Chapter 161 Li Wei

Chapter 161 Li Wei

The summer of this year is particularly hot,

I don't know if it is related to the black fog above the earth.

Black has always been the color that absorbs light and heat most easily.

Even the black fog that wraps around the earth is not particularly rich now.

I am afraid I can absorb a lot of heat.

The survivors of the last days are now more and more adaptable to the end times.

Although the heat makes them uncomfortable,

I can still bear it.

But the crops in the ground can't stand it.

Those crops that are born by plant abilities are born because of abilities.

It usually grows very quickly and is not affected too much, but the crops outside... because of the heat,

Almost all the crops are dying, even if the plants are in good condition, the leaves are pulled at noon.

It will be a little spirited in the morning and evening.

After the arrival of the Yuncheng Safe Zone and the South Island Safe Zone,

The Taoyuan safe area has added some plant abilities, and there is no shortage of food at the moment.

But seeing the crops that he has worked so hard to die,

Everyone is very uncomfortable.

In the beginning,

Everyone spontaneously watered these plants.

However, the use is not big,


Some water abilities wait for their morning work to finish, and they simply go to the ground to erect an ice wall that cools the plants on the one hand.

Melted and watered the plants,

It can be said that it is two birds.

At first, people didn't understand the specific operation methods. Many ice walls were not in the right position. Although some plants were re-energized because of the coolness, they also freezed and killed other plants.

Later, the safety zone simply looked for an expert to see, and then let the soil abilities dig out a hole of ten centimeters square in the field, and then let the water abilities fill the water in it...

In a field, such holes are evenly distributed and are some distance from the plants. As a result, the temperature in the ground quickly drops and the plants grow better and better.

After discovering this, the people in the entire safe area were very happy and excited. Seeing that the people under their hands actually did this, Qi Jingchen’s mood was also good.

Humans have learned to unite.

There are many pedigrees in the Taoyuan safe area. The effects of heat and drought are not particularly large. Other safe areas have no such good thing.

Every day, the safety zone of City B has to let the water system abilities go to the greenhouse to cool the crops, and it has spent countless manpower and material resources. As a result, the crops in the greenhouse are still not growing very well.

They planted potatoes with high yields and selected the best varieties, but now...

An agricultural expert carefully dug the soil next to a potato and saw a few potatoes of the size of the nail, and could not help but sigh.

They have begun to follow the advice left by Xu Guang, not to shell the rice, but to crush it directly, and then add some fast-growing plants to make the bread for the people in the safe area. However, the consumption of food is still too big……To be honest, the B city safety zone has a lot of food because it got a few large granaries before the end of the world. At the beginning, it was calculated, and even the people in the entire B city safety zone could be supplied for at least ten years, but now many foods are If you have gone bad, you can't produce new food in the ground!

Even if there are a lot of food in the specially built isolation granaries, the space of a space versatile person is filled with food. They also have three plant abilities, but the food is only seen in less, everyone’s heart. Naturally, there is no end.

"How is the Taoyuan safe area?" Looking at the various data sent below, the people on the upper level of the B city security zone have gathered together.

"The people who sent it last time said that it has been very good there, and it has made a lot of plant abilities."

"Qi Jingchen and Nie Yi are born again, and they are not protected like Xu Guang before being born again. I am afraid I know more things and know some secrets of the last days."

"Yes, the Yao Mengzhi of the S City Security Base, wasn't it just a long time before he was born again, he got the powder that can confuse the zombies? That is, Yu Xuguang, many things don't understand!"

“Why don’t those people know what to think for the country?”

"Now there are a lot of people who die every day in the B city safety zone, so it won't work..."

“Would we like to go to the Taoyuan safe area?”

"It should be right for Qi Jingchen to come here. Is there so many people here, is he really planning to watch these people die?"

"We almost killed them at the beginning, will they be willing to come?"


Everyone said something in my words. After a long time, someone suddenly said: "I don't know if the children have arrived there..."

Everyone is silent.

After they determined that the Taoyuan safe area should be really safe, they sent the children of the B city safety zone to escort their children. Some technical talents have passed, and they don’t know what those people are doing now...

The abilities they sent were very strong, and everyone basically arranged cronies around their children. Should those children arrive safely?

The group of people who were remembered by the people in the safe area of ​​the B city will go to the Taoyuan safe area, but the situation is very bad.

Those young people and technical talents, although they have the ability to guard, but they have never left

I have never had any hardships since I opened the safety zone of the B city. This road has gone very hard.

At the beginning, they had enough ammunition and cars, and everyone could persist. They even felt that they were tired when they were out, but when they encountered six levels of zombies, the vehicles were discarded. After the abilities are dead, the situation is getting worse.

