Chapter 50 melee

Chapter 50 melee

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Hyun month throughout the large, where mountainous and jungle. And the place where they are now extremely rare Wu Yongde is a plain.

Wu Qin ink and two cable Feijian drove standing in mid-air, eyes looking straight to the bottom, look at the situation below.

For thousands of years, every month into the mysterious territory of the monks will go to the plains in focus again, this is already an unwritten rule. Now enter the mysterious month from the territory has been more than half, most of the monks have come here.

And this should exchange goods and news of the monks here at the moment are piecemeal on the side, looking curiously looking at the most central, mouth still something whispered.

In the middle of them, now empty out a large area of ​​land, where there are three figure standing proudly, one of them wearing a green robe, with a touch of excitement smile face, it is Wu Yongde. The Lingyun were tightly tied with a blue rope, casually on their feet.

"If we do not man appeared, first we kill this kid." Yellow man standing in the eyes of Wu Yongde around Lengran glance Lingyun, full of intention to kill the sound slowly spread at this point.

Upon hearing this, Qin ink above the eyes have become dull them.

Wu Yongde squinting his eyes, somewhat ingratiating toward the yellow man, said:. "Young Siu, since he is so Bushihaodai, as we give him a good lesson."

"Oh? What lesson?" I heard that remark, the yellow man to the interest, revealing a touch of color curiosity face, opening asked.

Wu Yongde cold smile on his face reveals a hint of color Senhan: "We can begin this kid right hand cut off, if another quarter of an hour he does not appear, then this kid's left arm amputation, Young Siu ,what do you think?"

Yellow man hand movements meal, looked up and down Wu Yongde moment, then laughed and said:. "Really terrific, as you say do it."

Wu Yongde heard, a right-handed grip, hands giving rise to a black dagger, his face were holding a touch of malicious smile came to the front Lingyun, arm lift, in the hands of the dagger would cut his left hand in front of the Gun in the past.

Gun eyes shimmering, were tied behind the slight movement of the hand, a streamer flashed between his fingers.

"Bang" crash crisp sound, Wu Yongde hand holding a dagger suddenly flick, in the hands of a dagger and suddenly began appearing together fell to the ground.

"Do you dare." Indifferent voice came from the sky, obviously there is no fluctuation, but people feel from an unpleasant meaning.

And Wu Yongde face instantly grim up, refused to take next Lingyun, HUO Di stood up, eyes straight look to the Qin ink, teeth and said: "! You finally come."

Qin ink did not bother him, at the foot of a move, he fell on the ground, step by step toward the three men came.

That yellow man eyes swept away, then landed on the little "Liu" word on the Qin ink cloak, mouth Leng Heng heard, quite some disdain said: "After we killed a man dare Han Shan community posing Han mountain community of people, you are really good at the mess. "

Feeling the intention to kill the man who constantly flowing out of,Qin ink footsteps meal, where they stopped at the only place about ten steps, eyes gently sweep the floor of the Gun, still faint, said:. "Let him go."

"Oh, you do not think you can safely leave here today, right?" The yellow man suddenly smiled, his face full of banter meaning, then looking sank, gloomy: "The brats, when you want to remember next life reincarnation live, some people do not like you little people can provoke. "

Mouth so he said, eyes but a little more dignified color, his mind clear, the strength of Liu in the pool on top of him, Liu Qin ink can kill in the pool, its capacity is also not to be underestimated.

Such a thought, he looked to the man beside him has not been opened, he nodded his head to see, a happy face, then together in the direction of Qin ink hit.

When Han mountain community of the two men were on the strength of the spirit of silence, they sprang body, will have an extremely strong spiritual power fluctuations spread slowly from them.

"Give me die!" The yellow man eyes wide open, roar rang, the two spiritual power tumbling out, actually even become a ferocious lion in the back, with the air full of wicked and wild, straight Ben Qin ink from.

To see this scene, surrounded the monks looking for a change, have receded around toward the middle of the open space will soon become a big circle, the same time, they look to the eyes of the Qin ink has become more complicated up, offended Hansan community people will not have any good end.

Qin ink holding on to their lightning sword, my hand faint streamer flash, Qin ink seems to feel the mood of the moment, lightning sword blade Vibrato, audible thin whine of a sharp sense of Qin body radiates out of ink. Rising Jian Qi, Qin ink will battle with the giant lion together.

