27 Twenty-six chapters saver

27 Twenty-six chapters saver

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Linzi Zheng Qin ink sit around, he will be looking at the eyes, the eyes flashed bloodthirsty light, who in the end, dare hurt the big brother. He moved his fingers slightly, trembling toward Qin ink bloodstained collar stretched out.

A white shadow suddenly sprang from the arms of Qin ink, appeared in front of him, Linzi Zheng slight squint squinting, this has been seen with Big Brother around the little fox claws being stood in front of Big Brother, stopped him to be close to the Grand brothers hand.

"Well!" Linzi Zheng Lengheng soon slight lift cuffs, a black light and it went towards the direction of the small fox away.

Small fox body slight movement, white flash, Linzi Zheng escaped the attack. Linzi Zheng eyes flashed a look of surprise, I did not expect this little fox could have escaped their own attacks.

However, a touch of irony from his mouth sketched arc, his hands a slight movement, a black plume of fine filaments appeared, despite struggling small fox, which will wrap it tightly.

Some find it too small then grabbed the fox, Linzi Zheng brow slightly wrinkled hand, fling, it will be thrown into the far corner.

Some small fox stood up awkwardly from the ground, the body is unknown black line tied tightly, his eyes look into the distance Linzi Zheng angrily, if not its capacity has not been restored, how is such a bullied kid.

Get in the way to solve the little fox, Linzi Zheng focused attention once again to the Qin ink body. Do not hesitate to untie the hands of Qin ink skirt.

Look inside the case be, Lin Zizheng help tightly clenched hands, Mouguang Lise flashed.

This should be flawless white shoulder more out of a horror at the hideous bloody holes, before it is being hurt Meng Qin ink deacon spear place, bright red blood continues to flow from the wound.

Linzi Zheng Double Vision a dark, low tone when he said: "Big Brother ......" So saying, he fingers slowly ask on the bright red blood. Then the blood burns like to be like that, but quickly retracted his hand.

Linzi Zheng looked at the fingertips Nama red, his eyes flickered a little help, this is the big brother of blood, such a thought, he could not help out his tongue and licked his fingertips lightly on the blood.

Clean finger ever again, like what has never contracted like. Linzi Zheng Qin eyes once again focused on the ink body. There Mouguang color flash, Linzi Zheng slowly lowered his head, tongue slowly licked Qin ink all her blood.

After a long time, Lin Zaizheng only looked up once again, on the lips red with blood so that he looked ghostly anomalies, meaning he did not, but are free to lick them clean voice with a hint of whimsy: "Big Brother is hot blood it! "Having eyes will once again fall Qin ink body.

Qin ink who has no trace of blood, but that road wound is still grim. Linzi Zheng took out a emerald green from Qiankun Dai Yuping, from which they poured out a golden immortality.

This saver only five, he was the last time a mysterious little cave Dong Fu found that as long as there is breath monks, no matter how much he suffered injury could to save him back.

Fingertip a slight movement, rocket-saver turned into a powder on his hands, then he will be careful to sprinkle on top of Big Brother wound. Just touch the powder, then to the wound on the ink Qin visible speed up healing.To see this scene, Linzi Zheng Yuping once again come from a saver, he looked up and down the Qin ink, will be determined after the fall of the Qin ink on pale thin lips. This saver, or eat effect Well ......

Such a thought, Linzi Zheng can not help but licked his lips, my mind a touch of anticipation, the saver with the entrance, facing the direction of Qin ink lips slowly lowered his head.

From the warm breath of Qin ink lips came, Lin Zaizheng not help a slight squint a blind eye, even coma, big brother is also still so warm. Slowly push to Qin ink saver mouth mouth, tongue made him a better feeling for a long time reluctant to leave.

Aside small fox crimson eyes, this son of a bitch dare such blasphemy Qin ink, really damn! It suddenly struggling to place up, but the black lines wrapped around the tight, it still can not move.

Linzi Zheng looked up, eyes sweeping Qin ink some reddish lips, mouth not help slightly upward, fingers gently ask on his lips, rubbed back and forth.

Staring across the Qin ink mark on the body and some wounds, Linzi Zheng gentle eyes suddenly disappear, eyes a vigorous, which is full of the smell of blood Road, low tone: "? Big Brother, in the end who is hurt How about you"

So saying, he again looked down, his forehead with his forehead Qin ink tightly affixed together. Bijin eyes, leaving a faint shadow on the long eye lashes.

A chance, he learned a secret law, can do no harm to others remember the case of reading, but this must be the case they do not resist to read, and read only memory two days. But it is enough to know who hurt his big brother is a murderer in the end.

"So are they!" Read ink Qin memory, Linzi Zheng face with a smile, and some could actually be bloody terror.

"I want you, I do not want to see them again!" Linzi Zheng lengli tone, as if to himself, said.

Carter, a mass of black shadow appeared beside him, which turned out came a strange hoarse voice, replied: "! Good"

"Wait!" Seeing the shadow is about to leave, Linzi Zheng suddenly it stopped, flashed before his eyes could not help kissing Qin Jin Linger ink that picture, a condensate eyes, nails deep into the palm. TV drama shadow whispered a few orders.

Looking at the shadow disappear in the air, Linzi Zheng eyes once again look to the Qin ink, eyes flashed a complex look, mouth, then murmured: "! Big Brother, I hope you do not blame me after all I ......" After that sentence slowly disappear in the air, except no one can hear him.


Acoustic continue his ears, Qin ink slightly moved his finger slowly opened his eyes.

Just opened his eyes, he saw a young boy stood quietly at the cave entrance, crushing sunlight on him, so that he actually seems very warm. He woke up to see his face raised a hint of smile, shouted: "! Big Brother" Then he went towards the direction of running.

Qin ink sour body hold up, this is the man to see his eyes Linzi Zheng.

"Big Brother careful, you hurt not completely healed." Linzi Zheng Qin leaning ink slowly stood up, his tone said softly.

Qin ink looked around a bit, then I remember myself being between Yes fled to the cave,I wanted to hear their own voice after not illusion, but the immediate issue Linzi Zheng.

Such a thought, Qin ink involuntarily running a little spiritual power, somewhat surprised to find that his body has been hurt even better 7788. Linzi Zheng then look to the side, not help some heart to understand, given that he was injured himself with an excellent vulnerary.

Thought of this, Qin ink heart not a warm, mouth slightly brought back, whispered to her side Linzi Zheng said: "Thank you!"

Big Brother looking slightly flushed ear tips, Linzi Zheng Mouguang flickered, staring across the Qin ink thin lips, could not help think of a previously nice touch, his face raised a hint of smile: "! Big Brother, you all like."

Linzi Zheng did not ask to see his injury thing, Qin ink mind could not help sigh of relief, it is his own grudge, he fix it myself. Regardless of how kind Linzi Zheng identity, his eyes, he has not grown all that he needs to take care of the children.

Author has to say:

I have a confession, less today, made time and late, in fact, because I actually Cavan up! Tears head, like a baby rolling on seeking forgiveness!

There is a question was asked about p, small attack is Linzi Zheng, Qin ink is affected by Oh! 1v1 Oh!

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