Chapter 61 Tomb House

Chapter 61 Tomb House

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Hear the sound coming from outside of the noisy, Qin ink wrinkled his brow, looked at the side is still no sign of a clear Linzi Zheng, he got out of the house.

"Wen old man, I heard you here possession of the two outsiders?" A man's voice sounded arrogant in not a small courtyard.

"This is ...... how could it? You are anybody actually?" The old man's voice was dry and warm, stammered replied.

Wen hear the old man's words, Qin ink footsteps meal, but now he has come out of the house, exposed stature in the eyes of people outside the house.

"I also Ganpian, roll!" The speaker was a young man, to see Qin ink, his face revealing a look of impatience, forced open the hand in front of the old man's temperature.

Wen old age, this has been great, the repair and divine yuan is not very high, under his push, straight down to the ground.

Qin ink surface of a cold, brisk walk to warm the old man in front of him up from the ground, eyes talk too look to the side of the young men, mouth shouted: "! Roll"

"! Yo, new to the Danzaibuxiao thing" heard Qin ink so that the young men brow of a challenge, the eyes reveal a bit of banter meaning, then eyes stare, she said fiercely: "Whether you are in the dark tomb ago beyond what is identity, he came into the dark tomb, a tiger you have to give me lying, the dragon you have to give me the plate. "

So saying, with a laugh of his mouth, his right hand into a fist slowly emit clear sound, without the slightest hesitation action against Qin ink walloped him in the past.

See the young man turned out to be so soon hands, warm the old man's eyes flashed Lise, menacing youth, should really let him hit the Zhe Yiquan Qin body ink, ink Qin will certainly not suffer light injuries. His body of a move, just shot you want, the ink will be seen next to Qin, looking cold stretched out his right hand, facing the direction of the young man gently waved.

"Bang!" Crisp sound rang clearly in the air, warm the old man stunned to see the young men motion meal, what seem to have been blocked by invisible barriers, stature quickly back.

The entire small courtyard quieted down, warm the old man's eyes in disbelief swept Qin ink body. "Meta-divine attack." Warm the old man murmured, never imagined that after just a few days, just divine awakening Yuan Qin ink would have been able to freely resorted yuan divine attack.

"Yuan god, Oh ......" Qin ink being hit open palm young man looking gloomy, fierce eyes watching Qin ink, quite some teeth and said.

"Boy, when you next life reincarnation Remember, this is not your house the tomb just awakened yuan divine person can provoke!" The young man leaned forward, one step forward right foot heavily, eyes in the dark light flow , a left hand grip tightly in the chest, slowly forming a huge hand in front of him, his mocking smile, facing the direction of Qin ink fly in the past.

See this larger hands, Qin ink is looking for a change, he just divine awakening yuan, the most powerful attack is just that, pulling warm next to the old man, stature rapidly receding.

"Drink!" Suddenly, a voice low side Sheng, the same time, Qin ink before suddenly sprang a man, he stood directly in front of Qin ink,Suddenly a wave of his hands.

"Thundered ......" sounded muffled crash in a few people's ears, the wind comes a time, give all the objects around turned into ash.

Fluctuations in the middle of the energy to be calmed down, Qin ink only to see him standing in front of what many days unawakened Linzi Zheng.

To see him, Qin ink surface can not help but reveal a sort of hi Italy, but still pale mouth and said:. "You're awake."

Linzi Zheng recover palm, oppressive air of the whole body also disappear, facing Qin ink direction a bright smile:. "Well"

After just grips with Linzi Zheng, the young man looking slightly pale, looked at a few people in the direction of the ink Qin, suddenly spit blood.

"You'll be sorry for what you have done!" As snake-like eyes gazed at Linzi Zheng has just appeared, in the dark tomb, yet no one has ever dare to hurt him.

His physique of a move, an extremely powerful force fluctuations in his body broke out. His hands exudes a very bright light, void of a grip, edged huge ax appeared in his hands.

That ax was a touch of transparent color, not the entity, it is Qin ink before seen weapons in the ice chamber.

"Look out, this is the yuan divine weapon." See Zhebing ax, warm the old man, his face showing a look of panic, pulling ink and Linzi Zheng Qin would escape from here.

