21 CHAPTER Wraith

21 CHAPTER Wraith

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Hole Xiao casually sitting on Feijian, holding a spiritual fruit delight in eating, eyes to see him standing straight Qin ink, not help a slight brow of a challenge, he raised his other one spiritual fruit, laughing He said: "Qin ink brother, you do not try!"

Qin side of the ink slightly sideways, hole Xiao swept corner, his face unchanged, lightly: "! Do"

Qin looked ink that strangers do not re-enter the state near the hole Xiao not help a slight shrug, Pieliaopiezui whispered: "! Uninteresting"

Huang village near Fam bluestone, bluestone village and that was Momen is cruel killing small village.

Arrived near the village of bluestone, far, Xiao Qin ink hole and saw the sky filled with a rich black bluestone village gas. Qin ink brow slightly furrowed, he had never before seen such a black gas, I just looked black air felt full of unknown atmosphere.

Side face relaxed Xiao saw this black hole gas, his face is suddenly changed, and I saw he got up, head exposed dismay of color, the mouth murmured: "? How could there how is there such a strong chi"

"Chi?" Heard this word, Qin ink quite puzzled look to Xiao hole.

"Most people after death, the soul has its place to return. And the so-called post-chi, who caused the death of the soul is with great unwilling, resentment aggregate to form Wraith produce black gas!" Xiao looking for a hole Su, Qin thin toward ink explained. After "But here have become a bit too chi!" He said Xiao tone hole has also been a trace of puzzled.

"Go and see!" Hearing this, Qin ink vaguely understand that there is some unusual, Feijian a slight movement, then he landed on top of the ground, then took the lead and walked toward the village of bluestone. Xiao hole immediately followed.

Just entered the village, Qin ink body will unconsciously slightly shocked, he felt an eerie cold air suddenly spring up from the soles of the feet, cold to his heart. Qin ink footsteps meal, then walked on.

Here silence, only the sound of wind through the trees. The whole village seemed very confusing, we can see a lot of blood has been blackened and dead bodies.

Qin ink Boots stepped foot on the dead branches on the ground, there are "imperfections" sound, breaking the quiet environment here. Qin ink pace stops, brow slightly furrowed, some do not seem normal.

Such a thought, he suddenly turned away, but found behind the hole Xiao has no shadow. Qin ink surprised, hands clenched Pitt swim sword, in a low voice cried: "? Hole Xiao"

There is no echo, the whole village seemed to have left him alone, only the wind blowing through the ear, seem strange anomaly.

Qin ink thin lips pinched, stature of a switch, he was ready to go back down just antecedents, he has to find holes Xiao.

It then, behind suddenly stretched out a hand, palm Wei Liang, Qin ink clasped arms. Qin ink a stiff body, he remembers just where no one, could not help adding clenched hands Bi swim sword, made a defensive posture.

"Qin ink!" Serious but very familiar voice sounded behind him, the sound, Qin slight flick ink hand, was almost unable to hold the hands of the sword.

He slowly turned away, a familiar figure came into his eyes. An ordinary man with short hair, with a pair of gold-rimmed glasses, wearing a white suit and decent,He pinched lips at the moment, it is a serious anomaly.

"Dad!" Qin ink slightly moved his lips, eyes flashing light, but only spit out after such a word.

"Well!" The man should be a cry softly, patted the shoulder of Qin ink, then lost his hands behind him, turned and walked toward the front. See Qin Leng Leng station ink also stay in place, frowned and said: "! Do not come home."

"······ go home." Hearing this, Qin ink murmured, the pace is not consciously followed closely the eyes of the people.

Eyes no longer messy bluestone village, but he lived for twenty years the house, which had just entered, Qin ink they smelt a smell of food.

Seems to hear outside sound, the direction of the kitchen looks out of a gentle woman, she Qin ink toward the direction of the two smiled and said softly: "! Go wash your hands, ready to eat"

Qin ink eyes could not help a slight fever, he had not seen for years the scene.

However, Qin ink blue swim sword clenched hands, the cool touch pass from the inside to the hilt of his palms, his mind

A sober, slightly blinked, the heart of Italy Yan Qu sour, lingering glance at the immediate scene, fake is fake after all.

Sword strokes, the tip has a light flashed, Qin ink mouth and whispered: "Hama!" Only an instant, but also warm and just go through the scene suddenly dissipated. Qin ink feel eyes took a flower, you can see the hole Xiao look anxiously stood in front of him.

Just hole Xiao Qin ink has been followed behind him went forward, go to half, Qin ink footsteps suddenly stopped, the whole body was hit by a burst of gas surrounded by strange black. Xiao hole then remember, these grieving people trapped like a fantasy setting, but once addicted monk, then he will never wake up.

