Forty-seventh chapter Jungle

Forty-seventh chapter Jungle

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Qin ink down their eyes and looked down, the most central of the entire hall is a huge platform on top at the moment there are two broad platforms are Wicked in the fight.

In which a Wicked whole body white, head to have two sharp horns, elk shape, the whole body shrouded in a layer of colorful light; and the other Wicked is a bit strange, far looks, it like a lifeless dead wood.

That dead wood stature suddenly move, many slender green branches sprang from its whole body, hard to draw the opposite of White Deer.

Cane is drawn, the long white deer that calls out, hind suddenly stamping the ground, it will head to the direction of Li angular alignment of the dead wood on the fiercely rushed past.

Dead wood swift counter-attack, dense Garland once again in the direction of the white deer away, it seems to want to be trapped in situ, see the multicolored light of those vines, white deer whole body filled up the big moment, by those multicolored light irradiation to , originally green vines actually began to slowly wither up.

"Squeak!" Dead wood uttered a shrill cry, then it quickly that rattan was taken back.

White Deer has been rushed to the front of dead wood, dead wood in front of Longhorn straight hit in the past. Dead wood stature flutter flutter, seems to want to escape the blow, but the White Hart's speed is too fast, and before it has action, dead wood white deer's body was severely hit fly out.

Just listen to "boom" bang, dead wood hit the top of that layer of transparent film around the platform, and that the film is a layer Ward, reveal fly can be prevented during the field to the fight, harming surrounding monk .

After the blow, dead wood stature meal, close to enchantment slowly fall down.

Looked at the dead wood lying on the ground, white deer hooves tap forward, quickly go to its side, with the front feet kicked kicked the body of dead wood, make sure it has lost its ability to act, high white deer was airs raised head, nostrils, a white gas, glancing week seemed arrogant exception.

"Magic is indeed colorful deer, strength really strong." White Deer to see the performance, there humming coming from the side.

"Oh, really unlucky, just press the ten low-grade Lingshi bet they reveal only wood victory, now naught."

Hear their conversation, Qin ink refocus on the central field of colorful fantasy deer body.

Just watching Qin ink magic multicolored deer only when a servant dressed as monks appeared in the Qin ink side, respectfully said: "This fellow, fate Jungle race is about to start, if you want to participate in gambling Doo? "


Qin hear the tone of ink intended doubts, monks face smile, explained: "The Jungle is a breeze floor features a competition, any monk can participate, so that their other monks and they reveal they reveal conduct a test, it just as colorful fantasy deer and wood they reveal. "here, he glanced at the small fox Qin ink shoulders.

"If you do not reveal, you can also buy directly from our building breeze that have good training they reveal. Of course, if you do not want to fight the beast, you can also rest here, and can come up with some Lingshi pressure optimistic about their own spiritual Dudou beast to attend. "

After listening to the words of this monk, Qin ink heart has been clear,Breeze fifth floor is a self-cultivation sector Colosseum, staring across the right side of the noisy crowd, Qin ink frowned slightly and said:. "Give me a separate room."

Monk smile more brilliant together, with the road in front of him respectfully, smiled and said:. "Daoyou please come with me."

Just when Qin ink is about to walk into the room, Lengheng sound came from the side: "? Liudao You, you have come here to participate in the Jungle Do you rely on your shoulders small fox fur bird not long Qi?"

This mocking sound very familiar, Qin ink stopped and looked toward the next.

Curtains next to the lift suddenly, a familiar figure came out. There are a hideous wounds on his face, so that he had become odious fairly handsome face up.

This man is Wu Yongde, the wound on his face was injured by Qin ink is that sword. In the comprehension, ordinary monks who wound healing can be restored as ever after, without leaving any traces. The ink will thunderbolt Qin added that among the channel attacks, making Wu Yongde wounds extremely difficult to treat, even cure, it would leave a scar.

Scar face touched, Wuyong De vicious look to Qin ink, wait for the meat taste, addicted to the blood.

To see him, Qin ink surface of a cold, and he did not want to say what, after all, now is not the time to pick up his pace continued to go a step toward the room.

See Qin ink of action, Wu Yongde laugh loudly, the sound suddenly overstating the role of spiritual power, so that the presence of everyone hear clearly: "Liudao You, you really scared coward is a coward, even if the mountain community also from South Korea? you can not change the nature of a coward. "

Originally extremely noisy Colosseum instantly quiet down, after yesterday's siege warfare, everyone has clearly understood the existence of irreconcilable contradictions between Qin Wu Yongde and ink, but they did not expect it to just over a day, two people again on.

Qin ink footsteps stopped again, looking coldly look to Wu Yongde, like looking at a dead man.

