3-2 XXXI heritage

3-2 XXXI heritage

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Hear Fang months, then Qin ink only faint eyes looked at her, but did not say anything, then shift our attention to the Linzi Zheng body.

Fangyue Gang Lin Zizheng just saw that figure, at the moment he was standing in front of the third futon, Shining eyes looked Qin ink.

See Qin ink did not bother her meaning, square mouth Leng Heng soon as May, quickly pull up on the ground day red damask, once again facing the side of attack to Linzi Zheng. She understood at the moment is not the time to care about ink and Qin, after occupying a futon is the important thing.

Qin ink moved his fingers slightly, and that the spirit sword again and returned to his hands, so to see the side-month operation, a turn of his wrist, will once again stopped her.

"Big Brother!" Linzi Zheng voice sounded aside, Qin ink tracks the sound looked, they saw Linzi Zheng He shook his head slightly toward the Qin ink hand holding the sword meal, Linzi Zheng immediately understand the meaning, he is I want to grab yourself after the futon.

Qin ink thin lips slightly sip a sip, then put in the hands of the sword slowly close up.

Xiao sitting side hole action will have to see the two of them in the eyes, his mouth slightly Yang, revealing a mean unknown smile, said: "This kid is kinda a man of character, but I do not know whether he can Dide Guo Fang months, but after all she monks built the base up! "

His voice faded, then square-month long piece of red damask will Linzi Zheng tightly wrapped them.

Linzi Zheng could not move looked like, side-month face a smile, she took the lonely spirit of the monks is no way, are also unable to deal with a small Lianqi monks do?

Can not wait for her happy too long, she would smile stiff face. I saw Linzi Zheng stature days in a slight turn red damask, red damask days has been almost always turned out so it was Linzi Zheng break off.

After a day of red damask break, Lin Zizheng right hand Qingtai, that the black rifles they appeared in his hand. Lance clenched, his toes point, suddenly jump up from the ground, physique stopped mid-air, hand guns but straight on the body side toward striking.

Gunpoint favorable light flash across the sky faintly sounded Dragons.

Looked menacing guns, Fang May pupil suddenly shrunk, then flashed a hint of disdain in the eyes, hands transit operation red damask greeted. But her hands red damask-day high-level instruments used, did this little one can deal with guns.

Aya touch with long guns tightly together, both are offensive meal, but after a moment Linzi Zheng day begins with hand guns directly through the middle of the red damask and had only an instant, red damask that day will be torn in two .

Fang stared at the hands of some months already damaged day red damask, crimson eyes, face grim, and not as noble and beautiful again before the image of ferocious look forward Linzi Zheng, his mouth is somewhat frantically shouted: "You dare ruin my magic, I will not let you! "

Her hands enclave with action, a water arrows to shoot toward Linzi Zheng direction, the same time, she also quickly rushed toward the front of Linzi Zheng.

Linzi Zheng hand guns turn up, those outside will resist water arrows, then hand guns, running from the whole body of spiritual power, to attack again toward the square May.

While silver flash, Linzi Zheng and Fang May attack severely hit together. Just a moment, it does not recede from the back.But, Linzi Zheng back only two or three steps, while the monthly party has retreated from the foot of the wall.

The crowd in an uproar, after all, as long as the eye can see in this confrontation, Lianqi repair Linzi Zheng defeated even months building the base side.

Fang month hand clutching his chest, coughing up, his eyes are rather startled gazes Linzi Zheng, should not just before she set up a huge wall of water, so now she must have been badly wounded.

"Senior sister apprentice!" Seeing this situation, has been with the party a few months behind the woman stepped forward to hold on to her immediately.

"Sorry, the assignee." Linzi Zheng's face showing a touch of gentle smile, it seems the Italian side for the month was guilty of injuring.

The party has only months Lengheng soon, without even looking at him, sent a cloud hidden grateful female students sit side under the arm slowly adjust interest rates up.

To see her this way, Linzi Zheng cheeky helpless, then the field against the crowd smiled and said:. "Well, this after a futon to go down."

Field crowd was silent, and that silence the Spirit of the monks were Zhengyang long has been a hundred years old, and he naturally will not fight for anything, and the rest who do not repair and build the base, see Linzi Zheng tyrannical strength, did not dare Say what.

See on a futon to sit back Linzi Zheng, Xiao hole there is nothing left eyes flashed, facing the side of the ink Qin raised an eyebrow and said: "! This kid is not bad thing."

Qin ink did not bother him, his eyes drooping slightly, seems to have been concentrated on the hands of the sword, Xiao hole side can clearly see his mouth slightly hook up the hook.

