33 Chapter thirty-Chu Fam

33 Chapter thirty-Chu Fam

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Fam addition to Huang, some strange atmosphere tense.

Jinlin Feng face look very ugly, he stared fiercely Liu cloud around that figure covered with blood, toss sleeves, shouted: "! Impossible, small ink may not be the magic repair"

See Jinlin Feng Liu Qing state like anger, could not help the body shook slightly, then saw his side Liu Yun, all of a sudden have courage, continued: "He is magic repair Qin ink, I saw that he Ho Meng directly deacon and deacon taking the spirit "here, his voice slightly paused, eyes slowly swept field the crowd, his voice seems reveals a taste temptations:." in addition, he also robbed we wash fruit spirits! "

"Wash spiritual fruit?" Heard the word, field people suck down a cold lump, revealing a look of disbelief, which has been the spiritual fruit wash the legendary thing, now actually appeared.

Several monks and saver of the heart are also slight movement, spiritual fruit can wash monks washing the body, improve the qualifications monks, for whom these people Kajin Dan peak period is a miraculous, now as long as they wash dose of spiritual fruit, even if there is no Yuan Jin Ying Dan can enter Yuan Ying.

We see all intended to move the field appearance, Liu Qing state mind not help to increase somewhat hi Italy, downcast eyes, blocking the eyes of pernicious meaning, then said: "Wash sinking spiritual fruit has been eaten Qin ink, but ......"

Although Liu Qing state did not finish, but his field who understand the meaning, eat it does not matter, as long as the others on the list.

"What are you talking about, my little ink ilicifolia door disciple, how you tolerate such a mess!" Upon hearing this, Jinlin Feng eyes stare, heart not fire, waved his right hand on the front of Liu Qing state direction severely beat to beat.

"Jinlin Feng, what made you crazy!" Side Liu Yun frowned and stature of a switch on the block in front of Liu Qing state, to help him Dangxia that channel attack.

"Oh! He dare to slander my disciples!" Jinlin Feng Lengheng soon snapped.

"Golden head, you first eliminate cool down, calm down, after all these things, but Liu saw my fair niece, you know Clothes make the man, you think about it, you really know your disciples do?" Looked at the two deadlocked people, stand aside Presbyterian Cao Zheng Yang naked eyes flashing behind the side facing the Fan vaguely waved side came up against Jinlin Feng he said.

See Cao gesture, Fan had wanted to do something immediately to stop their action. Zhengyang were inside, though he was the head, but it is undeniable that, on the resourcefulness, he is far from over, but Cao.

Jinlin Feng frowned and looked scornfully Liu Qing state, unhappy eyes flashed: "He said, saw it witnessed?"

"I have proof." Liu Qing state field can clearly feel the attitude of the crowd, this time to face rage Jinlin Feng, his tone has become calmly up: "Ho Meng deacon and deacon are our hidden cloud of silence school spirit Brother, we implicitly sent specifically for their cloud point of soul light, once outside their misfortune, they correspond spirit lamp to go out, but the soul of the lantern of death when they revealed things happen! "

Hearing this, the hearts of all men have some clear field, as big as a martial art martial will point a valued member of the soul light, cloud hidden faction is no exception.Liu Qing state in spite of his injury, fell to his knees in front of Liu Yun, indignant tone said: "! Please call the shots as the two head deacon ah"

Liu Yun looked Jinlin Feng, readily attracted to the side a little disciple, told said:. "You go back to see the martial art" that Liu Yun disciples front line of a ceremony, they quickly leave here.

Looking at the back of his disciples, Liu Yun attention has turned once again to Jinlin Feng who, unable to speak face serious: "If you really magic repair Qin ink, I will certainly not spare him!"

"Impossible!" Jinlin Feng tone is still firm, but his mind was faint with a bad premonition.


Multi-day retreat, Qin ink cultivation has built a solid base period three, running within a □ spiritual power, Qin also quite hearts ink joy, these days, he deeply aware of the importance of strength.

Qin ink right hand a move, a silver sword appeared in his hands, this sword smooth blade, which reveals a somewhat vague purple mist. Qin ink gently touched the blade, the cool of Italy came along with a sense of joy mind interlinked.

After the past few days Lian Ji, the spiritual sword which has been officially recognized him Lord. This sword judge and lightning sword, which when entering the spiritual power, will have a powerful lightning, thunder spiritual root monks good use, then the effect. It's like tailored for him in general.

Waved his hands of the sword, Qin ink straightened out and walked toward the body, he is now going to look for Wicked practice your hand.

Linzi Zheng Qin ink and a cave located next to the jungle, this piece of jungle Wicked very much, do not look for him to take the initiative, has just walked into the jungle, there are many evil around us.

