Chapter 3 cannon fodder

Chapter 3 cannon fodder

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"Yue Shishu, senior, look, here are two children!" Jin Linger voice sounded somewhat Za Za whirring, she was talking to, and Qin Yue Zhongling ink has come before them.

Two kids probably only about seven years old, at the moment they are afraid to hide inside a huge cave of seeing them coming, the body could not help shrink the shrink back, look into his eyes alert, crimson eyes staring at them three. They can be seen at the moment exceedingly fear.

To see them like this, his face does not have a straight face Yue Zhongling down by the easing, just listen to him and said: "! Do not worry, we are ilicifolia door brother, this is in order for this to sects recruit disciples"

Yue Zhongling hear the words, look at the way they Xianzi extraordinary, two children a red eyes, are not excited again, knees and said: "! Long See immortal"

Watching things develop, I do not know why, actually to the Qin ink a strange sense of familiarity, he shook his head, walk fast because Lile messy sleeves, it must be because he suddenly across some lead to mental confusion, and will generate so strange feeling.

"Linjiacun what happened in the end?" Yue Zhongling glancing around a bit miserable situation, he asked.

"This morning a lot of black people to the village, the village people are killed off ??????" children wearing white clothes so long to hear the immortal asked, quickly looked up and wiped the tears from his face, clenched fists, eyes blazing hatred light.

He saw such a performance, Yue Zhongling enjoy face expression, I did not expect this child young age, she was experiencing such a catastrophe calm down. Help open asked: "What's your name?"

"My name is Lin Zizheng!" Hear cent long to ask his name, this is called Linzi Zheng young face revealing a slight trace of hi Italy, was concerned about how long the immortal glory thing ah, if I know the father and mother, they will be happy but ······ thought of this, Lin Zaizheng Mouguang dark dark, his face lighted up that a trace nor a close up, now father and mother have not, who will himself be happy?

Linzi Zheng, Lin Zizheng! Qin ink eyes suddenly widened, he said how he felt in front of the scene so familiar, Linzi Zheng heard the name, he suddenly thought of it. He had seen a stallion Xian Xia Wen spare time, because I think it just fantasy too hastily turned again, that there is the actor Linzi Zheng. He just because magic repair and breakup of the age of seven, after setbacks, to close younger brother, Wicked down, in addition to the inferno, after finally succeeded in becoming immortal. But the article featuring him has maintained a compassionate heart, in simple terms, is that he is a Father!

Qin ink surface still retains an indifferent calm expression, fluttering white, standing still, it seems anything can not move him, his eyes are secretly glanced next to Jin Linger, she gazes at the moment is sympathetically two child, she is later Linzi Zheng's first temple.

Immediately, his mouth slightly pumping the pumping, the protagonist participation moon Green Door in the big brother is the Qin ink. If he did not remember correctly, then this kind of as the big brother Marvin was essential role, when the early, high repair his talent as well, handsome appearance, there is a smart and lovely little junior sister apprentice to do his fiancee.And this is the fiancee Jin Linger. When the medium term, he was taken by surprise to small unassuming martial disciple Linzi Zheng defeated, falling from the altar, no glory, even the small junior sister apprentice also pipa do not hold. When the latter, he continued blackened, Rumo by the road to become the villain * ss, and everywhere protagonist to do right, but it is still the main character mercilessly torn down, but because the main character has a property of the Father, just after he was forever sealed up. And now he is this essential cannon fodder Big Brother.

Thought of this, even if the ink has always been indifferent Qin did not want to scold made some days, do yourself is to do through the back cannon fodder Big Brother? To make others will seal themselves? Well, do not joke, even if the plot is the case, he would not go on this shining. Moreover, he clasped the hand of possession sleeve, he wanted to go back, back to their own world.

Eyes slightly poor glance front Linzi Zheng, Qin stunned by the ink is not there. Linzi Zheng eyes widened at the moment, which made no secret of grief and hatred, tears down his dusty cheeks, above the formation of a Road signs, showing his original soft white skin. Looked at him, Qin ink could not help think of his own, when the bodies had their own parents also face this expression of it, I was totally disheartened.

Heart sighed slightly, well, this can not blame Linzi Zheng, after all, he is not easy as a Father protagonist, as long as they are not close to Jin Linger, then those things will not happen now. The main task is to find their own way to go home, he believed that the magical world where anything is possible. After a lot of looking for an excuse for their not hate Linzi Zheng, Qin ink not look down from the soft, anyway, he is dead and will not admit that they face cold heart heat.

The two men looked at, Yue Zhongling rolled his eyes, like the thought of what, mouth raised hint of a smile, a ball was pulled from the arms, gently waved in front of two children, he said: "Come test what you have no spiritual roots! "

Upon hearing this, the eyes are a bright two children. Linzi Zheng mind a hot, yesterday, he talked about listening to father and mother, as long as there are spiritual roots will be able to go to practice martial fairy fairy long spell, became immortal. If they have spiritual roots can take revenge for the father and mother. The thought that he could not help quivering stood up from the ground, see also Daileng place Forest 3, hastened him up, came together in front of Yue Zhongling.

"Come on, hold it!" Yue Zhongling the hands of the ball and gave it to them.

Qin ink slightly transparent curiously looked at the ball, find it somewhat resemble modern crystal ball, just do not know how it is measured Harlingen.

Lin took the first three crystal ball, hold it firmly, after quite a while, his face flushed and sweat take out one after another from his face, but it did not change the crystal ball. Yue Zhongling gently with a sigh: "! Your body is not spiritual roots." Hearing this, the three forest immediately became very pale complexion.

Fail to see the forest three, Linzi Zheng heart of a tight, trembling took the crystal ball, he took to be the moment, issued a colorful light crystal ball, gold, green, blue, red, brown respective appear, see this scene, Linzi Zheng face not help revealing a smile,Before he could smile in full bloom, she heard while Yue Zhongling sighed and said: "! Turned out to be five spiritual roots."

Linzi Zheng did not understand what he calls the "five spiritual roots," What do you mean, but he was brought up intelligent, now I can clearly feel Yue Zhongling disappointed tone, suddenly tense, asked: "I do not practice magic fairy ? "Yue Zhongling just put away the emotional loss, barely smiled and said:" You can practice "is the practice more difficult, may never succeed, after one he did not say it, do not want to blow this hopeful child! .

Watching them interact, Qin hearts of the ink quite some disagree, even though the five elements of waste is now Linzi Zheng spiritual roots, but he will encounter extremely suitable for his own practice exercises - Chaos tactic, this is the protagonist welfare.

Harlingen finished measuring all ready to leave here, looked in no spiritual roots forest next three Yue Zhongling hesitated for a moment and decided to send him to the forest village not far from lijiacun, after all, no spiritual roots ordinary people can not go ilicifolia door practice.

Go back to the way an increase of one person, Yue Zhongling repair is just the beginning of building the base, can no longer Feijian the messengers. Come up with a boat-like magic flight from the Qiankun Dai, Yue Zhongling carrying them away to the monthly Green Door.

Qin ink station on magic, always feel forgotten something, but then thought of himself now an urgent need to go back to familiar physical condition put the idea behind.

Lijiacun village, forest three four looked far away, eyes full of unwilling, to learn what Linzi Zheng fairy, while he can only be a mountain village die alone, he refuses to accept.

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