See Qin ink this way, hole Xiao heart very anxious, but there is no way, after all, this illusion must be to himself to get rid of outsiders is no way to help him.

See Qin ink wake up, could not help a sigh of relief, heart Antan, is indeed Qin ink. But then his eyes swept around, his face suddenly a Su.

Xiao gaze down hole, Qin ink nor a pupil by a slight reduction,

I saw a huge black surrounded by a mass of gas which tightly surrounded them, and this black gas actually full of a wide variety Wraith.

They drift in mid-air, stature released into the atmosphere, reveals its strange black, crimson eyes, Qin ink stand beside them will be able to feel the towering resentment, this should be those magic repair the brutal murder of a bluestone village spirits, and they because the heart strong and unwilling to have turned it into Wraith. Qin Xiao ink around the hole kept claws.

They seem to have rushed to see the trend, Qin ink clenched hands of the sword, you want to go to destroy them. On this point, aside hole Xiao hand stopped him.

I saw the hole Xiao shook his head slightly and said: "! Useless."

Qin ink turning to look at this hole Xiao, I saw his face, although serious, but no panic meaning, even brought you to easily brow color.

To see him, Qin ink quietly withdrew swords, Lile messy hem, his eyes flickered slightly and said: "! You go to solve"

"You know how I have a way to solve?" Hear Qin ink, saying,Xiao could no longer maintain his face bore a serious expression, eyes widened slightly, looked extremely surprised.

"Guess!" Qin ink glanced at him, mouth said dismissively.

"! Uninteresting" hole Xiao softly muttered, then brow of a challenge, mouth up, face extremely proud look, facing Qin ink, said: "? You know what we were before Zhengyang What is the name you"

See Qin ink did not answer, hole Xiao also did unexpectedly, continue enraptured and said:. "We called the Zhengyang Zhengyang cases years before the temple, attendance is authentic Buddhist Gong, but later decline" post said, hole Xiao sound could not help a bit low.

Qin ink mind is a little surprised, to repair the Buddha he also vaguely aware that seem extremely powerful, so I did not expect Zhengyang were actually born.

Xiao hole depressed mood only for a moment, then again high up, contemptuously looked at the front of the Wraith, said: "! But there are Buddhist Cheats predecessors passed down, there just may be there is a degree of Wraith Gong"

So saying, hole Xiao hand over the pages, hand snap closure, then quickly end up with a complex French and Indian, faint, his whole body actually gives off a burst of dazzling golden light. , Just listen to his mouth slowly, read: "! Om, Well, then, A pair, Amy, Hum, Om Mani Padme Hung"

Hole Xiao Carter, he appeared in front of six golden characters, just that it was his sixth of the study.

Xiao hole hands slightly forward push, the six characters that will quickly enlarge, go toward those Wraith attack.

"Ah!" Shrill screams constantly Qin Xiao hole ink and ears, those grieving the golden characters constantly devouring, only about half Zhanchagongfu, black gas before they would have disappeared.

Bluestone entire village again quiet, and the sky above it became a blue color, did not see where there had been bloody happened.

Dai Li Qin ink place quite a while, and finally sighed slightly, looked at the bodies around the village, facing the side of the hole Xiao said: "! They will bury it."

Hearing this, Xiao slightly lengleleng hole, looked Qin ink serious expression, nodded.

They both have reached the base building, is unlikely to move mountains, earth moving for them, but it is an easy thing, it only took a little time, they put everyone in the village of Castle Peak buried.

After doing this thing, Xiao Qin ink and bore a phase, immediately rush toward the West bluestone village, there is the emergence of Huang Fam place.

Huang Fam are hidden not open, even if the entire community knows that yellow blue sky day Fam the ground, but no one can find it it does not open the case.

And once it is opened, it will appear a peripheral translucent enchantment, enchantment outside the station can vaguely see the inside of the case. Qin Xiao ink hole and the moment is the two stood outside and enchantment.

It looked clear enchantment, Qin ink could not help out his hand and slowly put it up, palm and enchantment with paste place, actually thrown bursts of ripples.

"Huang is indeed Fam, where the concentration of spiritual power sector is stronger than elsewhere and more blue sky!" Xiao hole deep breath, eyes slightly narrowed, head exposed intoxicated and said color.

"Well!" Qin nod from the ink does not agree with the place, arrived in this place, the more his body strong up the thunderbolt,Ever since it actually began to absorb around spiritual power, which is something never before.

They walked in a circle around the periphery Fam, did not find anything unusual, he went back to the Zhengyang were, after all, is also grateful to the head of messages waiting for them.

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