Emperor of The Cosmos (updated) Divine Dreamwalker

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When humans step into the Galactic Era, the ancient art of cultivation thrives once again.

Regardless of the time, cultivation is never obsolete. In the Vajracchedika-prajna-paramita Sutra (a Buddhist scripture), Subhuti (expounder of emptiness) asked Sakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism,

“How does one control his heart to become a buddha?”

This one sentence reveals the essence of cultivation: mastery over one’s heart.

The heart is very powerful, which is the reason why the Monkey King is also called the ‘Heart Monkey’. Everyone’s heart is like a Monkey King; mastering the monkey, one can become something else.

Allow me to demonstrate to you the essence of cultivation.


  • Male Protagonist
  • Modern Day
  • Body Tempering
  • Cultivation
  • Fast Cultivation
  • Legendary Artifacts
  • Multiple Realms
  • Strength-based Social Hierarchy
  • Unique Cultivation Technique
  • Weak to Strong
  • Hard-Working Protagonist
  • Underestimated Protagonist
  • Clever Protagonist
  • Politics
  • Aliens
  • Rape
  • Futuristic Setting
  • Outer Space
  • Artifact Crafting
  • Mind Control
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