Sage Monarch

By Divine Dreamwalker

Sage Emperor Chapter 895

Sage Emperor Chapter 895

“Two Flower Goddess adults, you drove out Ye Shao’s three dogs. But he is likely to come up to deal with me, what do you think?” Just after driving away the three Great Emperors, Yang Qi sat down again. Leisurely leisure.


He knows that Ye Shao Ye Wudao will never give up.


Even Ye Shao is thinking about it. He knows in his heart that he must catch himself and get Gods Imprint and Executing Immortal King. The treasures are so powerful that they destroy the Joyful Flower Palace and revenge.


Therefore, with the news of Gods Imprint, Ye Wudao will never pass it out, and even try to hide it, killing the insiders one by one and swallowing them.


It is with this psychology that Yang Qi will make a big fuss from it. He came here and angered the three Great Emperors. Ye Shao will definitely come. He can also take a look at this. This is the cultivation of Ye Wudao. What is the level of promotion to base?


If it is the degree of promotion to Zilin, it is extremely terrible, but Yang Qi still doesn’t care. Now Zilin is no longer his opponent. Among the Joyful Flower Palace, he is only afraid of the palace owner.


Unless you are completely refining Divine Spark, you can fight.


However, he is now an incarnation of the body, energy body, can be taken away at any time, always in an invincible position, but can afford to lose, but also can afford.


“If he came, he could cut down his face.” The two Flower Goddess laughed: “This male pet, many people don’t look good, if they dare to come to us, there is a way to cure him.” He thought his position was really the same as Zilin. In our Joyful Flower Palace, thousands of people have been like Zen Wudao for thousands of years, but in the long river of history, these people die and die. The outdated pets fell out of favor, and some Qi Art were abolished and closed into the cold palace. Only Zilin is prosperous, and he has his own reason. I think Ye Wudao is just a darling, and it won’t last long.”


“Yang Qi, I see your cultivation base is good, why bother to disturb the wind here? You are also like Ye Wudao, go to our palace to compete for favor, by your means, you can certainly win the heart of the palace, so blindly extinguished Ye Wudao, it doesn’t matter. Even if we destroy Ye Wudao, I am afraid I have to bear the anger of the palace owner.”


The faint road of the flower Goddess seems to be tempting Yang Qi.


“Two Flower Goddess, who I am, Yang Qi, how can you rely on your Joyful Flower Palace to be a despicable male pet? In your eyes, men are despicable.” Yang Qi smiled: “Unfortunately, between this world, the man is still a man, Executing Immortal King is not a man? Unsurpassed Lord is not a man? In the Gods, almost 90% are men. Even the devil in the depths of hell is nine Cheng Jiu is the male name devil, what does this mean?”


“Hey! Our Joyful Flower Palace will turn this situation over and over again, making God Realm a female host.” The face of the Flower Goddess is like a frost.


“It’s just a delusion. Isn’t your Joyful Flower Palace stronger than Executing Immortal King?” Yang Qi smiled, and now Joyful Flower Palace is just a dust in front of Executing Immortal King. The dust is blown out.


“These things, don’t say much to you, one day, you will verify that this happened.” Snow Lotus Flower Goddess said: “The world man is our slave, and you have never seen the palace.” Lord, I don’t know what kind of person the palace owner is. When you really see the palace owner, you will understand that the palace’s male talent is roughly convinced by her, and thus trust her to use for her.”


“Oh? Since this is the case, I am interested to take a look at who your lord is.” Yang Qi is slightly moving, is about to continue to talk, find ways to provoke the situation, and see what means can be used to make Flower Goddess and Ye Wudao are slamming, causing a civil disturbance in the Joyful Flower Palace, and asking, what is the Lord’s recent work?


Only after mastering the news of the palace owner, Yang Qi was able to re-enter the practice house in the treasure house, speed up the cracking of the divine array, contact the tears of God King, and grow the God Engine, among the Ancient Passing God Road and the tomb. , disrupting the wind and rain, dominate the world, and finally defeat Future World, kill Ao Tian, ​​promote God Realm.


“Ye Wudao has seen the Flower Goddess and the Flower Goddess.”


At this time, the sound suddenly came out outside, and the familiar voice of Ye Wudao came in. Yang Qi suddenly felt that the whole figure was swaying. The sound wave of this person was not for seeing, but for shock and demonstration.


“Ye Wudao, what are you doing?”


The two Flower Goddess flashed in anger, and saw a person who had not been notified at all, entered the depths of the hall, and no one could stop him. Behind him, he followed three people, Ten Thousand Laws Connecting Heaven Great Emperor and others. I was just dared to go out, and now I am coming in again with the influence of Ye Wudao.


Ye Wudao appears again!


The whole body is white like a snow, and there is a taiji towel on the top of the head. There is no weapon in the whole body, and it is natural to have a majesty. Arrogant, extremely arrogant, arrogant, overbearing, and flamboyant breath passed from him.


This kind of surname is completely different from Zilin.


