Chapter 16 XV attack

Chapter 16 XV attack

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After the queen is clear that open Euro RSCG, since it has appeared from their eyes Qin ink body, because the field only crowd Qin ink to give it great pressure.

Linzi Zheng constantly moving moment to see it approaching, huge wings help slightly fanned, giant mouth slightly open, a surge of dark liquid in his mouth begins to emerge toward Linzi Zheng spray.

See not the slightest panic like that venom, Linzi Zheng face, waved his right hand, the hand appeared out of thin air a two-edged spear.

That is more than eight feet long gun, the gun body is dark black, sunlight, faint golden light flashed. Tip is silver, sharp look abnormal.

I saw Linzi Zheng took the spear gently waved, and that he has come to the front of the venom will be dissipated into the air. The silver tips but still bright as ever.

The queen surprised a moment, obviously did not expect just this little ant venom attacks could have escaped it, mind could not help some dark angry, flutter on the front of Linzi Zheng attack over, I want to use on his own palate barb dry .

Linzi Zheng eyes slightly narrowed, watching the queen offensive, leaning slightly drooping, so in front of the queen greeted.

Gently wrinkled brow behind Qin ink, feet unconsciously took a step forward, but stopped, Linzi Zheng did not think so impulsive, and actually wanted the queen head-on.

One person, one speed ants are gone we should hit together. The arrival in front of the queen, Linzi Zheng stature suddenly a slight turn, the field everyone and no one can see how he moved, he appeared as if out of thin air like a teleport behind the queen body.

Rifles held high, his face no longer Linzi Zheng is usually the kind of gentle smile, but a solemn.

Guns and then suddenly falling, just plug the gap between that road within the queen's head and body. After that ants did not react for a moment, I felt a pain in the neck, wings flapping help to increase the force, formed a strong wind Road, the surrounding objects are its wings to fan the distance.

After struggling regardless of how ants, Linzi Zheng hand guns relentlessly once again to plug the plug neck deep in it, so actually the queen trapped on the ground.

This is the queen vulnerable neck area, on the ground struggling for a moment, queens action gradually disappeared, after slowly he stopped struggling, not a little sound.

Linzi Zheng readily summon a mass of orange flame on top of the body thrown into a queen, only for a moment, just after the disappearance of the ants also swaggering here. Glanced ground black dust, Linzi Zheng uprooted on the ground this heavy guns.

Grateful disciple stare, did not expect to actually build the base of the ant so Linzi Zheng simply be wiped out, I feel absurd, but also a little shocked, looking at Linzi Zheng eyes have changed, no wonder Big Brother valued him, that he so much ability.

Qin ink looked at the teenager holding guns step by step toward their own way, behind the sun hit him, he actually gave a very big sense, Qin ink mind could not help some emotion, no matter how change, is the protagonist of the times will eventually come .

"Let's go!" Touched the shoulders of a small fox, Qin ink behind and in front of his disciples said, grateful.

Saw a small fox, Qin ink heart not surprised some, it seems that the jungle giant ants first appeared when small fox figure was gone, now is not the giant ants,Little Fox also appeared, did not he the spirit of the pet turned out to be a guy you afraid to die? Thought of this, Qin ink brow slightly furrowed.

Qin ink seems to be guessed their thoughts, stand in front of a small fox shoulder Qin Qin ink ink turned a supercilious, a mouth slightly, giving rise to a spirit of grass purple ink Qin hands.

Holding herbs flip up and down a lot, Qin ink color confused eyes fleeting, or else he is the spirit of this strain of grass, do not understand the meaning of a small fox.

"Ah, that was floating grass!" Next to a disciple one saw the hands of the Qin Ling grass ink, until he saw, was surprised to say that out loud.

"Well?" Qin ink some doubts that he had never heard of floating grass.

"I also see ancient master, floating grass does not have any effect on the monks, like weeds in general, but it has a feature that is able to attract the jungle of giant ants, it is generally seen floating grass have been destroyed. And I I remember floating above the grass are generally long cliff, how it will be here? "post said that the disciples face full of thick puzzled.

Upon hearing this, the Qin ink frowned tight, really like this event invitations master said there are weird. Although he read the original, but he can not remember the plot of the novel, and then glanced aside Linzi Zheng, the protagonist here, it should not be a big problem now!

Such a thought, a slight turn of the wrist Qin ink, will be incorporated into the grass floating in Qiankun Dai, out-boat, ready to take monthly Green Door grateful disciple out of here.

"In front of fellow! Wait! Wait!" Before they boarded-boat, they heard a sound behind him call out from anxiety, everyone turned and looked, they saw a khaki-colored robe wearing monks stumbled they came toward.

He went to be near, and all the people see his appearance, he wore a robe Zhengyang cases were outside the door, but it is extremely awkward. Damaged clothes, messy hair, and had had many wounds, just look after an uphill battle.

Saw him, they just try to think of hard-fought encounter, the monthly Green Door grateful disciple of his mind could not help raising a sense of empathy.

