Chapter 60 Yuan-shih

Chapter 60 Yuan-shih

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Middle of the night, listening to the sounds outside noisy frog, has been lying in bed Linzi Zheng suddenly opened his eyes.

Warm the old man's house is not only able to live in two rooms, one room is warm the old man's bedroom, and the other is now left to Linzi Zheng Qin and ink.

Qin ink some frustration, but they have no choice but to live in the Linzi Zheng and a room to sleep in the same bed.

Behind breathing very shallow, almost inaudible, Linzi Zheng was well aware that Big Brother is now lying behind him. Linzi Zheng clearly understand that as long as he has any action, Big Brother will certainly wake up immediately.

Linzi Zheng lying maintained constant action, but the finger in the air, slowly drew a circle, while the naked eye can not see the strange black gas abruptly Qin ink will be enveloped in one body, Qin ink body slightly stiff, after a while no longer move.

To be completely silent down there, Linzi Zheng was turned away. Qin ink side in bed back to Linzi Zheng, even if asleep his lips tightly pursed also, and even more in the cold moonlight illuminated.

Linzi Zheng turned away, covering the body on top of Qin's body ink, gaze passed over his body, right hand gently brushed Qin ink cheeks, mouth gently asked: "Big Brother, how in the end you will forgive me?"

Linzi Zheng's eyes slowly became crimson up, his hands clasped will play, while strong air of gloom slowly rising from behind him, he whispered, looking grim sighed and said: "Big Brother, really want to you lock up in a place that only I can see. "so saying, a bloody chain looming behind him, strong bloody gas from the chain roared out, it seems that as long as he gave the order to be able to Qin ink tied.

It seems to feel the situation is now critical, Qin has completely lost consciousness of ink actually frowned.

See Qin ink frown, looking grim Linzi Zheng had suddenly eased off, he reached heal Qin ink brow, gently said:. "But I could not bear ah."

Morning, Qin ink opened his eyes, looked at the side of the position was empty, his eyes flash of doubt, yesterday how he would sleep so heavy?

The hearts of so thinking, Qin ink but quickly got up, did not own Lile messy white robes, slowly out of the room.

Warm sun is shining, Qin ink has been strained mind has gradually eased down. Looked up and looked, I saw the old man finishing his warm baby herbs, and Linzi Zheng is preparing meals.

See this harmonious scene, Qin ink eyes slightly narrowed, the heart actually raised a strangely realistic restful warm feeling, may then his heart secretly laugh a cry, how could it.

But Qin ink do not know, how soft his face now.

"You're awake." Qin first to see the ink is warm old man, his face smiling, waved front of Qin ink, can not wait

He said: "Come, I am going to try the soul awakening liquid."

Qin ink eyes light up, in this place, his spiritual body did not use force, just as ordinary mortals in general, now have the opportunity to increase their strength, he certainly did not want to miss."Drink." The old man will warm the hands and handed a bottle of clear liquid ink Qin, Qin see the ink line of sight vaguely touched fall of Linzi Zheng body, to warm the hearts of the old man knew, Linzi Zheng made against a gesture, said: "you have to try."

Qin stared at the two ink soul awakening liquid drink, warm light hoping the old man in the eyes exposed, but he's such a long time, ink, and Qin Linzi Zheng who do not have any change, disappointed sigh: "Bale, it really does not work."

Qin ink eyes are also exposed somewhat disappointed with the color, it turned out to be useless? He is not here yet without the slightest ability to protect themselves? Thought of this, his hands clasped together.

Linzi Zheng side of a dark eyes, eyes flash unwilling, I do not know what to think.

A faint band of light in a transparent two men around there, if Linzi Zheng Qin ink and careful study, then we will find that this band of light and transparent they see in the ice chamber transparent arms are very similar.

"? Why not." Felt a slight fluctuation behind, warm the old man to come back immediately, his eyes showing a smile, surprised and said:. "You who still exist yuan god, but too weak."

Here, the old man some warm puzzled and asked: "General family of children will carry a child per stone, so when awakening can directly have a strong yuan god, you two meta-divine how it will be so weak?"

Linzi Zheng Qin ink and the two did not answer, these two days of time sufficient to let them know they came up with a very different place self-cultivation sector.

