Sixty-sixth chapter Wen Qing

Sixty-sixth chapter Wen Qing

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Harsh breaking wind roaring from behind, Qin ink a reduced pupil, at the foot step by step, stature rapidly receding.


Black larger hands shot in the location previously occupied by Qin ink, a deafening crash resounded throughout the cave. Shook the altar, a huge crack appeared in it.

A horrible force constant reports from black larger hands, the direction toward the Qin ink shrouded from.

Leave the attack range of larger hands, feeling the amazing evil spirits coming from the only giant palm, Qin ink is looking more and more dignified.

A miss, the black larger hands froze in place for a moment, then pick up a black light, larger hands stature become much larger, turned into a blur again roared toward the direction of the ink from the Qin.

Qin ink vision micro-coagulation, right foot step back, his hands across the chest, majestic yuan divine power pouring from his body, his right hand clenched, against an invisible attack in front of the black palm boom head up.

Black palm collided with the divine yuan, the entire space shock of the earthquake, a violent force which spread, smoke and dust everywhere, the middle of the altar was destroyed to more powerful, revealing a faint hollow section below.

Looking at larger hands, Qin ink eyes squint a blind, black and gas divine yuan directly touching part of its color fades some, that strange black gas seems to be swallowed up his divine yuan.

"Falling ......" shrill song sounded low, there are black gas continue to emerge from the bottom of the monument, and at that moment the black gas appeared, he shook up the entire altar.

Monument at the center is trembling badly, black air of a dynamic, monument on the subsequent shocked, trembling beneath the monument, there is a force which broke out just cropped head of black gas is pushed back again the underground.

Black gas constantly on the Bay, monument along with it swinging left and right, old stone abnormal, it seems that at any time are likely to fall, but it is always set in place, it is particularly heavy, black gas quells below.

Locked chains on dark stone flash of light, stone slowly shaking stopped, taking advantage of this opportunity, dozens of black gas drilled from underground. The body of the old monument was intended more intense up, from time to time dust falling from above.

Dozens of black gas in the air constantly entwined coming together, finally woven into a huge cage, facing Qin's body when the ink hood.

This prison has just been surrounded by an energy black people feel repressed it quickly toward the Qin ink penetrate the body, Qin ink brow wrinkled, this energy gives the impression that the previous per stone in black is quite energy Similarly, all chill to the bones.

That black gas if life-like, cage shocked, suddenly from the inside out many tentacles out toward the Qin ink passage to the body.

In those tentacles Qin ink will close when his body faint light flashed, the whole body floating yuan divine power, direct the formation of a helmet, which he wrapped in.

That time is close tentacles yuan divine formed by black gas, issued a "burst of Chichi Chi" sound, then disappeared in the air, eyes Qin ink bright light, he could not really expected, this divine yuan black gas there are certain inhibitory effect.

Qin Yuan ink can divine is still weak,Far less than the power of black gas. Divine power to be attacked yuan, the black gas up more and more ferocious, fiercely facing the direction of Qin ink hit again.

Qin black ink looked menacing air, take a deep breath, his face did not reveal the meaning of retreat, Hanmang eyes flashed, his right hand across the chest, a hurricane slowly forming behind him.

With the ink of Qin action, more and more hurricanes, riots quickly off in this black space, a drilled want to export.

Qin ink attack is very tricky, but still could not break the shackles cage of black.

Constantly watching him hit black gas, Qin ink eyes were flashing, if his hand can have a sword ......

Such a thought, from the right hand Qin ink, Yuan divine whole body slowly boiling up like a boiled water like, there was a heat slowly spread from the air.

Air hand with the continuous shrinkage, Qin brain ink light flash, a transparent sword appeared in his hands.

The shape of the sword and the sword like lightning, because the yuan by the invisible divine composition, the blade seemed misty abnormal, held in my hand without a trace of weight, but Qin ink was able to clearly feel from a respiratory phase of feeling.

"Meta-divine weapon." Looked at the hands of the sword, Qin ink face pale, his eyes but there is a meaning joy.

Holding the sword, looking solemn Qin ink, the whole body of the gas field some subtle changes An awe-inspiring fearless momentum pouring out from his body.

