Chapter 40 thirty-ninth drugs slaves

Chapter 40 thirty-ninth drugs slaves

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"Master!" Feijian just landed in front of some teenagers came the sound of fear.

"Little slave, it is human, to teach him a good rule!" Mystery man some rude Qin ink will throw on the ground, Qin ink glanced coldly told something he left here.

Who came a sharp pain, Qin ink could not help Menheng cry, then, a pair of some tender hand to help him up from the ground.

"Be careful!" Young voices are dull, not liking the tone of any emotion.

Qin ink looked up, they saw a skinny teenager stand in front of him. Teenager in front of only about fifteen or sixteen appearance, wearing a very large black robe, his face reveals a somewhat unusual dark color. Even though he now spoke mouth care, it is also in the doldrums eyes, I do not see any young person should have vitality.

Lile own little messy hem, Qin ink whispered "ah" sound, then I see him at the moment the environment.

He is at the foot of a mountain, on which there are a few simple huts, quietly standing there, and that some house backed by Mao cliff, behind a thick mist continually rising. In front of the hut there is little fence around the hut wrapped them tightly, planting of grass on many spiritual center fence clearing. And just exactly what the mysterious people into the middle of the hut.

"Come with me." Qin looked ink in this appearance, the young man slightly wrinkled brow, then turned around, cold voice said: "You do not want to escape, after all, you can not run away ......" Post said, this Teenage instant voice deep down.

Qin ink footsteps meal, four teenagers as they walked into a room inside of the right.

The cottage is not large, which only stood two wooden beds, Qin ink looked a bit around, stand in front of the eyes of the boy who once again drifting.

The boy at the station backlighting, their whole face was hidden in the dark, people see his face at the moment, seems to have realized Qin ink line of sight, He laughs loudly, lifeless: "You live here in the future, if the owner later call you, you still do not come out good! "

"Master?" Qin tone ink without ups and downs, but teenagers still cold light voice from liking him a little pondering the meaning.

His eyes sank, the pace slightly forward, eyes straight in front of Qin ink, dead eyes of rich colors plus:. "Remember, you have to call him after the main man."

Qin ink seems to see the eyes of disdain, the young look the same, in a low voice disdain smiled and said: "You are weak from lower planes it, or how he will be caught here it you do not? trying to escape, and to know not only the tyranny of his own strength, the strength behind him there is a strong Korean mountain community. "

Here, the young man's eyes faint hint of scarlet color Shen, has been calm expression also some grim up: "I used to be a genius, worshiped grateful disciple, valued the door division, confidently come here to participate trials, uh, but I did not expect, I just came here to get him to do the drug will be slaves, Qiushengbude Qiusibuneng ...... "

Talking, gentle down his face again, his eyes also restored a backwater like, look no emotion swept Qin ink: "So, you still do not bailing."

Carter, he seems to have lost all patience, no longer concerned Qin ink face, turned to leave here.

Qin ink stand still, quiet for a long time, and finally sighed slightly, whispered said: "It seems like a lot of trouble, drug trials slave ...... ......"

Qin ink around itself, set up a sound array, even though he knew it did not guard soundproofed array anyone here, but should anyone noticed here, he will be the first to know.

"Little Fox." Reveal the bags out of the waist, Qin ink hand patted body bags, cold tone rare heart a little Bonu.

It reveals the whole bags motionless, just like ordinary general Qiankun Dai.

Qin ink mouth slightly brought back, his face has become faint smile up: "? Little fox, if you do not appear, believe it or not I will reveal this to destroy the bag."

Carter, Qin ink will feel the front of a flash of white light, has been hiding a bag they reveal little fox appeared before him, it rolled his eyes, his voice quite pleasing and said: "This is not Fox Lord fault, after all, Chuansong Zhen is random. "

See Qin ink obviously unexpected expression, a small fox action stiff, somewhat dryly said:. "Over time, such as the strength of God to restore a little fox, fox Lord will take you out of here."

Small fox did not bother to speak, Qin ink slowly nodded his slender index finger beside the bed, slowly opening: "? I want to know exactly what is here."

