Chapter 54

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Linzi Zheng Qin ink did not want to bother, but look forward to seeing his pair of eyes with a faint, and eventually took his hand and he'll have a small mouth small mouth for drinks together.

Even around a noisy, but as long as the people watching this, Linzi Zheng mind is a calm, usually those dark and bloody as if all disappeared in a flash. Mouth micro-Yang, with a satisfied smile on his face as Qin ink pick the food.

Watching the gracious Linzi Zheng, Qin ink of the action paused, and slowly lowered her eyes, covered his eyes look complicated, Linzi Zheng ......

"Papa!" Came the crisp Pakistan applause, the original noisy hall suddenly quiet down, people have looked down the direction of the sound.

I saw the smiling face of Kitamiya Miyaji, sitting in the same place, look casually opening:. "Phase shall we all know, a few days ago from our sea border guard arrested in the right way to some of the monks"

Qin ink he'll hand holding a tight, cold eyes glanced Kitamiya Miyaji.

Everyone felt curious eyes, Kitamiya Miyaji brow of a challenge, then said:. "In fact, this action is in the order issued by the Demon"

Hear "the Demon" in the name, the original quiet hall boiling up again, for the repair and low magic monster under the Demon, the Demon is in a very special place, where they yearn for, but also with fear There.

"But we got the news Kitamiya relatively late time, fewer monks Zhuolai the right way, Who we Kitamiya next four Demon palace weakest it." Here, a dark face Kitamiya Miyaji eyes flashed streamer.

Atmosphere of the scene immediately imposing up, slapstick just been one of those magic repair at the moment they are looking very ugly.

After a moment, sat a stout Han Qin ink opposite them suddenly spat, disgusted look and said:. "Cell I, we will one day exceed their"

"Yes ah, what they count!" The man's voice down, everyone will have echoed, watching them angry look, Kitamiya Miyaji mouth holds a small upward arc, just as if the dark color did not It appears like.

"Miyaji, let us look at those folks, we have to see you try so-called door upright in the end what it was like."

Miyaji Kitamiya smile face, his eyes glanced in the direction of an Linzi Zheng, to see him still in the Qin ink dedicated to the dish cloth, surface expression could not help a lag, then immediately re-open smile, nod.

The central hall of the group of women slowly back down, later there will be a group of people came. Qin is the leading trio of ink have seen in the mysterious territory in the three months Monster. And behind them it is stumbled along with many people, and Wu Lingyun cable also impressively.

Qin ink eyes slowly swept Gun and cable witch's body, see what they did not suffer major injuries, just calm down.

Keenly aware of the amount of ink Qin sight, and Wu Lingyun cable spun around and looked in the direction of ink Qin, Qin Wu rope mind though that the ink in such an environment is a little different, but he did not recognize Qin ink, the Devil living in the moment, their safety is unknown, it is not much to think.The Gun eyes are flash, apparently already recognized the Qin ink.

Linzi Zheng Qin's attention has been focused on the ink body, the moment to see the exchange between the ink and Qin Lingyun two facial features, pupil of ink deepened a little, he has been held in the hands of the cup in an instant turned into a fly ash he casually looked Gun glances, the eyes of the obscure unknown.

"I'm Han mountain community of people, you in the end what to do?" I heard a sharp cry sounded in the hall. Mother looked, they saw the central hall a yellow monk pretending to be calm but tense face staring in front of Kitamiya Miyaji.

Since being arrested, he has been in a funk, so much spirit at the moment to see the monks of silence and saver of the heart have a little more confidence, where monks cultivation is not high, certainly not a high-level interface while the low-level interface ROK mountain community is still a great power of deterrence.

"Han Shan community?" Kitamiya Miyaji chewed words, the surface suddenly smile, fingers of a bomb, a black ball was then hit the yellow man's face.

This is the black ball, the yellow man's cheek swelled up immediately, with a few teeth jumped out blood from his mouth, he firmly over his mouth, his face showing a touch of fear of color, was secretly looked at Kitamiya Miyaji, he will shrink in the side no longer speak.

People looked around the field like a joke, have laughed, had the appearance of a strange monster stood up straight, they turn a few laps around the mouth exclaimed:? "Gee, this is it also that the door upright than the strength of I poor, they really want to eat. "

"Can not eat, but people in this Demon to it." His voice faded, the person next to you immediately retorted.

"You think I stupid ah, I just wanted to scare them." So saying, the man faces a severe, on the front of a few people in the direction they severely kicked his foot.

No one has noticed Linzi Zheng moved his fingertips, the yellow man is supposed to fall on the body of a blow directly on the side of Lingyun body. Gun spiritual power they had apparently been sealed, he was so severely kick, suddenly fell to the ground awkwardly.

"Ha ha, really fun." Men of around magic repair to laugh again, and that the murderers of the people exposed surface is also a bit of color yield, raised his foot again wanted to catch some blow.

