36 separate chapter thirty-fourth

36 separate chapter thirty-fourth

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Colored ball of light air continues to spread, slightly later turned into a transparent screen. That screen slightly shook, then it will appear on the scene Huang Fam.

When you see that group became Qin ink mist figure appearance of the field are everybody's eyes flashed color consternation, the reigning all eyes glanced up front and Linzi Zheng Qingyun child, they know that it is the shadow mist Qingyun sub doubt.

Linzi Zheng could not help clasped his hands on, and looked toward the direction of Qin ink. At the moment the ink Qin head slightly bowed, the people have been shrouded under a small fox figure, people see facial expressions.

Linzi Zheng mind a tight, Qin ink toward approached two steps forward, but suddenly stopped, mouth whispered said: "Big Brother, is not the case ......"

To see this scene, Liu Yun could not help brow Yi Zhou, Qin ink down the line of sight, eyes flicker haze. To see that on the screen, "Qin ink" that have appeared in front of three, could not help a slight dark eyes, hands Circle light flash, the front screen fiercely throwing in the past.

Circle was hit, then the screen immediately broken open, turned into a light spot disappeared into the air, that the above figure gradually disappear.

"Delusion! Qin ink, you could have to wash your charges have been framed to follow you around Young, is really ruthless!" Liu Yun face a solemn color, the surface is a bitter look, it seems extremely Qin ink behavior shame, only her eyes flashing eyes vaguely revealing her thoughts.

Heard remark, quiet for a long time Cao eyes not help a little flash, and Fan as one, eyes Henli color flashed slowly came forward, staring across the field the crowd, slowly spoke and said : "Ladies and gentlemen, this fox spirit said is true I do not know yet, even if it says is true, and this ink Qin Young so close, he certainly will not be a good man, if he says is false ......" here, Cao mouth sneer or two, coldly look to the Qin ink: "this is a heinous Qin ink!"

"Besides, this is indeed Qin ink wash away the spiritual fruit." Field to see people face, Liu Yun Yang mouth slightly, then said.

Sure enough, I heard "wash spiritual fruit" is the word, all eyes light up, his face also instantly changed.

"Qin ink, regardless of today, but we will have a monthly Green Door clean house!" Liu Yun voice had just fallen, the crowd

He heard the sound of harsh bark. I heard someone say so, other people have also echoed up.

Looking at the field angry crowd, his face unchanged Qin ink, does not mind a slight cold, his mind clear, I am afraid that the hearts of these people has made it clear that he is being wronged, do this just to save face them nothing, after all, but vowed before they He said he was magic repair. Moreover, his body now, but there Ling washing effect. The eyes of the crowd swept him to see still silent Jinlin Feng, Qin chill the hearts of even the ink.

Qin ink was such a look, his face all the people some are not natural, but then they played some very angry.

Fan led by Liu Yun and, as one, physique to show and it went towards the direction of attack Qin ink to go behind them several saver of monks have also come on the attack.

They see that, in the eyes of an angry little fox color even,These people really go too far, when he is dead fox Lord, dare bully so he wants to guarding people. Such a thought, behind a huge piece of tail raised high, swelled severely beat several people body go.

Fox is so small a shot, could not help that several head body suddenly shocked, backed away a few steps.

They immediately on the visual look, eyes flash of color Henli again Qin ink toward the direction of attack up, the fox probably it was only such a degree, but in order to win their strength Qin ink is only a matter of time.

At the same time, Linzi Zheng Qingyun and child stature is slight movement, quickly came to the Qin ink side, those who want to help him block the attack.

"Go!" To see Linzi Zheng, Qin ink movement meal, then spoke and said coldly. If Jinlin Feng refused to help make him feel the hearts of a cold, so they let him Linzi Zheng as extremely chilling.

Of this world, he has no sense of belonging, so only a few people in his mind is different, of Jinlin Feng and Jin Linger feelings are affected by the original Big Brother feeling of Linzi Zheng but it is his own true feelings. The Linzi Zheng behind at the moment but a harsh gave him a knife, this is really very ironic.

