23-second chapter of conflict

23-second chapter of conflict

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Comes spring and early summer on the occasion, under Qin ink aside some weak leaning willow catkins fly, fall on him, actually all of a sudden the whole body to cover up the ink Qin cold breath, let him get a little soft up.

Qin ink some effort twitch a finger, long before the bottle out of the Qiankun Dai Yang panacea, raising panacea yellow top grade level of immortality, is suitable for taking injured people, you can quickly restore the injury.

Swallow immortality, Qin ink close your eyes, sit cross-legged on the ground and slowly adjust interest rates up.

I do not know how long, there is a rush of "imperfections" footsteps, Qin ink slightly wrinkled brow, but did not open his eyes, sit still in place interest rate adjustment.

A total of four people come, they wear the same style robes, apparently with a martial art disciples.

Qin ink sitting cross-legged on the ground, a white robe was red with blood, long and narrow water hyacinth closed, the sunlight, his skin white somewhat transparent. Obviously seriously injured conditioning look.

That four looked at each other, eyes flashed dark light, they only came after Zhengyang were Momen attack, did not know the identity of the Qin and repair ink, the ink at the moment Qin see this pair looks weak, are I can not help but move the mind.

They nodded toward each other, step by step, walking toward the Qin ink direction.

Feel the footsteps getting closer, Qin ink eyes snapped open, his eyes were flashing fired at four, thin lips delicately, coldly said: "! Roll"

That four surprised a moment, I did not expect to open your eyes in front of the people would be so cool, but still give people a great pressure.

Four middle, a tall man's face hangs hint of a smile, halted continue toward the front of the Qin ink near the mouth of the threat and said: "! Yu Pai will you pay out."

"Go!" Qin ink look the same, even between just chill forehead.

See Qin ink so, four Qin also know that the idea of ​​ink, are not a black face, come on toward the Qin Wits.

Although Qin ink monster that was seriously injured, but after just nursed back to health has been restored many to deal with a few small roles Lianqi or more than enough, I saw a slight movement of his long-sleeved, there will be a visible that four people rushed toward breeze go with. Only an instant, that four people would have been embarrassed to fall.

Four face extreme horror look, did not expect the person in front of the strength so strong, they had just wanted to point accounted for cheap, no one thought it kicked iron.

Thought of this, four face is a change, scared endless, hastily pulled from the arms of jade tablets threw himself on the ground, turned and ran, afraid Qin ink a displeased them beheaded.

Qin ink casually looked at them, a move long sleeves, rolled on the ground jade tablets, the interest rate adjustment will once again start up.

Qin ink to be here a few days, during which time to time someone from here after they are no shortage of people want to snatch Qin Mo Yu brand, but without exception, have left their own jade tablets.

Changed a clean clothes, Lile Li himself hem, Qin ink could not help exhaled breath, body injuries finally perfected a good view of yourself Qiankun Dai Qin ink mouth not help slightly brought back, his body already has ten Yupai , this small cave task is completed.

Thought of this, pick up the ink Qiankun Dai Qin Yu Bise in a simple, I wanted to want to crush it, it was days before entering the hole, Zhengyang were paid a small cave transmission operator,As long as crush it, you can leave here.

"Big Brother!" Just then, a voice sounded slightly agitated.

Qin ink movement meal, looked down the sound direction.

Green is the month to come under the door disciple, before entering the small cave, Qin ink had also seen him.

I saw him, Qin ink could not help slowing down the tone, said: "? Anything"

The man's face had a look of anxiety of color, see Qin ink was some beaming, quickly said: "! Big Brother, bad, hidden cloud sent his disciples and disciples of our martial beat up."

"How is it?" Hearing this, Qin ink face not help a slight Su.

"After entering the small cave, a few months we lucky green Disciples met together, they prepared to act together. I did not expect the way encountered a hidden child goes to send the head of state Liu Qing, he even dared to take liberties with a small junior sister apprentice, but we did and gas they clashed! "The disciples face reddened, Liu Qing state behavior is extremely obvious to shame.

"But that Liu Qing state are very strong, we have a few people do not their opponents, messengers out of there I would want to see if you can find help, did not expect to encounter here could have big brother!" Said the post, that disciple tone, apparently full of hi Italy, Qin ink is clearly very confident.

Upon hearing this, Qin ink frown, pulling aside his disciples toward said direction away.