Wicked feel the atmosphere, Qin ink in the hands of lightning sword blade turned suddenly emitting a purple light, it seems very excited.

Qin ink body flexion, messengers started in feijian into the evil group, flashing between Jianying, only vaguely able to see Qin white ink that lightly.

"Ow ow!" Wicked cries rang constantly in the jungle, on the ground Wicked corpses have continued to increase significantly, Qin ink is getting his face resolute.

"Bang!" In front of a Wicked also fell after the Qin ink to recover the sword in the hands, slowly sigh of relief.

Lile own little messy clothes, Qin Wei Tai pace ink, ready to leave here.

"Roar!" Behind him came a roar, then a sharp knife to hit the ink toward the Qin, Qin ink hearts of a tight, stature flash, escaped the attack that road. He turned around to see a black leopard stand behind him, looked at him like a tiger.

That Tongshen black leopard, which is covered with red spots, four paw each cluster of white mist, like riding on a cloud in general. The blast leopard leopard named, they are each only about spiritual cultivation of silence, and they attack speed pole.

See blast leopard, Qin ink lips slightly sip, eyes are not retreating meaning, but is an eagerly. This is just to blast leopard, who previously Wicked although quantity, but there is no challenge for him. Qin ink clearly understand and want to progress in strength, must continue to undergo death in the face.

That blast Leopard looking at the floor Wicked corpse, his eyes flashed anger light, the ants dare harm its own territory in the same. Giant mouth wide open, then hit a road toward Qin Feng Ren ink direction.Qin sword ink under messengers to fly into the air, those fengren eleven Dangxia was once again back in the hands of Qin ink.

Qin ink pace slight turn, sword in his right hand, left hand quickly pluck a jianjue, mouth whispered said: "! Happening Sword"

Qin ink Carter, around the spiritual force is suddenly riots up, one after another toward the sword in the hands of Qin ink rushing.

The resulting futon this is the Qin Happening sword ink to that heritage a sword. The sword and the power of the whole body into the spiritual power over their own spirit sword, sword making power surge. Now Qin ink strength is not very strong, barely ten meters around the inner spiritual power transfer for its own purposes, but even if only a small area within the spiritual power, its power is not to be underestimated.

Aura influx of many where that lightning sword blade startled, issued a "buzzing" sound vibrato, a time purple masterpiece, into a huge lightning to blast toward the front of the leopard split.

See that road purple lightning, high winds also leopard's eyes flashed fear color, four single step white clouds instantly becomes larger, the stature of a transformation as a black line, go toward the next dodge.

But like a long road purple eyes like mine, immediately behind it, just listen to "rip" sound muffled, leopard that blast out a large clump of instant flame.

"Aoao wailing ......" Wind leopard mouth sent a burst of pain cry, then a huge body slightly shocked, and quickly lie down, the non-stop rolling on the ground together, who want to put out the flames.

This situation, a Li Qin ink eyes, clenched hands of the sword, toes point, it winds toward striking leopard.

Meanwhile, aside jungle silver flash suddenly sprang a figure, and the ink passage Qin up together.

"Ow!" Wind leopard tragic cry echoed this piece of jungle, make a lot of strength around the body are not from low Wicked shook.

With plug-edged sword blast guns and Qin ink leopard, just two weapons the entire blast ripped through the body of the leopard leopard, leopard blast piercing screams only a few times will no longer move out.

Qin ink down the pike direction looked, they saw Linzi Zheng was standing blast leopard on the other side, felt his sight, Linzi Zheng smiled at him, holding long gunmen suddenly a move, it will pull the spear straight through the dark come out.

There are a few drops of blood fell on Linzi Zheng smile face, I do not know why, Qin ink heart suddenly jump, always feel the eyes of the people and there is a strange sense of violation.

But then when he looked thin, Linzi Zheng is still askew gentle harmless way, his mind shook his head slightly, perhaps it was he wrong!

With Linzi Zheng added, starting to deal with those Wicked plus easy, until Huang Uncharted few days, this is the jungle Wicked Linzi Zheng Qin ink and toss over and over, which can be heard almost every day miserable Wicked voice call.

Before entering Huang Fam, Jinlin Feng had been told to be Huang Qin ink Fam in time. At this point it away from the crowd Huang Fam moment, with Linzi Zheng Qin ink station, he looked back behind Uncharted, and touched his waist Qiankun Dai. The Fam trip he had a productive session, not only by the lightning sword, was found Jinlin Feng Yuan Ying Dan refining required Bi blades of grass.

Pitt saw the blades of grass, the old man should be happy now, and so he said that marriage should be something easier.The thought here, Qin ink mouth slightly brought back up.

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