Just the moment he is not willing to believe given the fact that little fox, after all, his mind Linzi Zheng has been the character of the Father, but to see Linzi Zheng face, his heart instantly sank down. He is not stupid, just Linzi Zheng some preconceived impression too, in this world there is nothing in stone, Big Brother have been changed, so Linzi Zheng why not change it?

Qin ink hear the words, Linzi Zheng body suddenly stiff place, watching the Qin ink cold eyes, heart instantly sank to the bottom, big brother ......

Qin ink did not bother Linzi Zheng, but the stature of a switch to stand around a small fox, solemn eyes watching combative few people, it seems intact today want to escape from here is extremely difficult.

On this point, the entire space suddenly fierce earthquake shock, the field while everybody else is surprised a moment, even the ink toward the Qin continued to attack several people also stopped the action, looking hesitant to look to the sky.

Originally open sky turned suddenly shaking up, a crack appeared in the sky slowly. The sky is like being ripped a huge hole, is extremely terrible.

Small fox eyes suddenly widened, somewhat surprised when he said: "space turned out to be crack!" Then he eyes a turn, they found behind them under the influence of Huang Fam enchantment space crack went so far as there is a small gap.

After slightly surprised they face flashed a hint of surprise of color, in which Huang Fam although some danger, but for them at the moment but it is a good life insurance for the community. Such a thought, he again raised a huge tail that road in front of the slit of the Ward slammed in the past.

Only a moment, and that road gap quickly becomes large, small fox tail toss, rolling on the ground Qin ink that got into the cracks.

Very small fox speed, until the crowd react, enchantment that road has been restored as ever.

And has been Daileng Linzi Zheng saw this scene and his face suddenly changed, and quickly came before the settled community, tightly clutching the hands of the spear, facing the direction of the crack just severely hit go. But enchantment but did not move, still intact.Aside Albatron child sighed slightly and said:. "Useless"

Linzi Zheng red eyes, hand guns still recklessly against the attack on the enchantment. Bright red blood continues to trickle down his hand, dripping on the settled community.

After a long time, Linzi Zheng did not stop the hands of the action, body stiff to stand still. He turned his head sharply, eyes field who swept the crowd, slowly spoke and said:. "! If not you, Big Brother will not abandon me so, you all go to hell."

His voice faded, the side of the physique of a move Albatron son, entered within the body of Linzi Zheng.

Looking at Linzi Zheng pair braved black eyes and his air hands that have been stained with blood guns, everybody else is surprised a moment.

Watched Qin Huang ink enters into the Fam, Liu Yun mind could not help raising a touch of Xiehuo, Huang Fam fifty years to open one, between five to ten years rose Qin ink must be qualified strength, when you want to catch he must live plus difficulties. Linzi Zheng moment to see this arrogant look, her face changed, they want to ridicule a few.

Before what she said that day the sky will crack suddenly wide open, even from out of two people.

One of them a dark, people see his face; and the other was wearing a white robe, neck, wrist wrapped around a circle of thick white hair, he stood in the sky, staring across the bottom of the nose slightly moved move, then frowned, coldly: "! not here, he ran."

Heard remark that black people could not help Oh laugh or two, his extremely hoarse voice, like the voice seems to come out in:? "He can run where to go now that he should not repair the saver of it, you do not worry too much. "

"But he ......" That white man frowned and seemed to want to say something, but he did not say it, just shook sleeve and said: "Go!"

"Huh? It was actually here that old devil Gong practitioners?" That black people look glance, will be determined to look Linzi Zheng downward.

So saying, he could not help against Linzi Zheng direction out his hand. Hand dry and thin, distant only a finger to the sky, put Linzi Zheng caught in the hands.

Then that black people against the edge of a farm beside the white man point, again disappeared in the sky, that the air gap also immediately disappear.

That after the two disappeared, all the talent on the ground and shoved exhaled a sigh of relief, their lingering fear as the one, all eyes flashed fear of color, just two men appeared at that moment, they actually did not move. They have a feeling, as long as they move, they will immediately lose their lives.

Linzi Zheng Qin and ink have been invisible, and their own strength and that mysterious man in front of two worth mentioning, the hearts of everyone and sometimes did not field the other mind, we have left here.

He looked about to disappear behind only Jinlin Feng Huang Uncharted before leaving, a slight sigh.

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