be a man, He wore a long beard and hair color are also some gray, but his eyes lit fine, obviously not an ordinary man.

The old man's gaze casually swept a few people, when they see the whole body boiling Linzi Zheng Yuan divine eyes flash of light, he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, opened his eyes immediately after a moment, rubbed his hands, looking excitedly looked at Linzi Zheng: "really is you, you really come back."

So saying, his right hand forward, stretched out in the direction of Linzi Zheng, Lin Zizheng seems to want to catch their side.

"Pop!" Sounded crisp sound, the old man retracted his hand, looking at the bright Honghen hands, his eyes finally turn

He moved to the side of the black men who face beard shook, his eyes showing a touch of color doubts.

But then, the old man's face again and calm down, to take the pace, eyes favorable light flashed, the vast yuan divine power swept off from him, condensed into a huge fist, facing the black man straight boom of the past.

This action saw the old man, black men face the same expression, did not see the panic of Italy, long sleeves waved, the trio behind knocked to the ground, then a move his hands, a huge golden light in front of him forming , the old man went up to the front of attack.

They mercilessly attack coming together, under the blow, the old man and the black man of stature are a few steps back.

Black man looking tense, eyes warily old man, apparently he did not expect the strength of the old man should be so strong.

That old man also exposed somewhat surprised surface meaning, looked up and down a lot of black men, whispered: "? Dark tomb when there is such a powerful person" in his mind, man is a dark tomb ordinary people can not divine awakening yuan, I did not think anyone could have Dangxia his attack.

However, Linzi Zheng old man glanced at the side, shook his head, the only way in or not.

Such a thought, a Su-looking old man, right hand outstretched, strange fluctuations in slowly slid his hand, a plain brush appeared in his hands.

His right hand writing, so write up in the air, a touch of golden light spill from his writings, a complex character with the movement of his writings appeared in the air.Recover pen, looking at gold floating in the air, the old man light load out:. "Go"

Voice down, that word will be issued a burst of dazzling light, thorn was not really opening the eyes, a strong dollar divine power fluctuations which spread out. Word flash giant, black man who hit directly toward the past.

See this word, looking for a black man, white, look pale, lips flutter flutter, his voice for the first time some of them are not smooth: "Golden Pen old." From his words, you can clearly hear a kind of thick fear of Italy, but his action has not been stopped.

His eyes Nuzheng, there are faint black light flashed in the body, both hands on his chest action, quickly pinched a law formula. With his action, gradually forming a shadow behind him.

Saw the shadow, stayed on the side of the Qin ink pupil suddenly shrunk, that shadow is the image of a hideous evil, that evil with evil spirits in the coffin he had seen the same goes for.

Qin ink seems to feel the line of sight, that evil facing the direction of Qin ink bare a growl, full of malice can not see the facial features of the face.

In front of a huge gold is close to the black man, and that evil stature startled, a heap of ghostly smoke, and pitched in front of a huge intertwined together.

"Rumbling ......" world seems to shake up, black and gold intertwined gas, causing a great deal of energy fluctuations, fluctuations in scan path, the air around a shrink tightly.

Insufficient strength of three Qin ink, under strong pressure this stature have stepped back.

Gas and black gold spread slowly, revealing a figure followed by black people, his breath weak at the moment, there is blood dripping from his mouth constantly, apparently seriously injured. Old man clothes also have been damaged, but a good many cases than black people.

Looked at the old man, the black man's eyes flash, feet on the ground across the blood, then a leg, a step toward the ground fiercely.

The earth suddenly split around a root beneath huge black spikes emerge from the ground, with lightning speed toward the old man's body striking.

The old man clenched his right hand, condensed into a fist toward the ground boom of the past, at the foot of a dynamic, rapidly receding.

This old man was busy in defense Road attack, the ghosts black man stature flash, appeared in the Qin behind the ink in one hand and waving the open side of the ink Linzi Zheng Qin, Qin skinny arms at the shoulders of a ink press, Qin ink directly mention his own hands, the man at the foot of a step, quickly left here.

"Big Brother!" They looked grew farther away, Linzi Zheng fists clenched, mouth Li heard.

Divine madness of violent burst of yuan out from his body, turned into a giant eagle in the direction of the black man's recovery of the past.

"The Eagle." See the eagle, the old man's eyes fine shiny, green side of the warm atmosphere is slightly changed, but the moment they converge again.

They quickly looked to chase the eagle, the black man looking slightly changed, then Lengheng soon outstretched empty hand, hand veins like a tour Sheban, have swelled in the hand , a black bullwhip sprang from his hands, pumped to the giant


He has been in the hands of the Qin ink eyes downcast,Clenched hand, Yuan divine sword appeared in his hands. Qin ink eyes flashed a fierce Hanmang, hands wave blinks, sword inserted directly behind the black man in the chest.

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