Just then, a burst of sweet laughter came from Dianwai, along with the laughter, a black girl slowly came in from outside, her age is not large, but very delicate face, she is also exceptionally enchanting At this time she was particularly charming smile mouth, appeared to attract the attention of all those present.

After entering the hall, she went straight to the side Kitamiya Miyaji, around his arm, with a face somewhat Jiaochen meaning, laughing: "? Daddy, how much excitement here."

To see the girl, smiling Kitamiya Miyaji face real lot, he touched the girl's head, gently said: "Green painting, you have come." Then, pointing to a soaring central hall crowd said: "We look a few days ago Zhuolai one of those monks the right way. "

Called green painted girl eyes a turn, he saw sitting next to Kitamiya Miyaji Linzi Zheng, his face immediately put on a little surprise of color,Hearing him say, just casually looked at them, see their clothes messy, covered with dirt, dislike frowned and said: "?. There are a group of smelly man any good to go with them."

Green painting has always been favored, saying few people argue, just for a moment that a few people will be taken away from here.

See those unsightly disappeared from the eyes, mouth painted green with a smile, and walked straight in front of Linzi Zheng, pleasantly open and shouted: "son Zheng brother."

Hear this name, Qin ink of a stiff action, he'll shook hands, gently coughed, the spirit of wine mouth slowly swallow, once again restored weekdays cold appearance, only slight peripheral vision sweep Linzi Zheng and two had green paint.

Linzi Zheng Wei Zhou brow, ignoring the side of the green paint, gentle tone and said:. "Big Brother, you be careful."

Linzi Zheng see so little attention to himself, his face showing a touch of the girl obviously angry color, he looked up and down a lot Qin ink, unexpected color face even more, so that people tell me Linzi Zheng gentle treatment. Some mouth angrily asked: "Zheng brother, son, this is your big brother?"

Linzi Zheng has not paid her, Qin ink and will not bother her, in his mind, after all, he has given the green paint marked "Lin Zizheng

Woman "label.

Green on a black screen, tightly bit his lower lip, eyes faint flash of tears, I see quite a feeling of pity.

Seeing this, many people can not bear to face present were flashed meaning, the eyes staring fiercely Linzi Zheng, this kid is really ungrateful, Kitamiya little princess to take the initiative, he should have dismissed.

Justifying Kitamiya Miyaji always looking but did the same, still with a smile on his face, seems to have no anger. He considered his own mind, like Linzi Zheng Qing painting, he certainly happy to see, not only for her daughter's well-being, but also because the forces behind Linzi Zheng.

As the princess Kitamiya, green painting is clearly not a simple man. She gently exhaled breath, the surface once again hang the hint of a smile, even just for a fraction of dissatisfaction Qin ink also disappear.

"Zheng brother, son, how the past few days I have not seen you?" No matter the two green paint on her disregard, just keep up continues, the more can be said that the more stiff and her face, himself a student living color Hong great beauty stood before him, he may start to finish, Linzi Zheng did not give her a look, only care about the cold in front of his big brother.

She secretly gritted his teeth, a big man to take care of what is good, what is the use even good looking, it is only the strength of nothing more lonely spirit.

Her eyes turned to change, he'll pick up the table, pour a glass of wine, white jade cup set off a finger, there is an indescribable beauty, unfortunately, Linzi Zheng did not notice her movements .

Fingertips caress the cup for a moment, her smiling face, the hands of the jade cup and handed Linzi Zheng, softly said:. "Son Zheng brother, a drink."

Linzi Zheng frowned, looked at the front of the Kitamiya Miyaji, it took her displeasure hands of the cup.

We'll see Linzi Zheng took over, the blue screen is a joy, and poured a glass of wine handed it in front of Qin ink,Smiles: "Big Brother, and I respect you a cup."

Linzi Zheng Lengheng soon, cold eyes flashed: "Big Brother is what you can call it that?"

Green on the screen a stiff, awkward to lift his hands in the air, his face burst blue burst of white.

Qin ink whispered a sigh, he'll take over her hands, but only just put it aside and did not drink it meant. Linzi Zheng naturally will not drink this wine, it'll be heavily on on the desktop will no longer bother her.

They see this, green painting looked down, and everyone thought she was sad to Linzi Zheng's attitude, but I do not know her mouth has been slightly brought back.

Stay here for a long time, Qin ink minds already some impatience, he'll put down, coldly against Linzi Zheng said:

"Let's go back."

Linzi Zheng Qin ink naturally will not oppose it, against Kitamiya Miyaji nodded, then and Qin ink left here together.

Linzi Zheng looked back, green painted face a somewhat anxious look, then thought she had just put on the cup of medicine will take some time to play a role, slowly calm down. She now go back and change clothes, and then go Linzi Zheng's room to find him, I thought of this, green painted smile more brilliant together.

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