Fifty-third chapter out

Fifty-third chapter out

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Qin period of time after the ink stayed in this cave, the appearance and Linzi Zheng every time to give him a meal at a fixed time. Qin did not give up ink again asked questions about the whereabouts of Lingyun several people, but still did not get any news from Linzi Zheng place, after which he will no longer speak.

I do not know Linzi Zheng mind, but after this period of observation, found Linzi Zheng Qin ink did not seem to hurt his thoughts, there is a bit faint to please his meaning.

After so after a few days, Qin Ling ink decide first month spent eating, and now the situation is still unknown to enhance the cultivation of good. He was not worried about what he would do Linzi Zheng in his practice, if Linzi Zheng really want to hurt him, with his strength early on can do, after all, Qin ink capabilities in front of him did not enough to see.

Before practice, eat a breath Qin ink Dan, so that the body of spiritual power filling, to achieve the best state, this month took up the bed of the spirit blossom. Be set aside so many days, the spirit is still months spent as the general just picked fresh and delicate.

Waved his right hand, swallowed Spirit month flower, eyes closed, sit Qin ink, the otherwise barren cave suddenly quiet down.

The body of spiritual power up and running quickly, the body veins clearly have surfaced in front of him, Qin ink mind a slight surprise, did not think he had not entered the spirit of silence would have been reached in the visual realm.

Without a second thought, Qin ink attentively looked towards the inside tendons, clear that a lot of lavender filled with spiritual power in his tendons, since he took Ling washing the fruit, his body becomes Ray spiritual body, the body had a common spiritual power slowly converted into a powerful spiritual force mine. At the moment that Ray spiritual power exudes a dazzling sheen in his meridians constantly flowing.

Just then, a group of fleeing a month of white light into his tendons, tendons flowed down his again, and finally directly into the inside of his pubic region.

This month's energy group is the spirit white moonflower inherent in the energy, this energy is extremely mild, the moment the ink Qin Lei spiritual power of the tendons is increased a lot, came after the pubic region, began to slowly compress since his spiritual power in the pubic region to.

Qin ink now in building the base of the Great Perfection, spiritual power in the pubic region in a gas-like distribution, should not those spiritual power exudes a touch of purple light, Qin ink it is not able to see these spiritual force.

While under compression energy spent months of this spirit, the original gas-like spiritual power actually slowly turned into a teardrop-shaped liquid. The most peculiar is that the pubic region has been quiet stay in the Qin ink volume also followed thunderbolt narrow circle, but its color is more deep up power should not be underestimated.

This practice is Qin ink for several days, during which Linzi Zheng came several times to see the state of Qin ink into the practice, he did not disturb the hearts of some delighted, although the cold surface of Big Brother, is still very hearts should believe him now.

In the first day of the month spent eating Ling, Qin ink has not completely sunk into practice, he left a point outside the mind, see what Linzi Zheng did not do just calm down, confidently put into practice .

After a few days, the whole body Qin ink light flash, a slight fluctuation in the energy of his whole body jerked Dangqi,He just feel a light, came a feeling of freshness from the pubic region.

Qin ink opened his eyes, feeling the body enhances a lot of power, his eyes flashed a glimmer of light, ask the ask behind the glossy ink hair, mouth slightly brought back up. Even though they have no care for several days, his body is also still free of dust, more whole body temperament Chu Chen together.

Linzi Zheng walked to see when is this scene, he was breathing a lag, in the eyes of fascination over the trace of color.

See Linzi Zheng, Qin put away the smile on the face of the ink, once again restored the cold appearance, will be looked at Linzi Zheng, she said:. "I want to go out."

Linzi Zheng moment, Qin ink past few days except to ask him about Gun have never opened the mouth, such a thought, he was hidden in his hands tightly grip from behind and saw Qin ink seems to have lost patience look, smiled and said: "good."

Then the tone of the meal, and then said:. "But after that you have to go out with this mask," Carter, a whole body silver mask will appear in his hands.

Qin ink lips pinched the hearts of some displeasure, but can expect to leave here, I can only nodded his head.

Linzi Zheng gentle smile, walked to the front of the Qin ink, hands as he brought up the mask, the Qin ink a stiff body, but only quietly stay put.

Standing behind Qin ink, ink Qin body between breaths are refreshing taste, Linzi Zheng took a deep breath, enjoy some squint squinting, he has for a long time and no Qin ink from so near. Thought of this, his hand movements become slower.

Aware of rope on the mask has been fastened, Qin ink quickly got up and left the Linzi Zheng side.

Linzi Zheng eyes a dark, heart secretly sigh Unfortunately, fingers caress each other for a while, it seems still remained above the smooth feel of ink on the Qin hair.

Qin ink at the moment is still a white, because with a silver mask, others only see his pair of bright eyes, thin lips and reddish white and thin chin.