The weather is getting hotter and hotter these days, and it is even more difficult for them to go.

"Ice, give me a little ice... I am a little dizzy, I want heatstroke." A thin young man is facing the human being around him. His face is already pale. At first glance, he knows that the state is very bad.

What he asked for was a young water abilities who were not very good.Their team just met a group of zombies, and their abilities were basically exhausted. He even reluctant to cool himself with his abilities...

However, although I want to retain my abilities, but see the pain of the people around me, and then think of the identity of this person, the younger water abilities are still condensed with a hockey ball slightly larger than table tennis. other side.

The young man took the ice hockey and immediately took a few sips, then put it in a fresh-keeping bag and put it on his forehead. When the ice in the fresh-keeping bag melted, the melted water was poured out and drunk.

The little warrior who gave the ice hockey to see this scene couldn't help but lick his mouth, but he didn't get one for himself. He just walked and began to try to restore his abilities.

"Give me a puck." Immediately there is humanity. It is a fat man. At this moment, his lips are cracked and the situation is not good.

"I want too!" Many people began to ask for it. Some people didn't ask for it, but they also looked at several water abilities.

Those who have water abilities can only squeeze out the last abilities and condense one ice hockey.

"This ghost weather..." Someone couldn't help but said that they had been away for a long time and they really couldn't move. Fortunately, there are no people outside the suburbs, and there are fewer zombies.

As a result, he just thought about it, and he even heard the abilities who had been observing the surrounding situation with the wind abilities. He shouted: "Everyone is careful, the zombies are coming! Run!"

Zombie? This stuff is coming again? ! These people no longer dare to complain that the weather is too hot. They bite their teeth and ran wildly.

They have seen many companions die in the mouth of the zombies on this road!

Just want to use your legs to win the indefatigable zombies, which is so simple? Running and running, some people can't stand it.

When a woman ran halfway and accidentally fell to the ground, she burst into tears: "I can't do it. You let me die, kill me with a gun."

She really can't run, and even feel that death is a relief.

"Get up, keep running!" someone shouted next to him.

"I..." The woman fell to the ground, and then she couldn't even speak out, and even the whole person unconsciously twitched.

The abilities of the princes of the temple saw this. Someone stood up and took a bite to carry her back. They couldn’t use much of their powers, but they still managed to stop the zombies behind them from catching up with the people in front. Now in the back...

At this time, someone fell down! Not one but several!

The abilities who are responsible for protecting these people are angry and anxious to see this situation, but they can't really throw these people away, but they can only rush forward.

As a result, the abilities who were barely able to block the zombies behind them suddenly fell to the bottom.

The ammunition has long been used up, and the abilities have already consumed almost. Are they really going to die here?

Li squatted on his chest and continued to run forward. Even if his heartbeat was getting faster and faster, he didn't stop, and he didn't fall down like his own companions, and then let the abilities of his back carry it.The zombies really catch up, those behind the abilities are their primary goal, he will not fall stupidly behind!

He just wants to run in front now, he just runs in the front, the possibility of surviving is bigger than the people behind!

Li Wei ran very fast, but did not want him to run and run, and there was a group of zombies in front!

What if I have a tiger before the wolf?

Li Yan reached out and found his own hidden bomb. He wanted to kill the zombies in front of him. He suddenly heard someone in front of him loudly: "There are zombies here! Come over!"

As the voice sounded, the zombies in front of Li Wei went to the place where the sound was made.

Zombies like people with strong energy. Obviously, those who make sounds are very energetic.

Li Yu breathed a sigh of relief and looked over there, suddenly seeing an acquaintance.

Nie Yi, who once saved him near the safe area of ​​B City, is now killing zombies in the distance. He just took a look at it and the heads of many zombies around him exploded.

When Li Wei was the last time Nie Yi went to the B city safety zone, he had seen the video of Yu Yu and others at the door many times. Later, the video of the people in the safe area and Nie Yiqi Jingchen and others battled him many times. Naturally, Nie Yi knows this because his abilities have changed.

Nie Yi is not a Nie Yi, more and more powerful...

Li Wei slightly narrowed his eyes and looked at the front. At this time, the people behind him also caught up: "Li Wei, you... how do you stop...?" The person who caught up with him is similar to Li Wei, but I have the ability, so it’s good to look at the state at this time.

When this person spoke, he was out of breath, and Li Wei knew that he was open and bound at this time.

Like Fang, I suddenly didn't want to talk, but looked in the direction of Nie Yi.

The man’s eyesight was not very good. He looked at it with his eyes open: “Good... good... strong fighting power, we... have saved?”

"Wait... wait..." The man gasped and then said: "That... that is Nie Yi... Is it right? Is it Nie Yi?"

"Yes." Li Wei opened his mouth and couldn't help but pant.

