26 Twenty-five chapters beast tide

26 Twenty-five chapters beast tide

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See wash fruit spirits up and vanished before their eyes, that three face suddenly became very ugly, especially just opening old man, his fists clenched, no longer unable to maintain their expert style, fiercely staring Qin ink, teeth shouted: "You idiot!"

Looking complexion reddened three, Qin ink without the slightest hesitation, at the foot of Feijian a slight movement, fled to the periphery toward the swamp.

All the spiritual power perfusion to the foot, Qin ink messengers Feijian speed is, because he knows his own reality with them head-on force is not a wise choice.

A vague figure, if the lightning to skip from the air around it, you can hear the faint sound of the wind whistling.

Qin looked at the back of the ink left, the old man Lengheng soon, said: "! Chase"

Then is Jianguang flash, the place has no crowd figure.

Ears strong wind, suddenly, is to escape a cold heart Qin ink, the pace suddenly stopped.

"Boom!" A spear appears out of thin air, straight plug Qin ink on the face of the land, its long red tassel on the air shook slightly. Qin ink immediately in front of the air suddenly moved, the figure that the old man had appeared before him.

"Well! Eat of it and wanted to run? How can there be so easy!" That old man eyes full of anger, but also full of murderous eyes. With this harsh bark, the air suddenly waved his hands, a long hose to hit toward the Qin ink.

Qin ink eyes of a condensate, stature suddenly receding hands quickly junction from India, the firewall side turned purple thunderbolt, with hoses that severely hit together.

"Rip!" The old man surprised eyes, that water dragon is now being thunderbolt to block down.

"Well! Little skill!" The old man face grim smile, Lengheng soon, a bayan, wanted against Qin ink and then send an attack.

"Wait!" Just then, a hand abruptly appeared in the air, blocking the old man action, the air shook slightly again, that yellow middle-aged and Liu Qing state figure appeared in front of them, hands-old man stopped it is that middle-aged man in yellow.

"He deacons, what are you doing!" The attack is blocked, the old man look more and more gloomy, and said bad language dew.

That middle-aged man glanced at the side of the yellow alert Qin ink, eyes flash, said: "! After all, he is the head of the Green Door month disciple"

Hearing this, the old man that action is also stiff the place, he has forgotten Qin ink identity, seeking only to kill him to vent their anger.

Liu Qing side of the state to see this scene, in front of mind to understand these two deacons is going to let Qin ink, and some bitterly indifferent look to the side is still standing Qin ink.

But then he rolled his eyes slightly, facing two slightly worship, said:! "Meng deacon, deacon what we can not so easily let go, but he just Qin ink will wash the whole spiritual fruit are eating a belly, You know, people eat the spiritual fruit wash, wash his flesh will have a role in spiritual fruit. for months green door, as long as we do not say, who would know it? "

His voice faded, and Ho Meng deacons deacons expression changed, their eyes slightly flushed, breathing becomes heavy up.

They see this, Qin ink brow hop, mind illegal channels soon as well, and turned to want to leave here.

"Where to run!"That old man harsh bark, stature of a switch appeared in front of the Qin ink, before looking sharp spear, then glanced behind him, blocking the escape route in yellow middle-aged, could not help heart sank slightly Qin ink.

Qin ink must look, his hands in the air a slight turn, giving rise to a thunderbolt cemented sword in his hand.

At the same time, that Bangladesh, where two deacons each other as the one, a slight nod, while on the front of Qin ink attacked.

Before and after two offensive avalanche, Qin ink in the hands of the thunderbolt sword dancing speed up around him formed a dense barrier.

War against them at this moment, no one has found that the station has been little fox actually Qin ink shoulders slightly raised his head against the sky, he sent an extremely tinny sounds.

"Bang!" A loud noise, Qin ink whole body barrier is broken, tools and try to spear actually been inserted straight Qin ink on the left shoulder. And behind what deacons blow beat him back.

Qin a white ink lips, his face was still a cold, slightly raised his right hand, without the slightest hesitation, unplug the spear on the left shoulder, threw on the ground mercilessly. Before looking at the old man, fleeting gaze lengli.

Qin looked at the color of ink that with hard eyes, but his face Meng deacon raised a hint of a smile, said: "! Do not worry, you will not die in vain, we will make good use of flesh and blood."

At this moment, Qin ink heart for the first time to hate their repair is not enough, look coldly eyes swept the three men eleven, he Qin ink, even death, it would not be so useless! Navel psychic powers kept up and running, Qin ink originally pale and his face is slightly flushed.

He has been watching Qin ink deacon and his face suddenly changed, and shouted: "! Well, and stopped him, he would blew"

In this critical juncture, they suddenly came waves around the beast roar, sounds great, so that this piece of land have shock of the earthquake.

He surprised a few people, but stopped her actions, even spiritual power in the Qin ink pubic region also subsided.

The sound is getting closer, it seems to have come before them.

Meng sound deacons their eyes that direction, his face suddenly became very pale, mouth and some disbelief, said: "!! Beast beast tide turned the tide."

His voice faded, four had a look at the immediate situation.

Hundreds Wicked is rapidly running toward the front of them. They have Lianqi repair Wicked, there saver of the repair Wicked. They are looking grim, their path no one to live.

Meng deacon and his face changed a few changes, a bite and said: "Go!" While he reached out toward the side of the Qin ink arrested, it seems to be holding his intention to leave together.

Qin ink Lengheng soon, looking for a cold hand away from him, turned and ran toward the herd at. He knows not to do so, it will definitely be caught these people, being so, might as well enter into the beast tide, and perhaps a chance of survival.

Into the herd moment, Qin ink turned to look behind the trio, eyes dull tone condensation: "You better pray I die here, or else ......"

Field a few people did not expect such action would Qin ink, deacon Meng convex eyes, looked around them has to go to the herd, I had to sigh, and left the other two together here. As for the ink Qin speak, he did not worry on,After all, no one can come out alive from the influx of animals.

Who from time to time pain came, Qin ink but not the slightest relaxation, warily around their own herd. Many of their number, is obviously not easy to deal with.

To his surprise, the Wicked actually ignored him, have bypassed from him hard after Bangladesh deacon, deacons, and how the state behind Liu Qing.

Watching the herd, leaving back around and rolled over fly ash, Qin ink slightly narrowed eyes squint, mind some doubts, can continue with physical pain came, his brow furrowed tightly again, without thinking about this problem, away quickly toward the front, is now important is to find a secluded place to take pranayama pranayama.

A long waterfall from the cliff, the sunlit surface of the water, the finely divided reflected light.

Qin ink hearts delight, down light, he saw a faint after a secret cave waterfall.

He thought he had escaped for a long time, expect that trio has also been impossible to find him, Qin ink outfit moves, toward the cave that falls away.

It is extremely fast-flowing water, Qin ink on this was seriously injured, spent a little effort after his body into the cave, the ink just felt Qin front of a flower, the body will fall uncontrolled manner.

Fainted the moment, he seemed to hear a familiar voice ears, extremely anxious, saying: "Big Brother!"

Linzi Zheng kneeling on the ground, his hands tightly holding faint Qin ink, staring across his body with blood, a blood-red eyes, and finally murmured and shouted: "! Big Brother"

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