Looked at my body kind of lingering cold breath of Qin ink, Linzi Zheng some regret, he really should not have promised to bring out the big brother, big brother think everyone can see that look like, face twitched slightly, Should he go back but at the moment, then big Brother will hate him more of it.

Such a thought, ink Linzi Zheng Qin was some displeasure against the side of a smile:. "Big Brother, let's go."

Qin Linzi Zheng behind with ink, through layer upon layer of corners just come out from underground. Outside was dark, but still meet the ink Qin took a deep breath, his nose now filled with the taste of freedom.

They just come out, there will be a servant to Lianqi stepped forward, head bowed respectfully toward Linzi Zheng said:. "Lin predecessors, Miyaji already waiting for you in the hall."

No longer in front of the Qin ink gentle appearance, Linzi Zheng cold face, he nodded his head, and Qin ink toward the front of the hall away under the leadership of this man.

Qin ink along the way to see a lot of strange humanoid monster stature, these have not yet fully Xiu Monster human form, that is the highest repair saver, belonging to the bottom of the inferno.When approached the hall, far Qin ink they heard the sound of an uproar of songs and dances from the inside spread, dip into it, but feel front of a flower, the huge hall full of monks and a variety of Monster they sit or stand, his face with a smile, being stared at in the central hall of the dancing group of clothes being exposed woman.

Qin Linzi Zheng saw two men come in and ink, the scene of the atmosphere changed, and everyone's eyes have been drifting towards the direction of the two ink Qin, Qin see the ink out of tune with the surrounding environment, many people face have revealed a touch of stunning color .

Linzi Zheng tightly wrinkled brow, his face a black, these people really disgusting to see the big brother's eyes, really want their eyes out.

This is a group of extremely magic repair wanton people, they generally like to unscrupulousness.

Only a moment, the crowd will be a purple man came up, shining eyes tightly staring Qin ink, tough spoke and said: "?. Follow me how I will do you good," he at a glance the Qin Ling ink only silence of the repair, the hearts of extremely disdain, his right hand on the front of his chin directly to stretch.

Qin ink surface of a cold, he could feel the pressure on the person in front of him caused this person also has the lowest saver of the repair, he is not able at this time of the deal. What's more, he is now living in magic repair stronghold, it should not act rashly.

In front of Linzi Zheng Lengheng soon, facing the man who fired a severely beat up, black light flash, purple man he would be shot fly out. Under the power of this beat, the man's stature continues to back, hit the final straight over the pillars of the hall, his head more directly embedded in the pillars being, turned into a mess.

Recover palm, Linzi Zheng gloomy eyes swept the audience, the body exudes a deep sense of gloomy atmosphere, mouth slowly, said:. "I Shuigan Dong people try"

Qin ink brow wrinkled, but no more what to say.

Scene quieted down, and even the central hall dancing a few women have also stopped the action.

Although they have seen many more bloody thing Devil, but here, after all Kitamiya palace, Kitamiya Miyaji sitting looking at the top, Linzi Zheng dare so arrogant to act, it is too not to put Miyaji in the eyes of the.

There are even Linzi Zheng saver of the repair, but also far no match for the ruler of the Yuan Ying. At this moment, everyone's attention is focused on the top of the body Kitamiya ruler.

The man in the crowd at the sight of the convergence wearing a black robe, reclining body freely over large seat, leaving aside a few beautiful women as he beat his shoulder.

He narrowed his eyes crinkling, his face and no trace of angry, but gently smiled and exclaimed:. "Sure enough, Young Hero, I did not expect Linxiao You young age, the cultivation has been so sophisticated."

So to hear him say, Linzi Zheng put away the hideous color of his face, slowly grin:. "Miyaji overrated" then ignored resist the action side of the Qin ink, tough who held his hand, go directly to to the position Kitamiya ends up at the ruler's sit down.

Kitamiya Miyaji curiously looked around Linzi Zheng Qin ink one, got the message, but did not ask anything more, he knows the identity of Linzi Zheng,But also extremely understanding Linzi Zheng Henla means. For Qin ink is so serious about him, he naturally will not say anything.

Free to laugh or two, a clap, Kitamiya Miyaji said:. "Continue"

His voice faded, the scene again boiling up.

Devil's bohemian mostly monks, not by common sense out the card, full of strange creatures and among low-down Demon magic repair is even more confusing. For Linzi Zheng has got used to such behavior, we will no longer pay more attention to what.

Different from the monks the right way, they did not care about self-cultivation, but pay more attention to their own enjoyment. After the sound made under Kitamiya Miyaji, people would pick up the table jug big mouth and drank the wine, or worse still someone directly picked up the side of the Sisters casually kissed them.

Watching the chaotic scene, Qin ink eyes flashed discomfort, which is a trace of emotion aside Linzi Zheng keen to capture, and he picked up the side of the Qin Yu Hu ink poured a glass of wine and said quietly: "Big Brother, here the spirit of wine is good, you may wish to try. "

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