Chapter 39 thirty-sixth Battle

Chapter 39 thirty-sixth Battle

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At the moment three men stood in mid-air, their feet is a piece of open grassland, behind a wall of tall walls, the distance is a head can not see the forest.

That woman smiling face, foot stepping on a magic flying flower shape, a pair of beautiful eyes but kept Qin ink who sweep to sweep.

In front of a mysterious man he moved his eyes seem to have no meaning woman, muffled sound slowly spread in the air: "No matter what your status, and immediately gave me out of here!"

His voice hoarse, dry, vaguely revealed a little impatient, let the woman face suddenly changed. Then her mouth slightly, eyes revealing a bit dangerous means: "Before coming here, you door division did not warn you, some people that you can not mess with it?"

So saying, she Su hand of a Young, a fire red flute appeared in her hands, then facing two directions smiled Qin ink, red lips lightly against the flute body, playing up.

That flute melody, eyes slightly Qin ink flower flower, side appears to be another picture, bridges people, quiet and peaceful, people can not help but indulge them.

"Well!" Mystery man Lengheng, Qin immediately came out from the ink just kind of illusion, face a Su Qin ink, looked at the woman also look dignified, did not think this could have people hallucinate Beep .

"Fluff nothing." With the mystery man cold voice, suddenly, a bright beam of light appears spiritual power of his palm, a strong coercion came from his palm, actually directly after turned into a lightsaber attack against women at an alarming rate direction go with.

Mystery man attack if the lightning, to see such a scenario, the woman brow is slightly Yizhou, flowers at the foot of a move, stature passes to the side, while a sharp short sound came from the flute, the invisible sound waves that had actually cemented direct air a wave of visible substantial ripple, and the mysterious lightsaber severely hit together.

"Boom" heard a loud noise, air force exploded Spirit, sent a dazzling silver light.

Mysterious person behind the station, Qin ink slightly narrowed eyes, looked at the front two fierce fight, thinking about it, but did not immediately hands, in front of the two men apparently are not simple character, strong strength, although they have been stimulated fight, but they are part of the mind locked on him, a move he now, they certainly will be found wrong with that, his strength is not enough to fight in front of the two men.

Heng scene saw two locked in a stalemate, the woman also sank his face, his eyes flash of surprise of color, she did not think the man in front turned out to be capable of fighting with her strength. However, this is completely inadequate. Such a thought, her hands once again blew the flute.

This time playing under her, flute but did not issue the slightest sound strange, only slightly volatility air slowly spread.

At the same time, there have been around shaking sound came, only a moment, a mysterious man Qin ink was surrounded by a group of strange birds.

The woman Mouguang flash, move the hands of a flute, birds bypassing Qin ink, facing the direction of a mysterious man to attack.

Mystery man lean slightly forward, his hands quickly Results India, a huge light print appear in front of him, facing the direction of those birds, Jishe out, just for a moment, then printed light appeared over those birds,Are like cage-like, they will stature firmly blocked.

Wicked looking at those trapped, the woman's eyes flashed Yinhen color, finger flute suddenly a move, a red light would spread to those in birds from her fingertips.

Those birds, eyes suddenly a red, body violently shook up, actually once broke free from the shackles of the mystery man, the whole body exudes a Road strange light, a time of great momentum Sheng, surrounded by some psychic powers are boiling, facing the mysterious person direction on the straight hit over.

Mystery man body severely shocked, mouth pressed his blood, his face is hidden in the black cloak sank. Mouth sneer, but once again changing hands, it seems extremely complicated knot with a printing method.

For a time, the aura surrounding the riots up again, toward the mysterious people gathered around him, these majestic aura slowly converge in front of him. The woman looking solemn, commanding the birds toward those mysterious man who hit go. The entire space atmosphere up some stalemate.

Seeing this, the eyes of the Qin ink streamer flash, wrist doubled, there have been lightning sword in his hand. The inner spiritual power input, who have the sword flashing purple immediately, clenched the hilt, Qin ink fiercely against the mysterious man behind the attack go.

The same time, the head of a strong aura of mystery who has brought together forming, actually formed a huge golden queue. That just long queue formed, have a kind of very sharp flavor which slowly spread. See this dragon, actually those of birds suddenly shocked, he shouted toward the rear recede.