Young man holding ax, facing the direction of the three men severely split over a ax hit the air around all shook up, toward the direction of the three men from the riot.

Linzi Zheng Wen broke from the old man's hand, visible element of his divine wrapped in one, the moment, the sky seems dark down around blustery, Linzi Zheng right hand grip, a humble baguette is Linzi Zheng We shook hands. His eyes were sharp, long sticks hands went up in the hands of young men ax.

When the two men about to clash, Qin Yuan ink divine will condense into a few thin needle-shaped object, facing the head of the young man flying away.

"Boom!" Long sticks and ax landed awkwardly together, muffled sound of the collision slowly spread in the air, violent power fluctuations in the battle suddenly spread to the Department, this power is spread, several people stature are constantly stepped back.

This simple confrontation yuan divine weapons, Linzi Zheng and young men are almost evenly matched, to see the old man stunned temperature.

"Weapons good ...... ah!" Young man staring at Linzi Zheng in the hands of long sticks, flashing eyes of coldness, can not wait for what he said, he felt a sense of mind came a sharp pain, as if something his head was stirring constantly. Qin ink needle just issued finally reach all parts in his head.

This situation, Lin Zizheng a cross right foot forward, the hands of the long rod to dance airtight, light flash, with endless murderous toward young men who sprang.

Feel the fierce offensive front, the hearts of men terrified already, did not neglect the pain of holding the head place a roll. His body slightly a move, they hit on an invisible wall, that wall would stand in his place. In that instant, Linzi Zheng attack relentlessly fell on him.

Young men pupil suddenly shrunk,Apparently he did not think he was being pushed to the front of this man so awkward situation, he endured the pain, to mobilize the yuan divine mind, crimson eyes, mouth whispered shouted:. "Impregnable"

A layer of pale golden light glowing transparent mask suddenly emerge from the man's whole body, his whole body enveloped in one, even if the brain unbearable pain, the man's face still showing a hint of a smile of pleasure, this impregnable call the divine yuan more than half his body, and he believes will be able to block the blow Linzi Zheng.

Man really not expected, Lin Zaizheng hands agenda of sticks is shut out.

Can not wait long happy man, Linzi Zheng in the hands of long sticks suddenly startled, as if into a lot of energy in the moment, just listen to "click" sound Cui Xiang, the man believed to be unbreakable agenda of the moment break off into small light spots scattered in the air.

Linzi Zheng also blow fell on the man's body.

Came the muffled roar of the air man, be quiet surroundings, warm the old man only to see the current situation of young men, looking weary he lay on the ground, his hands hanging helplessly to the side, eyes vicious look to Lin Zizheng : "Do you dare to offend the tomb of the House of people, you will not end well."

Linzi Zheng eyes a dark, bloody eyes flash of color, in the hands of long sticks wave, we must once again facing the direction of the passage of man down.

Looking at long sticks, young men looking for a white, stiff and refused to take body injury, stature Putui, mouth Di:. "You wait, the tomb of the government will not let you."

"I never leave troubles." Lin Zaizheng low tone, which is full of strong intention to kill, in the hands of the long sticks relentlessly against the man to shake off.

"Wait." Warm the old man's voice sounded in the back, hear his words, Linzi Zheng constant motion, the hands of the long sticks still fiercely attack against the man's direction to go.

Anxious to see the color temperature of the exposed surface of the old man, eyes flashing Qin ink, Linzi Zheng directly hold the right hand, whispered:. "And so on."

Qin was holding the ink, Lin Zizheng a stiff body, the whole body of murderous tyranny that he was also convergence up. He looked down at the Qin ink slender fingers, whispered:. "Good"

See Linzi Zheng to stop the attack, the men systemic coagulation of blood flow together again, his eyes surging, want to say something but eventually did not dare open, foot speed quickly left the small courtyard.

See young men left the place safely, warm the old man was relieved. Hear his voice, Qin ink looking cool down, he turned and looked at the old man warm, Yiziyizi spoke and said: "? What is the purpose of you in the end."

Qin ink voice down, the entire space went quiet, Linzi Zheng's eyes also fell on the old man's body temperature, a sudden, the atmosphere surrounding the extremely dignified.

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