"Is here!" The little disciple stopped, pointing straight ahead. Qin ink action has stopped, looked down the direction he was referring to.

The front is a huge open space, entirely stood both men, one of them very familiar Qin ink, green door is the month four disciples. The figures are impressively Linzi Zheng Jin Linger and columns.

Qin ink slightly lengleleng, surprisingly did not think Linzi Zheng. But then his eyes will be transferred to a crowd opposite him.

They are a total of five people, led by a man wearing a blue robe, embroidered with asparagus a little dark, handsome looks, handsome school look. And he also has entered the repair Lianqi of Dzogchen, a congregation of young disciples also appears extremely outstanding. This person is Liu Qing state.

Qin before the ink has not seen this person, although I do not know why not with his strength and hidden cloud to send the head to come together, but apparently he also arrived a few days ago one of the people here.

"! Well you do not eat toast Monastic!" Just then, the state Lengheng heard that Liu Qing, immediately behind the front four made a gesture, to say a sinister tone: "Give me on, grab her! "

Carter, behind him four months and it went towards the crowd sprang a green door. That strength is four Lianqi about six floors of Jin Linger, who really is not a small pressure.

Linzi Zheng Jin Linger looked anxiously looking to the side, before the thought of her big brother and talk the way, moved his fingers slightly, but in the end did not sell.

On this point, a white shadow flash, then at a rate of four actually feitui back.

Then, the air rang a cold voice: "May my green door, is also so good bully you?"

Field crowd simply shot the lights scared, to see the eyes of the people to be like, ilicifolia door open a few people could not help surprise shouted: "! Big Brother"

"You are ilicifolia door big brother?" Hearing this, Liu Qing Qin state carefully looked at some ink,Mind not help ignite a glimmer do not like.

Hidden faction within the cloud, the men and women of light has always been heavy, although the head of Liu Yun was his mother, but he also has always been treated well, even though he qualified outstanding. So one can see equally good but obviously treated differently Qin ink, his heart could not help envy.

Qin ink did not bother him, only looked carefully at the situation four months green door, they just see some exhausted, and no right could not help calm down.

Qin ink this performance, Liu Qing state is to make the hearts of fire, his eyes red, transported from spiritual power, Liu Qing Qin ink back toward the state would suddenly hit the beat.

"Big Brother! Be careful!" The sudden turn of events makes ilicifolia Disciples face instantly changed, and they did not expect that the state will actually attack Qin Liu Qing ink.

Qin face the same ink, quickly turned away and looked at closer attack, Xiupao a move, calmly hit the sword, among Jianguang flashing, strong Jian Qi and Liu Qing states hit together.

That Liu Qing state flash stature, so actually pull back. He staggering pace a bit, a white face, but fortunately there are a few people behind leaning on him, he did not fall.

Could not help but cough a little, Liu Qing state over his chest, glowered at an Qin ink, then stature of a switch, so go out and fled toward the distant. The remaining four are also tight as he quickly left here.

Watching them leave the back, ilicifolia Disciples of this response came, it just Liu Qing also publicity and despotic state even on such escape, his face showing a look of dissatisfaction, said: "? Big Brother, just let them escape it."

"Well, the trouble!" Qin ink glanced at them, said dismissively, after all, he does not look to be that several people inside. Sword in the hands of a turn, he had already been recovered in Qiankun Dai.

Qin said that listening to the ink so that the disciples tone of a lag, no longer speak.

Qin ink eyes slightly forward, Linzi Zheng who actually have seen this many tiny wounds, between just in a hurry and did not see, he could not help slightly wrinkled brow, facing Linzi Zheng said: "? How is it"

Linzi Zheng moment, then come to understand the meaning of the Qin ink, not help a slight tilt mouth, he said: "! OK, just do not accidentally bumps before."

Linzi Zheng said straight face lie, in fact, this is left injured when he entered a mysterious Dong Fu before, in fact, he does not want to deceive the big brother, big brother, but in addition, he does not trust any one field.

Qin ink nodded slightly, calm down, after all, is often injured holes days thing, is not worth the fuss.

"Big Brother! We are already collect jade tablets, and together we go back!" See Qin ink attention has been focused on other people, Jin Linger dissatisfaction could not help frowned, pulling Qin ink arms like a baby.

She said such a hearing, Qin ink nodded.

White flash, everyone around has no presence.

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