"Go!" Mystery man harsh bark, then a huge long shadow on the direction toward the woman tossed away. It is critical juncture, Qin ink that also hit off the mysterious person.

Mystery man not a moment to check, mouth suddenly spit blood, it also immediately shook dragon figure, stature somewhat faded, but it a moment later, it is still rapidly away toward the direction of the woman in red.

"Dragon tactic, you turned out to be Korean mountain community of people!"

The woman looked at the golden queue, pupil suddenly shrunk, his face showing a look of horror, gritted his teeth, and some heartache to come up with a little golden bell from Qiankun Dai, the little bell in the air quickly appeared to enlarge the woman's torso wrapped them tightly.

Long Shadow huge let the ambient air are some tightening up, that strength seems to be able to tear space, after the dragon forward quickly with the Admiralty that severely hit together, issued a huge crash, which sounds a whole space seems He has moved his.

But after Qin ink hit the blow will no longer go on fighting, foot Feijian want to quickly leave here.

"Ah!" Qin ink such attack, a mysterious population long calls out, his chest rising and falling rapidly, after a moment his face was calm again, his eyes looked Qin ink Yinhen direction, a move his hands, a long silver chain appeared his hands.

"Go!" Mystery man eyes a vigorous, hands on the chain of ink left in the direction toward the Qin.

"Crashed!" That chain speed pole, straight toward the back of the Qin ink hit.

Heard the piercing voice behind Qin ink hearts of a tight, a turn toward the next stature, escaped the long chain of the blow. But just as there is a long chain of spiritual knowledge like that on a burst of flashing silver, with Qin ink turned a corner, followed by Qin ink stature come.

Qin ink stature meal,Hands quickly set to work, and he also spiritual power within the pubic region running up, with his action, a large thunderbolt immediately appeared before him, but also blocked the long chain.

"Well, it's useless!" Mystery man disdain sneer, he had hardly faded, it is a long chain with a very tricky angle on flying out from the thunderbolt, the Qin ink tightly wrapped them.

Is a long chain locked, Qin ink body suddenly struggling up, which you want to break out, but it seems very special long-chain, despite how Qin ink so that action could not reach it.

"This is the best jewels you can deal with?" Mystery man voice filled with sarcasm, then his right hand grip, one end of a long chain Flanagan again and returned to his hands. Reaching a Yang Qin ink has once again been pulled back his place.

Qin ink and mystery of negotiating the moment, the piece of gold queue also slowly dissipated into the air in the middle woman has once again exposed her stature. Her whole body was shrouded in golden light, that light is constantly dim down, after into a huge Admiralty. Just a moment, that the Admiralty actually a lot of cracks emerging, directly after actually turned into debris.

Hong Yinv subheading Lu dismay glance feet Admiralty debris, this is her good defensive magic, but at the moment she did not dare to say something, then do not look arrogant previously complex, facing the mysterious person direction a bow, respectfully said:. "I do not know their predecessors from the previous Korean mountain community, many have offended, please forgive me."

Mystery man moved his fingers, what was about to do, while the gas to spread from bloody throat, he will quietly swallow the blood, the mouth shouted: "! Roll"

Upon hearing this, what woman does not face a stiff say, after all, this place is strong who strength who is the boss, and Han mountain community of people is far not afford to offend her.

But then she bit her lower lip, facing the direction of the mysterious man revealing a charming smile: "I do not know why the older generation here to do ......"

"Go!" Before he could finish, the mysterious man is harsh bark directly rudely interrupted her words, looking for a white woman, some unwilling glance mysterious people, flowers at the foot of a move, disappear place.

Woman to be leaving, mysterious people shift our attention once again to the Qin ink body, even though his face was completely obscured at the moment, can not see his face, Qin ink can feel his eyes Yinhen meaning.

I saw the mysterious man whose right hand lift, a pudgy immortality appeared in his hands, a move his hand, immortality will be fed directly into the mouth Qin ink.

Qin ink looking for a stiff heart immortality must understand that this is not a good thing, a move necessary to immortality tongue spit it out, going to see the Qin ink, mysterious people took action a long chain tight, Qin ink body suddenly froze, sinking immortality slip down his throat down.

"Do not think to escape!" Finish the sentence, mysterious people toss sleeves heavy messengers Feijian left here.

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