"Broken." Mouth Di soon, Qin ink holds up a sword against a black cage in front of split down around the yuan divine vaguely riots up, bright burst of light emanating from his body, lit up this one of the little world.

Qin vast energy to ink as the center continues to spread, the Jianqi split, like the black gas hit something like fear, suddenly startled, then like water slowly scattered off.

Looked around the stone has been returned to the air but still black claws, Qin Leng Heng soon as the ink, the right hand slightly bent, once again hit the sword, Yuan broke out around the divine, turned into a fierce Jianqi, toward the black gas overwhelming direction away.

Just then, a quiet monument once again shake up, a virtual shadow appear out of thin air, directly to the Qin ink that a cold Jianmang swallowed. He absorbed that Jianmang, who has a jade stone monument light flashed.

Qin ink clenched hands of the sword, at the foot back a few steps, his eyes warily strange piece of stone.

"Om!" Stone of producing a low chirping sound, vibration monument also stopped a prehistoric as if from a heavy sense of spread out in space.

From the midst of the black gas uttered a sharp cry, like hail any terrible thing, an instant color black gas dim down, then quickly returned to the bottom of the monument.

Black gas inside the cave to be cleared, only the ink Qin action, he walked toward the direction of the stone, from stone to be only one step away when it stopped. Qin ink stuck palm, fingers encountered stone rough surface.

Feeling a surge of dark stone spread down the hands of the Qin ink, the previous difference is that now this stone, he even revealed faint somewhat modest means.Qin ink eyes downcast, brow some doubts, this stone and black gas in the end is what? This monument seems to suppress black gas exists.

The fight has just experienced, that road on the altar floor cracks become larger, but below the fracture actually had an empty sarcophagus.

Qin ink hand back, walked toward the edge of the crack, he turned at that moment, a tiny spot of light emerge from the stone got into his body.

The following sarcophagus is not deep, the bottom can be seen standing on the convenience of the sarcophagus, Qin ink hesitated for a moment, leap, jumped into the stone chamber.

The bottom of the stone room was dark, only a corner of the place has a shallow light continuously flashing, Qin ink halted towards the only light at the door.

To be approached, only to find the most Qin ink around the corner there is a little smaller, similar to the above the altar, issued a square of light on the altar is the coffin. That coffin about three meters wide and one meter, accounted for almost all of the sites altar.

Stepped foot on the edge of the altar, the ear can only hear your own footsteps, feeling the cold breath of around Qin ink footsteps paused, there seems to be a bit unusual. Daileng only a moment only, after a moment, then lifted his foot Qin ink, continue upwards


When Qin ink to be boarded altar, the whole picture of the coffin has unfolded in front of him. Spend a good Phoebe coffin made of very fine workmanship, rounded ends, an intermediate straight. The strange thing is that the body carved coffin is evil pattern.

Qin ink in the hands of a move, the dollar divine sword reappeared in his hands, clenched sword tip against the coffin lid a hard push.

"Crash!" Coffin lid slowly slides back to, slowly exposing the inside of the scene. Qin ink down and looked inward, I saw a man lying quietly inside.

The man with a white, eyes closed, a smile lying in a coffin, the attitude is very serene.

To see him, Qin ink surprised a moment, then his brow slightly corrugated, because this man is the man in the coffin warm the old man let him find.

It seems to feel the searing sight Qin ink, ink black man in the coffin eyelashes flutter flutter, slowly opened his eyes. His eyes very dark, when he wishes to open, which has confused moment, until he saw the Qin ink front, the lips moved, husky dry voice out from his throat at the garrulous: "You are Who?"

In the men's line of sight vaguely swept him, Qin ink tone deserted, I can not find any emotion: "warm the old man let me come to you."

Hear "warm old man" in the name, the man at first shocked, then he flashed a light in the eyes and said: "He is my

father. "See Qin did not answer ink meant, then said:" My name is Wen Qing. "

His voice faded, the entire space will suddenly startled, under this severe vibration, Qin ink body also jolt, Qin ink slightly shrink from the pupil, eyes downcast, covered the following alarmed eyes, just seems that the whole volcano are in shock.

"Go." Qin ink lips pinched, pull lying in the coffin of warm green, walked out of here.

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