That monk see all eyes are on them, his face showing little suited to color, a little nervous, said: "I am Zhengyang sects disciples, this is to experience here, but did not think met a jungle of giant ants, a few companions and me to have been killed here. "

It says here that the monks very sad tone, his face showing the expression of anger, his hands tightly clenched, which was then slowly release, "I'm lucky spared a life, now you want to back these doors, I do not know whether you take me all the way? "said here, that monks eyes focused Qin ink body, the eyes reveal a little nervous intended.

Heard remark, ilicifolia Disciples who could not help a twinge of sympathy, are Shining eyes look to the Qin ink.

So many people are staring, Qin ink slightly claustrophobic slightly rolled his head, glanced at the front of the monks, a faint nod.

The self-proclaimed monk Shi Ying, Zheng Yang Zong is a Presbyterian pro-disciple. He seemed very talkative, not too handy with everyone playing into a group.

Laughing with the other disciples process, Qin Shi Ying see only faint ink to stand aside, his face could not help hang a touch shy smile, she took out a pale blue spiritual fruit from his pocket universe,Qin handed it in front ink.

Sweep face a smile Shi Ying, Qin said thank you ink, took over the spiritual fruit in his hand, but only just good, and did not immediately eat it, after all, Qin ink man has always been strict, unless absolutely necessary, and I do not like people before eating.

See Qin ink this way, Shi Ying Mouguang flickered slightly and said: "! Qin ink brothers, this spiritual fruit taste good, but also improve the monk body spiritual power, as you taste."

Qin ink holding spiritual fruit hand slightly tight, how he feels this seems extremely Shi Ying wanted him to eat While this spiritual fruit? Thought of this, Qin ink slightly nodded his head and whispered "ah" sound, it will be the Spirit fruit toward his lips to delivery, his eyes are quietly looking to Shi Ying.

Sure enough ink expected Qin, Qin ink ready to eat Fengyun see spiritual fruit, Shi Ying smile could not hide his face, his face still with a hint of sarcasm.

Spiritual fruit is about to touch the lip that moment, Qin ink a slight turn of the wrist, his hand spiritual fruit had disappeared, then his eyes a Li, Shi Ying look forward to, said: "? Who are you in the end is"

Shi Ying smile on his face all of a sudden stiff, a little embarrassed then asked: "?! Qin ink Brother, you say I am Shi Ying ah"

Qin ink did not answer him, only his face solemn meaning even.

The attitude seems to be scared to Qin ink, Shi Ying his face a bit low, only murmured: "Qin ink brothers ......"

So saying, Shi Ying and his face suddenly changed, and is extremely grim, his hands into the palm, sharp Zhang Feng Qin ink when the hood go toward the mouth of the ominous tone, said: "reckless waste palm, Zheng Yang Zong does not pass secret law, see this how you escaped! "

Tough been shrouded in so Zhang Feng, Qin face the same ink, jade slender hands a slight turn, which emit light shallow, then a slight upward Yang, only a simple life and life to stop the action actually applied this powerful blow to the British.

"No, it is not possible! How can you be so strong?" Shi Ying hands were made, did not move, but his face also revealed the look of disbelief, watching the Qin ink eyes full of fear meant.

Previously floating grass here is what he put this thought those jungle of giant ants will ilicifolia group of people dead and injured more than half of the door, but she did not think they escaped the robbery, even after the queen is also easy to solve them.

So he is not a meter regeneration of a meter, ready to cheat Qin ink eating poisonous fruit spirits, it did not envisage Qin ink see through his lies. It made him difficult to accept that he Lianqi Dzogchen repair, not even when he is touched clothes attack.

Thought of this, Shi Ying eyes full of deep disappointment, it seems this month Green Run out the door disciple task he failed.

Shi Ying hands next to his disciples noticed their situation is, see him dare to attack their big brother, are not angry, ferocious stare at him, wait for them to eat their flesh.

"Who sent you?" Qin ink slightly wrinkled brow, tone, he said to chill.

"Ha ha, you will be ruined! We were Zhengyang will become a blue sky industry first!" Upon hearing this, Shi Ying laughed suddenly released, the tone seems very insolent.

His words, several disciples could not help uproar, after all, Zheng Yang Zong is also one of the three major sects blue sky circles, they studied under disciples to refining the main body,In plain words, it is the brawn of the simple-minded generation. And they wind assessment martial art has always been very good.

With Shi Ying laughter, he went so far out of the mouth black blood, just for a moment, then twisted his head to the side, there is no atmosphere.

When Qin Shi Ying attack from ink has been gloomy face Linzi Zheng came up and looked at the case of Shi Ying, said: "! Died."

Qin ink a reduced pupil, did not think he should commit suicide, and clues so actually broken, as he said Zheng Yang Zong, Qin ink is in no way believe.

Shi Ying hands fall upon release, Qin ink cold face commanded all his disciples to look after living corpse, himself added a speed-boat, getting ready to reach Zhengyang cases, find out the truth.

The cloud boat disciples could not help talking about, guess the facilities speaking English is true, after all, Shi Ying Zheng Yang were wearing a robe, and another is Zhengyang were Cheats reckless waste palm, had cast doubt on its zhengyang Zonglai.

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