Pet King

By Jie Po

Pet King Chapter 874

Pet King Chapter 874

Chapter 872 Freedom

A little recollection, in fact, there are really cats in the fairy tale, but often the black cat lying on the shoulders of the evil witch, the sinister sinister is very scary, from time to time revealing sharp fangs to scare the hero of the fairy tale.

Fina’s expression and tone are both provocative and tempting, and occasionally reveals a small tiger tooth, which is similar to the evil black cat in the fairy tale.

It puts a seemingly impossible deal in front of Shihua – in exchange for the identity of the fish.

However, this transaction is not completely impossible and has certain operability.

If Shihua appears in front of people with the image of disabled people who have lost their legs, no one would think that she used to be a mermaid. With her beauty as a celestial person, she can fully win people’s sympathy. It is not entirely impossible to get an ID card. There are many things in the world that are not available for money, but ID cards are not included.

If you don’t consider who is going to do the surgery, and how Shihua survived the surgery, Fina’s proposal is not a casual flicker in Zhang Zi An’s imagination.

“Cough! The body is skin-skinned, and the parents don’t dare to damage it…” Old Time Tea yelled at the bathroom’s foreign minister, but he was too suffocating. He probably wanted to persuade Shihua not to play this terrible thought, but suddenly he suddenly became suspicious. I think that Shihua has no parents at all, and even if she hurts her body, she is not sorry.

It seems that Fina’s resounding resentment has alarmed the elves on the first floor.

Shihua’s face is as white as paper. “Fei… Fina, you mean… want me to cut off the tail?”

“Yeah, you don’t want to abandon your tail, want an identity card, want to get a person’s identity? Cutting off the tail is the easiest and only viable option…” Fina’s gaze moved from her tail and finally stopped at her A4 Waist.

Shihua’s waist is the same as the human category. From the waist, there are pale blue scales. The scales are very fine at the beginning, and the more they go toward the tail, the wider they are.

If you want to implement this terrible idea, it is necessary to divide Shihua into two from the waist…

The bloody picture emerged in the minds of Zhang Zi An and other elves, including Shihua himself.

She shuddered and shuddered.

This is not a fairy tale. She can’t get her legs and she can never get it, but she can get people’s identity in another cruel way.

But is this worth it?

Zhang Zi An wants to say that it is not worth it, but looks at the small bathroom in a blink of an eye, but swallows it back.

If a prisoner is imprisoned for a lifetime in a room less than ten square meters, he can’t step out in one step, but if he is willing to give up half of his body, he can be freed from the identity of the prisoner. Even if he is disabled, he can leave the room. – Who dares to assert that prisoners will not choose the latter?

Fina turned around and walked slowly, throwing a sentence: “Think about it yourself.”

As Fina left, the other elves seemed to retreat downstairs, allowing Shihua to think for themselves.

“I also went out first,” Zhang Zi An said, and closed the bathroom door.

He did not go downstairs for the time being, but instead thought on the door and abandoned the fishtail in exchange for the identity of the person. He always felt that the plot was familiar, like where he had seen it.

If you want to study, I am afraid that no one is better than π.

Zhang Zi An went to the desk and saw that π was not typing at the moment, but was reading it with an anonymous book.

“π, I want to ask you one thing.” He pulled the chair down.

“Hey?” π scratched his head and turned back to the bathroom, meaning something related to Shihua?

Zhang Zi An shook his head. “Alright, no. Actually, I want to ask you, you stay in the living room all day, almost never go out, don’t you feel lonely?”


π grinning, typing: occasionally lonely, occasionally want to go out and see.

“But?” Zhang Zi An asked again.

π patted its anonymous book, typing: the world is in my book, seeing it in the book with your own eyes, no difference.

It also refers to the lively group of books and friends, typing: and there are so many book friends to accompany me, so it will not be lonely.

Zhang Zi An believes that π is true, but its situation does not apply to Shihua, because its realm is too high – the book has its own gold house, the book has its own Yan Ruyu. All its curiosity can be satisfied by the nameless book, without the need to get out of the house.

“Okay, π, you keep going, but pay attention to rest.” Zhang Zi An stood up and patted its shoulder. “I will go downstairs first.”


Zhang Zi An came downstairs and saw everything as usual. The elves were doing what they had been doing all the time – sleeping, sleeping, watching TV, playing and playing…

But because it is too normal, it seems abnormal, it seems very deliberate, as if everyone does not want to mention the matter just now.

There are two or three movie fans wrapped around the film, and there are no real customers.