Zi Linmei is a piece of jade, the sunflower elder is a needle, this Ye Shaodao is a sharp dagger, or a dog with a fangs!


The arrogance, the overbearing, the ambition, the madness……..The family name is concentrated in one body, so that when people despise, they feel horrible, uneasy, for fear of being bitten by a bad dog, so they dare not provoke him. Did not dare to fight with him.


“Yang Qi, you are really here.”


As soon as he stepped into the hall, Ye Wudao’s gaze was placed on Yang Qi’s, his face smirked, and at the same time he waved his hand, and suddenly a taiji figure enveloped the entire hall, blocking the time and space, so as not to be escaped by Yang Qi.


This kind of arrogance does not put the two Flower Goddess in the eye. It is to clarify the car, ** naked to take Yang Qi.


“Ye Wudao, you are too arrogant, and dare to take action here, here is the Garden Goddess Hall, not your harem, your identity is a male pet, actually dare to scatter here!”


Yuxi suddenly took action, a sword qi cut and cut, want to cut the Taiji figure, but the sword qi contacted the Taiji figure, the Taiji figure suddenly broke out a huge force, making the sword qi smash .


The jade body is full of vibration, and the blood is empty, it is not the opponent of Ye Wudao.


“Province province, Yuhua Flower Goddess, you are not my opponent.” Ye Wudao’s tone is getting more and more arrogant, “I have already practiced Taiji not to destroy the law.” Even if that is Lin Lin, It can be a battle! Even if he is not my opponent, I will kill him sooner or later. And you, even if it is added up, is not my opponent.”


“What? The Lord of the House actually passed on the secret art of this finale to you? Taiji is immortal, and the chaos is shocking! This set of mysterious works is our Joyful Flower Palace on Ancient Passing God Road. I don’t know how to go through it. How many difficulties and obstacles, how many people have died, the secret of Unsurpassed treasure! You……. Why did the palace owner teach you this despicable slave!” The Flower Goddess is almost gnashing.


“Hey!” Ye Shao almost violently jumped, the murderous intent flashed past, but he was endured by his life, knowing his current identity, still can’t do whatever he wants, now entering the Garden Goddess hall, it is already deviant, will I have encountered a strong impeachment. If I take action on Flower Goddess, I am afraid that I will be detained by the maddening words. By that time, I will not be able to maintain the attack. Now, his foundation is not stable. It is not too late to refer to the deer.


“Well, two Flower Goddess, today, I don’t want to argue with you. The only thing is that Yang Qi, I must bring it back. He is the enemy of this Seat!” Ye Wudao woke up, face There was a cruel smile on it: “When I solved Yang Qi, I would apologize to the two Flower Goddess. How can I give me a face with such a small request? I will give you two Flower Goddess was able to compensate enough. A few days ago, the palace owner rewarded me with a bottle of Grand Dao Day Origin Soul Dan before retreating.”


“Grand Dao Day Origin Soul Dan?” The two big Flower Goddess took a look and had some intentions, but this time Yang Qi coughed: “Two Flower Goddess, although Shen Dan is good, but something is better than God. Dan is an important one trillion times.”


“Gods Imprint!” The two Flower Goddess blinked a bit, then yed at Ye Wudao: “Ye Wudao, you are a male pet, and today you are out of the harem, it’s already a big sin. If you start with us, I’m afraid of sin. Unforgivable, returning to the palace at a quick speed, thinking behind closed doors, we can not forget what is going on today. This Yang Qi can’t let you take it away. We want to dedicate him to the palace owner. He shows all kinds of miracles. The palace master must be big. interested.”




He Wudao was shocked to hear this. He never imagined that the two Flower Goddess had to dedicate Yang Qi to the palace owner. For Yang Qi, Ye Wudao is hateful and afraid because it is connected to Yang Qi. Losing money on hand, there is a special kind of fear. He now sees Yang Qi talking and thinking that he is afraid that he is only showing a big conspiracy.


In case it is really introduced to the palace owner, by virtue of this person’s means, you will certainly be able to get a favor, by that time when you die without a place of burial.


On the intrigue, various means, Ye Shao feels that he is still not comparable to Yang Qi. If you fight for it, you will probably fail completely. He will never give himself a competitor.


“Yang Qi, you come out!”


Ye Wudao screamed loudly: “If you have the ability, don’t hide behind the woman. When you played against me three times and five times, how did you become a poor worm, hiding behind the woman, not coming out to fight me?”


“Haha!” Yang Qi laughed. “Ye Wudao, you really have no shame. I actually became a male pet of Joyful Flower Palace and became a man who is not a man or a woman! I still say that I am here today, and It’s not a male pet, but a guest of two Flower Goddess. Do you think that I joined the Joyful Flower Palace? It’s a big mistake and it’s a mistake. Under the woman’s armpit, I came to revenge, it seems that you have lost that year. The stock has changed into a mad dog.”




Ye Wudao was so angry that he was trembled, but his skill was secretly condensed, and suddenly he screamed and slammed.


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