Wen did not answer the old man to see them, do not complain, after all, among the large family has always been wrong and more.

He pulled from her two black stones, some of them painfully handed the hands of the Qin and Lin Zizheng of ink, Routong said:. "This is in products per stone, you use them to practice it."

Then, he turned and picked up Linzi Zheng ready made meals eaten up, his face showing extremely Routong face, he waved his hand to indicate the ink and Linzi Zheng Qin leave, will no longer ignores two.

In fact, only warm the old man himself knows that his hand is trembling with excitement, both of whom even have awakened yuan god, then there is hope that thing.

Qin ink froze in place, Wen said the old man a lot, but he still does not know what is the yuan god, but god Ghost in this world just like ordinary spiritual power, should he ask, will let the old man warm suspicious mind.

His shaking hands in the Yuan-shih, walked back to the house again, it appears things about divine yuan or he needs to explore. See Qin ink left, followed immediately Linzi Zheng Qin ink into the house.

Qin ink sat on the bed, holding the dollar up stone closer observation, this meta whole body black stone, which also flowing with a touch of gray, it looked irregular shape, Qin ink feel a little familiar.

"I heard Albatron son said, when the OBE will gather strength to reach the soul, and the soul with the divine power is the yuan, I do not know whether he said Yuan Yuan divine power and divine about here." Even Qin ink at the moment of expression did not change much, Linzi Zheng Qin also still see the ink trouble, he playing a little meta stone hands, slowly open road.Qin ink mind a move, he certainly knows Albatron son, Huang then had what he helped Linzi Zheng Uncharted framed his tone could not help chilled up: "others do?"

Qin ink unexpected to see his face, Linzi Zheng hearts of some regret, should not just mention Albatron son, big brother must have thought of that incident, but his face was still with a smile: "Some time ago by chance get Dan of a plastic body, the flesh condensed Albatron son go, now no longer in my body. "

Linzi Zheng added: "But I heard him say, Yuan monks and divine soul about."

Qin ink heart of a dynamic, facing Linzi Zheng nodded his head, no longer speak. The stone is placed among the palms yuan, out of a ray of soul put into it slowly.

And it looks different, inside yuan stone is a white color, when the soul of Qin ink into it, meaning there will be a surge of freshness came from. Qin soul ink inside yuan stone turned twice, to be back into the body, Qin ink obviously felt his soul increases the number of his hearts delight, once again the soul into it.

Linzi Zheng smiled, sitting beside Qin ink, also invested in this novel practice.

This practice is a long time, to be ink Qin opened his eyes again, the weather has been a little black, warm old man was leaning against the door, I can not see his face at the moment.

"You would not terrible, and the initial practice dare to practice such a long time!" The old man warm dark eyes, the eyes of anger heyday.

Qin ink surprised a moment, could speak, they saw the old man's eyes shifted to the warm side of Linzi Zheng body, tone quite some teeth: "When this kid woke up, told him that if you want to be an idiot and then practice."

Roar finished these words, Wen Leng Heng soon as the old man out of here.

He was such a roar finished, Qin ink face gradually softened down, this old man is obviously a concern for them, the tone was so harsh, or ...... quite lovely.

Some have been put away in the hands of dark stone yuan, Qin glanced at the ink still practice Linzi Zheng, hesitated for a moment or stay in the house.

Qin ink temperature and the old man did not notice, over their heads, a touch of golden light slowly falls under cultivation Linzi Zheng body.

On a dark peaks outside the tomb, the two men playing chess suddenly jump from the spot, they looked at the distant sky looming golden light, each other as the one, the eyes reveal a surprised look, only listen to one of them murmured:. "turned out to be gold, he came back."

The excitement of color face another person also did not cover.

Since practice Linzi Zheng would never wake up, although Qin ink heart has been telling myself, Linzi Zheng and what does not, but he could not help but worry about him. In the next few days, Qin ink in addition to practicing it stood by the side of Linzi Zheng moment watching him.

Wen sighed the old man, he does not know what the reason is not clear Linzi Zheng, could not help some regret so impatient to let them practice yuan divine. Only Linzi Zheng who feel a strong breath of life, his mind in order to alleviate some of the concerns.

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