17 Chapter XVI conspiracy

17 Chapter XVI conspiracy

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Although Qin ink have added speed-boat, but when they came to a pedestrian zhengyang were also already after a few days.

Before coming to Zhengyang cases were the door, Qin, who just got ink-boat, they saw quickly sprang from Zhengyang were to figure a few, he went straight to the front of them.

It was a few middle-aged, they were all wearing khaki-colored robes were Zhengyang. They glanced up and down a lot of ink Qin et al., Eyes wandering.

Led by middle-aged tall, is a Jingzhuang man, muscle solid, dark, giving a feeling of anger from the prestige, just listen to his opening: "You are the monthly Green Door man?" A loud voice, attracted everyone attention field force.

Qin ink they certainly get the answer, that middle-aged thick brawny long tightly furrowed brow, his eyes riveted on them, because this is very big in his eyes, stare at the moment, suddenly there is a ferocious feeling: "I said rumor the evidence of it? "

Upon hearing this, the disciples month green door in his face does not look too good, this is what it means Zhengyang were suspected their monthly Green Door? But this view of the front of a few people are not mess generation, we are not dissatisfied with the pharynx into the abdomen.

Qin ink frowned, slowly opening: "? The older generation, I wonder if this is what you intended."

"Let you come up with evidence to come up with evidence, you ilicifolia door not a martial art disciples that what ?????? What identity Yupai it? How much trouble!" That brawny obviously not a patient person, see each other no action so long, could not help add to temper.

"You ······" Qin ink just opening, you want to talk yet finished, he was interrupted by a man in front of the action, he rudely grabbed his waist clothing Qin ink, ink waist clasped Qin between Qiankun Dai, it seems to want to find out what from the inside.

He saw this action, Qin song from the ink right hand, a mass of purple on the electro-optical toward the man who threw it. The man just waved his hand, that group of electro-optical disappeared in the air.

The first Faced with this situation, Qin ink surprised, hands over the pages, Bristol tour sword had appeared in his hand, its tip directed in front of Han.

That seems to have been made angry Han Qin attitude endless ink, ink release Qin clothes, his hands into fists, his eyes seem braved the fire, shouted: "Boy, do not eat toast Monastic uncle I'm not so good to offend! "then, that fist toward Qin want to shake off the ink.

That fist covered with a layer of red flames, a lot of pressure to one kind of ink Qin, Qin help dark eyes and dark ink, this person is already scheduled to repair a saver. Although such a thought, but Qin ink hands are still clenched hands Bi tour sword.

"Stop, my disciples are so good bully it really when we ilicifolia door no one yet?" Just brawny fist to hit him when Qin ink, slanting ground suddenly sounded Ju Hou, everyone felt eyes of a flower , they found a man appeared between Qin ink and brawny, blocking the brawny fist.

"Master!" To see him, ilicifolia Disciples could not help cried out in surprise.

Jinlin Feng against grateful disciple nodded and quickly looked Qin ink body, found that he was not injured, just calm down, then turned to look at the amount mercilessly in front of brawny, too, said the tone of irony: "I did not expect positive Yangzong head actually like to bully junior!"

That is the grumpy bouncers were head of Fan Zheng Yang, now hear Jinlin Feng so that his face could not help a dark red, then what seems like the thought, staring Qin ink and others look, the mouth is argued: "he is not willing to come up with evidence to prove that he is ilicifolia door man, but also his first attack!" after said Fan look confidently.

"You ······ you bastard!" Hearing this, Jinlin Feng face very wroth, lift the hands of the sword as if wanted to go toward Fan attack.

Fan always stood behind Presbyterian Cao Zheng Yang could not help stepped forward, pulled the riot Fan, and also to prevent Jinlin Feng action, saw his face wearing a decent smile, opening: "The head of gold, Please do not misunderstand, we head he was just too irritable temper! so much has happened the past, he was in a bad mood! "

Says here that people face serious expression, then said: "This time someone had been posing major sects disciples were mixed Zhengyang me, after killing many Zhengyang disciples, so we will be here to check into the Zhengyang disciples identity! and ?????? "

Here, the man behind the eyes glanced Jinlin Feng grateful to his disciples: "That invite you to come to Zhengyang Zhengyang we were not invitations were sent out, those who came to participate in a test of martial Zhengyang were to have been on the road ambushes, many sects have lost a lot of disciples! "

"What? Even have such a thing?" Jinlin Feng heard that remark, his face is changed, he seems rough, but it has always been a crude and refined man, before he felt that invitations have weird, did not think it really is a conspiracy.

"Well, we were actually on his way to a surprise attack!" Has been standing aside Qin ink came up front behind a disciple nodded slightly, that corpse disciples will be applied to the British brought up.

See Shi Ying, just talk Cao face suddenly changed, and body involuntarily flutter flutter, murmured: "! Did not think he turned out to be a spy."