"I said to it, your shoulders alone bird Soke fox dared to Colosseum." Wu Yongde smile extremely pernicious.

Qin chill the hearts of even more ink, sword suddenly appeared in his behind, the blade "buzz" trembling, even if not months Lingcao, he should teach him a lesson today.

Qin ink shoulders a heavy feeling, then slowly a small fox voice sounded in his ear: "Although the Lord has always bothered Fox bully these Healer pet, but do not give him a lesson, really when the Lord is Soke fox fox it! "

Upon hearing this, Qin ink mood slowly calm down, facing Wuyong De coldly asked: "? You reveal it."

Wu Yongde surprised a moment, then face a slight hook mouth, pointed multicolored magic deer farm, said:. "It is"

Qin ink nodded his head, look to have been standing next to the servants, and asked: "? He and I can do a direct test of the Jungle"

That was the immediate turn of events servants blindsided, so ask now hear Qin ink, reflective nod.

"it is good."

Qin ink Carter, would see the white flash, a small fox had appeared in the top of the Coliseum.

Colorful magic of great size deer, foxes and small body is very petite,The formation of a strong contrast between the two, the presence of people face did not show anything, hearts are assured of the Jungle is a small fox lose.

Wu Yongde laughed and pointed to a small fox, cheeky disdain:. "Liudao You, you really dare to let this go ah fox Soke"

So saying, his eyes revealing a deep dark color, facing the field colorful fantasy deer ordered:. "Xiao Wu, tear it."

Everyone's eyes are on Wuyong De Qin ink and body, no one has seen standing opposite the small fox colorful fantasy deer body shook, his eyes flashed a hint of a similar look of fear.

Wu Yongde hear voices, colorful magic deer quadruped shocked, but they reveal is not contrary to the owner's command, it can only withstand invisible pressure around toward the direction of the small fox rushed past.

"Fox stupid, right?" To see the field in a motionless little fox, next to someone subdued voice said.

Others face also revealed the endorsement of expression, at this moment, they believe that the little fox about to be torn to pieces of colorful magic deer to have good monk quietly turned away and did not want to look at this scene.

When the colorful magic deer to reach around a small fox, little fox move, it casually reached out a paw, facing the colorful magic deer direction tapped in the past.

"Well, really funny ......" to see the action of a small fox, Wu Yongde his face showing a touch of pleasure smile, can not wait for him to finish, then suddenly his eyes wide open, looking at the Colosseum in disbelief scene.

Petite little fox so gently waved, even to robust knock out White Deer, colorful magic deer dropped to the ground, never to be able to stand up.

The entire Colosseum quieted down.

Did not bother lying on the ground colorful magic deer, a small fox jumped stature, left the Colosseum, the direction of the Qin ink away. When it jumped the railing, its stature suddenly turn against Wu Yongde body to shake off a paw.

Wu Yongde did not expect a sudden attack of a small fox, fox is a small shot in the jaw, the body immediately backed away, but fortunately been someone behind him to protect him, and it did not let him fall to the aisle. He now plainer face, apparently seriously injured look.

Seeing this situation, Qin ink Mouguang a cold, behind the sword sparkle, it is necessary to Wu Yongde added something in the strike.

"Liudao also ask you to think twice." Next came a burst of sharp cry interrupted Qin ink next action, along the direction of the sound and looked, Qin ink eyes of a cold, shook hands and gradually became fist.

"Liudao You, you do not want to hurt the little friendly bar." Qin ink standing next to a Qingpao man, at the moment he left

Lingyun clutched his right hand was the claw, tightly fastened around his neck.

Qin ink felt sight, Lingyun face suddenly smile, he said:. "Kill him."

Upon hearing this, the man's right hand Qingpao instant shrink a little, suddenly bright red blood continues to flow from the neck of the Gun.

Qin ink slowly put away the sword behind, never to see Wu Yongde one, flatly said, let him go. "

Qingpao man's body Yi Chan, Wu Yongde against several people behind winking,That several people evacuated quickly with Wu Yongde here.

Wu Yongde looked left, qingpao man swallowed, looked scared Qin ink, as appropriate, and said:. "Liu predecessors, this is only an interim measure, you do not care about."

"Let him go." I did not seem to hear the man saying Qingpao, Qin ink slowly withdraw the sword Qiankun Dai, repeated.

Heard remark, immediately release the man qingpao Gun stature of a channeling, quickly left here.

Looked Lingyun, Qin ink is not set term, he turned to leave here.

He did not care about the wound on his neck, with Qin Lingyun ink behind the voices are low and asked: "Why did you put Wu Yongde?"

"After plenty of opportunity." Dull sound spread in the air, almost inaudible.

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