Wang Qian has not returned from the next door, Lu Yiyun is painting at the bow.

“Xiaoyun.” Zhang Zi An walked to the checkout counter and knocked on the table with the knuckles.


Lu Yiyun suddenly raised his head, and behind the glasses at the bottom of the bottle is a pair of simple eyes.

“Is it convenient now? I want to ask you one thing.”

Zhang Zi An is arguing that talking to a younger sister is not as casual as talking to an elf, especially if he is going to tell her, in case it hurts her self-esteem.

Her attitude and tone made her very surprised. She was very flustered for a moment, thinking that he finally found out that she was a serial pet shop on Weibo, so she would dismiss her…

“What… what?” she asked slyly.

“As far as I know, you have always been a house? Of course, I am not derogatory, because I am also very home, I have nothing to do, I am too lazy to run out, and I am too lazy to socialize.” Zhang Zi An explained, “I am just I want to ask, do you feel lonely at the rental house and pet shop every day? Don’t you want to go out for a walk?”

Lu Yiyun pushed the glasses, and in her impression, Zhang Zi An was not the one who would discuss this kind of thing with her.

She thought for a moment, “I won’t be lonely, the store is very lively, there are so many pets, there are so many customers, not lonely at home, there is Jasmine with me.”

She said, she licked Jasmine’s chin, and it lazily lie on her legs on her back, ignoring that her key parts had gone away…

“As for going out and walking… Well, I will think about it occasionally, but I just want to think about it. I also want to go to interesting places to look at it, but I don’t think it is necessary to think about it. The so-called tourist attractions are nothing more than people, trees, houses, The combination of mountains and water, see through it, and watching the live broadcast with Xiaoxue is more trouble-free… Of course, the most important thing is that I have no money! It is not easy to support myself and jasmine.” She said in one breath. A lot of words, smiled awkwardly.

She is not old enough, but there is a vicissitudes of life beyond words.

In fact, everyone knows that tourist attractions are just like this, especially for some cultural attractions. If you want to see it, you can see enough photos and videos, but you still can’t feel the feeling of dumplings on the holidays.

“That… If you give you a lot of money, but let you stay at home forever, you can never go out, you can buy anything online, would you agree?” Zhang Zi An asked for a different way.

He felt that she might say yes, although she might be impulsive and agree, but she did not expect her to shake her head without thinking.

“I don’t agree, absolutely don’t agree!”

Her tone is very firm and there is no room for negotiation.

“Why? I don’t mean anything else, but your previous lifestyle is not similar to this?” Zhang Zi An gave birth to a strange line of thought, deliberately jokingly asked: “Still… because you think this may not find To my boyfriend?”

She suddenly blushed and stammered and said: “Men…male…boyfriend? It has nothing to do with whether or not there is a boyfriend! Besides, I have no plans to make a boyfriend…”

“Well, why is that?”

Zhang Zi An also smiled. Her appearance reminded him of some of the former female classmates. They also confidently said that they did not intend to make a boyfriend, but after the person who was destined to appear, they would say that they had said before. If you forget it, you will fall into love, even if it is a moth-like love.

So, I don’t want to make a boyfriend, but I haven’t met the right one yet.

Shihua thinks that he has met the right person, so he turned his back on the love of moths.

Lu Yiyun said earnestly: “I can stay at home forever, but no one can deprive me of my freedom to go out. Isn’t there a poem? Life is precious, love is higher, if it is free, Both can be thrown.”

After that, she was even more embarrassed. “I said this, is it inappropriate? Is it sounding special? It’s over! Every time it’s like this, others respect me a little, I just want to forget… I The brain may have been corroded by the second element… Mr. Manager, please forget what I just said!”

She held her head and said remorse.

“No, don’t think so, you are very good!” Zhang Zi An smiled. “Well, I won’t bother you, continue to paint.”

He left the checkout counter, but Lu Yiyun was too late to be freed from the emotions of remorse and self-blame.

After listening to her words, Zhang Zi An seems to think of something.

What Shihua pursues, or what she should pursue, may not be the identity of human beings, nor the Ouba that she hangs all day long, but freedom. She just hasn’t figured it out yet.

趁Now, there are still few customers coming to the door. Zhang Zi An took the car keys and greeted Lu Yiyun, who was blushing like a mature crab. He drove to the beach to complete his daily work – driving down the water to the nearby speakers. Marine life, look for the sea creatures on the beach that are worth returning.

(End of this chapter)

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