After a moment, the man seemed to realize his gaffe, face re-hang the hint of a smile, facing Qin ink, said: "Shi Zhi do not know whether I can teach him, after all he is my ?????? only evil! "

Hearing this, Qin ink nodded his head, did not say anything.

Were not really aware of what is in front of a good place to talk, Zhengyang were a few people will Jinlin Feng and Qin ink greet a crowd inside.

Blue sky the size of the martial art community almost in place, after Jinlin Feng arrived, they were invited inside the main hall of the Zhengyang cases, discuss the bizarre incident, Qin ink and other disciples are placed in a separate room within the.

Qin ink Ruanta sit on, a lot of careful thought original content, but still did not think in the end what is happening during this time, but the original in Linzi Zheng seems to be the big brother to enter the building began to rise after the base period, after which they really will conduct a test of?

Room was gently knocking on the front doors, their own wild guess Qin ink stop, got up and opened the door, outside the room stood a disciple look unfamiliar, his hands still carrying food, watching his cautious way, seems to be Zhengyang disciples were outside.

See Qin ink, that disciple raised his face hint of a smile, the food and gave it to the hands of Qin ink, said: "The brothers,This is today's dinner! "

Qin ink nodded, took the dinner, the disciples on the TV drama Road, a cry Xie, then turned back to the house.


Zhengyang were inside the main hall now gathered a lot of people, they simply shot the lights face serious.

"According to the traitor was caught said they were planted a long time ago Momen various sects undercover, the attack it is that the major sects of young disciples Momen!" Jinlin Feng sat beside a woman he'll put down, looked at the everyone, he said.

The woman looked only about twenty years old, looks very dignified manner, at the moment she is sitting straight on his place, he looked straight ahead, to look very strict.

Field crowd but did not dare to look down upon because she is a woman in her because she is the three large doors cloud hidden school head Liu Yun. At the moment she heard he said, his face revealing both puzzled expression.

"This Momen is crazy? They have always potential weak, far less than the strength of three large doors! How could such a set a bureau of the major sects hands together?" Fan has always been the top do not like to think too much , so now hear Liu Yun said, very naturally do not believe.

To see people do not believe, Liu Yun did not face any dissatisfaction expression, only then said: "! A few days ago, we saved a man on the road."

Here, Liu Yun brow slightly furrowed, once again took a sip of tea before and then said: "! Before the village was inhabited magic repair carcasses"

Upon hearing this, the people are not from the field suck down a cold lump, Tu village, and only those frenzied magic repair can do it.

"Said the man, who appeared to be their village because the village side found a precious spiritual grass, and those who do not want them to magic repair the news leaked out, it would have silenced them!" Said here, Liu Yun paused , seat looked around the crowd, then he said.

"The key is, Huang Fam entrance is next to the village!" Liu Yun is still a serious face, though, after just said, her face also appeared surprised and bewildered expression.

"You mean, that herb is Huang Fam edge found? Not ah, Huang has yet to be Uncharted on time!" Jinlin Feng asked, puzzled, then like the thought of what, his face suddenly changed, and took a deep breath, said: "you mean, Huang opened Fam in advance?"

Upon hearing this, the field people face is suddenly changed, and actually a little strange zone on the excitement.

Huang Fam blue sky is bound to a mysterious Uncharted, it will open once every five years, and are able to enter the Fam saver of the monks. Each entry in the Fam monks are very productive.

The blue sky industry history, there have yellow days in advance Fam open cases. That was a million years of epic proportions, but whenever it is turned on in advance, there will be countless good things, and even refining Yuan Ying Tenby blades of grass are everywhere.

Most people are various sects head of the field, many of whom are trapped in a long time saver Dzogchen people, heard the news, his face is not consciously exposed lighted.

If this is really Huang Fam open in advance, he said Momen do everything through.

Huang Fam can only enter each time you open a hundred people, although the various sects of low-level disciple numerous sects, but was only able to go in the elite disciples, after all, the number of days into the yellow Fam is limited,While Huang is also a critical Fam four volts place, ordinary disciples into it simply survive day.

And as long as they can be cut to kill other martial elite disciples, they more than make Momen disciples into it.

"Go! Go to the village and see!" A hot field of the hearts of everyone, have stood up and ready to go see this news is true, can not wait for them to stand up completely, they will once again fall to the top of the chair!

□ probe within a case, people could not help Startled, they even unknowingly eating a casual panacea.

Powder blue sky industry is a poison panacea, as long as it allows water into the drink monks, the monks will make the body spiritual power disappeared the day the days, they no different from ordinary mortals.

He'll have looked at their side, they immediately understand the scattered panacea to place. They thought surely not what happened in the main hall of the Zhengyang cases, did not expect to be Momen will be an opportunity.

Fan biting his teeth, crimson eyes, shouted: "! Damn, I did not expect Zhengyang cases but there are still a traitor."

Cao side of his face suddenly became very pale, trembling lips and said: "! Just, martial art disciples should have used the dinner."

Upon hearing this, the entire hall suddenly quiet, which means the whole Zhengyang were people are likely to eat the bulk panacea.

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