Witch cable brow is wrinkled, his voice full of disdain: "little more than bullying, really villain act." Carter, the body is slightly forward, non-stop action with a finger, a golden snake appeared in in the air, followed the footsteps of Qin ink, the giant lion coming together.

"Touch!" Under this strong impact, the stones have turned into a powder around, smoke filled the sky open.

After "did not even dead!" The yellow man's voice sounded somewhat surprised, he looked at some of Qin ink, put eyes on the side of the cable witch who frowned, his voice faint revealed a bit of disdain, haughty He asked: "who are you dare to intervene in our mountain community of Han things?."

Wu is also a cable weekdays proud people who used to see the yellow man, so also Lengheng soon, said:. "Wei Tian Cheng Wu Faso, others fear you Han mountain community I'm not afraid."

Yellow man tone of a lag, and his face is hard to look, Wei Amagi is the strongest strength of a city to the north, even the Han mountain community also fear a bit. Such a thought, a yellow robe man against another person to make a wink, only the moment, the two bodies will once again riots sky, apart quickly in the air time and, respectively, against the Qin and ink witch cable away.

Yellow man directly to ink coming together Qin, Qin ink armed with sword, tip across a touch of dazzling arc, with a biting cold stabbing at the yellow man's Achilles heel.

Yellow man mind naturally understand severe between Qin ink, feet moving quickly,In the hands of a move, a huge mace will appear in his hands. The thick mace flashing silver, and bright Jianhua intertwined together.

"Do not think you let the witch rope rescue, and the strength of my brothers much stronger than me, wrapped a rope witch is not an issue, and you will die in my hands." Yellow man's eyes bloodthirsty light, in the hands of mace against Qin ink head severely hit go.

Wu Yongde stood there, watching the Qin ink and the yellow man war together, his eyes frantically surging undercurrent of the shares, then the right hand of a Young, also appeared in the hands of a sword, in the sun, shining on the blade terrible black light, seem strange anomaly. His mouth of a Young, facing the back of the Qin ink brutally stabbed in the past.

See Wu Yongde this action, has been tied in place of Lingyun looking for a change, there is blood flowing in his eyes, Tude emerge burst of white light on the body, it has been wrapped around his body begins to exotic long rope will break off.

He stood up, body robe swirling, Ling aroma of chill lingering around his right hand grip, a bloody ax appeared in his hands, he Lengheng soon, freezing cold eyes, ax sell out, with full gas against the wicked and wild Wuyong De away.

That ax is extremely fast, actually Wu Yongde attack hit on his body before Qin ink.

"Ah!" Wu Yongde scream, a sword instantly fall down. Golden ax deeply inserted in place of his shoulder, his body shocked, left arm will fall straight down from his body.

"Well!" Lingyun Lengheng soon came fast forward Wu Yongde side, picked up the ax suddenly a wave, Wu Yongde right arm also will fall off.

"Ah! You ...... you ...... I will not let you." Wu Yongde crimson eyes, throat struggling out such a sentence.

Gun upturned mouth, revealing a cold smile, mouth, said: "I am waiting." Hands, but do not hesitate to come up with a black immortality into the Wu Yongde mouth.

Wu Yongde rolled and looked in pain on the ground, soaring more brilliant smile could not help it.

Qin ink side of things has been noted here, see Lingyun look intact, slightly relieved.

Eyes look to the front of the yellow man, looking for a positive, for a time, as if his body turned into a purple, and the sword, in this moment together tightly, then this light grazing, turned into a vaguely sword, tearing of the surrounding air, gas with endless sharp headed towards the yellow man.

Has been quietly stay in the bag they reveal little fox eyes suddenly Dengyuan, Double Vision flashed a dark color consternation, mouth murmured: "This kid, who has reached the realm of the sword one of ...... "

Looking at this pulsing with terrible breath sword, the yellow man's face revealing a dismay of color, to face this channel attack, he clearly felt the power of it, faces a stretch, his hands in the air quickly action up, big mouth shouted: "Dragon tactic."

Forming huge dragon slowly in the air, filled with pomp, they hit Nabing sword.

"Boom!" Gold and purple constantly surging forward, this piece of the sky, some faint color,Not by the presence of all the action stopped her, look straight at the handover of power.

At this point, the entire territory suddenly flick mysterious month, on the far left suddenly appeared a black swirl, swirl it more and more, it was not a few people coming out from the inside.

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