Before long, this futon actually changed again, three are lit circle around the futon yellowish light, the trio wrapped them tightly.

Qin ink just felt a black eyes, the whole body will be great changes took place.

Originally open hall has been omitted, at the moment he is awaiting a confined space in the black, which he could not see anything.

I do not know how long, a silver colored dot slowly emerged within the space of. Qin ink narrowed slightly squinting, unexpectedly found that these light spots constitute a picture slowly.

A man wearing a purple robe standing out of thin air behind him is bottomless sky, holding his sword, the blade slightly Yang mouth crooning: "Happening sword!"

Moment, the sky turned the situation around Aura rapidly concentrated into the hands of men that put on the sword, even the man behind the stars that are a little dim, I saw men waved gently, that sword will be a flurry of blinding light, as if to cut power and influence that break the horizon.

Qin ink will be looking at the immediate scene, eyes flashed dismay of color, he had never seen such a powerful jianjue, can break open like the sky, cut off the universe.

On this point, the man suddenly turned to look straight off the ink body Qin, Qin ink heart jump slightly, unable to speak or nervous excitement.

Men's bright eyes, which seem to have faint flashes of light, depending on them for the moment, a silver in the men's eyes out direct, scored in the eyes of the Qin ink.

Qin ink surprised, immediately closed his eyes, minds there is a white light suddenly exploded, then three silver characters appeared in his mind, Qin ink looked thin, it is just the man was reading "The Happening sword"These words.

Some of the silent hall, all eyes are off the front of the trio could not help him. They sit on the futon, the whole body seems to have a golden light flashed.

I do not know how long, sitting on the futon the middle of the hole Xiao suddenly opened his eyes, his face reveals hi Italy, looked at the side of the ink and Linzi Zheng Qin, then stood up and walked toward the direction of the crowd were Zhengyang. Look at the way he wanted to gain a great deal.

Before long, the two almost Linzi Zheng Qin ink and then opened his eyes.

He watched constantly approached, hole Xiao mind not help a little surprised a moment, did not think after this heritage, which actually Linzi Zheng strength have reached Lianqi ten stories. Off to the side is the atmosphere rose Qin ink, at least now he can not see Qin ink concrete repair.

Such a thought, but it is his face revealing a smile, rolled his hands folding fan, said: "! Qin ink brother, congratulations ah"

Heard the remark, only Qin ink gently lift eyes glanced hole Xiao, a faint tone:. "Same to you"

Words of a hole Xiao lag, then they saw Qin ink has been several months green door which tightly surrounded by his disciples, Qin ink has always seemed indifferent expression softened down, he could not help the hearts of some grievances.

Such a thought, he again conspire Qin ink side, with folding gently nodded his shoulder Qin ink, a Young chin, said: "? This little want to leave here, you are going to do next."

He saw this proud demeanor, Qin ink heart somehow gotten the urge to laugh some, but he is still calm face, just nodded his head and said: "I have to leave here."

Qin ink is still putting on airs, hole Xiao Lengheng soon, immediately turned and took Zhengyang were a few people out there.

After watching their backs, Qin ink lips moved, but no more what to say, with the green door a few months chatted for a few disciples, they also left the hall.

When this came out from the main entrance hall, Qin ink will find it is a huge hall in front of the ground, that at the edge of the ground does have an ancient monument, this monument with what he said is the hole Xiao content before the recording.

This Zhengyang ground and were similar to the martial arts field, than that several times larger than the martial arts field, is strange is that the central plains portray this huge Chuansong Zhen. Chuan Songzhen look extremely shabby, overlaid with a number of Lingshi also appears bleak, there seems to have lost all spiritual power.

That was not the stone on this Chuansong Zhen introduced, and no one went to try this function Chuansong Zhen, after all, Huang Uncharted crises, there is no guarantee that people will Chuansong Zhen is transferred to the treasure, or people will be transferred to the demon beast pile.

Qin and Lin Zaizheng when the ink is forced Jianzhong frustration that filled Jian Yu, Chuan Songzhen before choosing the direction is unknown, but fortunately they are very good luck, delivered directly to the in this hall.

After the Qin Chuan Songzhen saw two little ink then looked away, and Linzi Zheng left with this place.

Huang Fam great, ink and Linzi Zheng Qin did not take much effort they found a hidden cave nearby, their heritage through strength has improved, but not at the moment should the closed-door practice for some time, they will basically unstable.

Qin ink is also prepared to take advantage of this time to get the last spirit sword to identify the main,Research also intends to take to get the heritage Happening sword.

Author has to say:

Thank fellow dead undead Pindao mines, Mody Mody da!

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