Upon hearing this, the original is also quite arrogant little fox action a lag, then he shook his tail a little embarrassed, eyes dodge:. "This ...... this I did not know."

Qin ink disappointed to see the eyes of Italy, a small fox immediately jumped from the spot, quite some fried hair means: "This is obviously not a high-level interface, or Fox God does not know how."

See it this way, Qin ink mind flashed Jisi doubt, this little fox seems not fly. Such a thought, he was looking the same, only the tight lips sip, then asked: "? And do you know what I eat before you immortality."

Listen Qin ink so that the little fox face also decent up, take out the front paws on the arm Qin ink, and makes exploring them.

After a moment, it seemed to be aware of what it eyes a condensate, quite heavy tone, said:. "Turned out to be the soul of Dan condensate"

See Qin ink surface somewhat puzzled look of a small fox Stern explains: "Dan is a sinister condensate soul immortality, it is alchemy medicine-human blood, eating immortality personal experience from their control to alchemy people obey orders, gradually lose their consciousness until after the person becomes a puppet of alchemy. but this immortality has been lost for a long time, how would suddenly happen? "

Small fox some doubts shook his head, then turned around and he saw Qin ink increasingly condensing face, it suddenly bare a growl, quite easily, said: "But do not worry, you eat Huang Fam wash spiritual fruit, has a spiritual root of the body, not to mention there thunderbolt in your body, as long as you use the blood thunderbolt will burn again, that immortality would not have any impact on you. "

Here, the little fox walked two laps around the Qin ink, luminous eyes, some emotion, said: "Gee, now it seems quite good chance your kid thing."

Qin ink was about to say something, they heard footsteps outside came a whispered, looking slightly changed, and immediately they reveal little fox into the bag, Qin ink treated as such, unhappy little fox face, but think of at the moment their environment just struggle of the two will be what to say no more.

"The owner called you, come with me!" The boy came previously, he only casually glanced Qin ink, spoke and said dismissively.

Qin ink know at the moment can not help themselves choose, do not send a juvenile to follow behind.

Qin ink so docile appearance, young face suddenly flashed a trace of irony, it seems that this is the same person cowardice.

Within one into the middle of the hut, Qin feel the sense of an ink Searing blowing. The room seems to be what put the battle formation, all of a sudden become a great space.

Middle of the room stood a huge blue tripod Dan furnace, below the surge of red flame Dan Shining burning stove. Dan stood beside the stove while a figure, his eyes focused on the Dan furnace, his hands kept air knot in the complex Indian law.

"Bite!" Sounded crisp sound room, the man exhales deeply, looked toward the inside Dan furnace. See that there nine immortality blood red, his face showing a hint of a smile, a Yuping attendants appeared in his hand, his right hand a move, it will be his immortality carefully installed bottle.

Once this is done, he looked up to see the front of the Qin ink, face a cold, ordered: "! Come"

The man was wearing a similar robe and juvenile ago, have also revealed itself to cover the face, he looks like it is about two years old, at the moment he frowned, his face revealed deep impatience intended.

Upon hearing this, and before Qin ink some move aside a teenager, severely pushed a little behind Qin ink, pushed him to the front of the man.

The man did not say anything, straight out of an immortality from the hands of the Yu Ping, Qin into the ink is necessary to mouth.

Looked strange bright red on immortality, Qin Motou a turn away from the man on the action.

See Qin ink resist the action, the man looking for a change, coldly: "?? You do not know your identity now also do not do small slave and explain it to you."

So saying, he looked to the side of the juvenile. The young man was so stare, her face white, body flick, trembling and said:. "Master, I have and he said clearly."

"Now that we've said clearly, then you should know the identity of it!" So saying, the man reached out and grabbed his chin ink Qin, Qin ink uncontrolled body just felt a stiff, sinking immortality had been fed into his mouth.

"The so-called drug master to slave is responsible for reagent storage, do not you know?" Ink will see Qin sinking dose of immortality, revealing a satisfied smile man face, free ink Qin patted the shoulder.

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