When I was in the physical education class, the teacher always let them walk and move around after the long run, letting their muscles relax. However, now Li Wei can't move even one step. He breathes a few breaths and suddenly falls to the sky. On the ground.

The ground is dark and dirty, and Li Wei is clean, but it’s really this time... His cleansing is just to let him fall between his back and fall and fall down...

Seeing Li Wei, the man around Li Wei smiled twice with the dumb scorpion "haha" and simply fell to Li Wei: "I have never wanted to run this way again!"

This person couldn't say the complete words before, but now he has said such a sentence. After he finished, his head went to the side and fell asleep.

After being tired, they really want to sleep whenever they have time.

However, Li Wei did not sleep. After he lay down, he could not see the situation on the battlefield of Nie Yi, but he still looked at that direction.When the footsteps came over here, Li Xin was shocked.

He was afraid that he would come over to be a zombie, and he wanted to stand up and run away, but his body that had already been overdrawn was completely unable to move after relaxing and falling down.

Li Wei took a heart and then heard the footsteps coming in the direction of his own.

This footstep is not messy, not fast, not like a zombie, it should be an individual... Li Wei’s mind just turned this thought, and he saw a pair of feet wearing black military boots appear in his own sight, and then Up, you can see two legs in black leather pants and the upper body wearing the same black leather.

It is Nie Yi.

Li Wei lay on the ground and looked at Nie Yi standing on his head. He suddenly thought that he was saved by Nie Yi when he was about to despair.

He gasped and then fainted.

"Someone is coming to go?" Yan Xing came over from Nie Yi and looked at the scene in front of him with a slight eyebrow: "These people, looking at some strange..." The powers are desperate to protect ordinary people?

Nie Yi did not pay attention to Zhao Xing, and rushed toward the zombies who were chasing these people.

He recognized Li Wei.

That was only known before the end of the world. After the end of his life, Yu Yu and his sisters pitted him. In this life, Li Wei, who was saved by his sorrow, was not a low-ranking person, but also a researcher with hot weapons.

As for the person lying next to him, it is also an unusual identity.

So... Is this the B City Security Zone that sent all the Miss Young Masters?

When Zhao Xing saw that Nie Yi ran, he quickly followed up: "Nie Yi, don't be proud, I must kill more than you today!"

Nie Yi was too lazy to pay attention to Zhao Xing, and began to pick up those strong zombies to kill.

With the addition of Nie Yi and Zhao Xing, those who came from the safety zone of B City were a lot easier. Many of them were carrying people. Looking at this situation, some people immediately put people on their backs. Only a person with a power can't stand it. Even before he put down the person on his back, he fell to the ground.

Nie Yi had killed a few zombies at this time. He suddenly stopped, then walked over and looked at the young water abilities who said: "To be a zombie." There are some wounds on this person. It seems that It’s all zombie wounds, plus the body is on the verge of collapse...

The person who was pressed by the water abilities person heard this and hurriedly rolled to the side. After a few laps, he even sat up and stepped back, but the other kinric next to him changed the old water system. The versatile turned over.

The face of this little warrior is dark and black. He is not only half-sacred, but he will soon become a zombie!

After flashing a grief in the eyes of the versatile person who turned him over, he would kill the little warrior. Nie Yi suddenly stopped him, then squatted down and stuffed a piece of ice into the mouth of the little warrior.

This is of course not just an ice. In fact, this piece of ice is wrapped in half a leaf and half the leaves of a cotton tree.

After Qi Jingchen gave birth to the holy dish, the bloody tide found a cotton tree to give birth, and finally he was really successful!The cotton tree was finally planted in the yard by Qi Jingchen, and then some cotton leaves were taken from above to Nie Yi, let Nie Yi go out to kill the zombies, so if Nie Yi or other people in the Taoyuan safe area are killing The zombie’s zombie injury is more serious, and you can eat some leaves to save your life.

Because he was worried that the zombies would feel that the existence of bright energy would run away, Nie Yi frozen the leaves, and because he had guarded his men, no one was seriously injured under his hands, and the leaves had never been used - if only lightly If you are hurt, the abilities are resistant to the dark energy. Going back to the priest of the temple to give yourself a blessing, nothing is gone.

Now, Nie Yi used the first cotton leaf on this little warrior.

After the little warrior ate Nie Yi's ice, he didn't react at first. After a while, the symptoms of zombie on his body suddenly disappeared slowly.

But he still didn't open his eyes, afraid that it was fainting... I didn't find myself half-sacred before I came to him, but also because I was too tired.

Nie Yi was trying to continue to kill the zombies, but he didn't want to be here. He had a snoring voice behind him. The little warrior was just alive and fell asleep on the road.

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