Sage Monarch

By Divine Dreamwalker

Sage Emperor Chapter 886

Sage Emperor Chapter 886

Once the dream of the big dream is exerted, Yang Qi will fall into the wind.

The power of this heart is huge, it is written, and people bring directly into the dream. I can’t even tell the difference between dreams and reality, and Zi Linmei’s man is in the dream, avatar Unsurpassed the ancient god, as the master of dreams.

In the dream, he can do whatever he wants, and do whatever he wants, because this is his dream, he dreams.

However, Yang Qi is not completely at a disadvantage. His energy is strong and protects himself. He does not seek resilience, but he has no choice. The main consciousness has just defeated Knowledge Demon. He is determined and will not be confused by any dreams. .

Otherwise, if other Great Emperor is wrapped in a big dream, it will immediately judge the mistakes and clearly display the field to protect itself, but will feel that they have not applied, resulting in a series of illusions, behaviors upside down, willing chaos, So anyone can be slaughtered.

This kind of big dream, very powerful, is the Unsurpassed method of No Match In Battle, the dream owner. Many Supreme Gods have been troubled by dreams and got out of trouble, let alone Yang Qi?

Yang Qi is trapped in it, unless it is Gods Imprint, it can sweep all the chaos, break the dream, otherwise it will only be able to protect itself at most, and over time, he will become more and more dangerous, energy consumption more and more.

He tried to get out of trouble and open the altar of the seal.

“If I want to open the seal on the altar, it is ok, but it will definitely be attacked by the above baleful aura! It is comparable to Gods’ hell devil seal that attacks me crazy and enters my body. I have to take time to be able to Repression, if there is no one, it can be suppressed, but now Zilin is so close, open the seal, it is to find death. In an instant, the magic gas invades my body, I die without a place of burial, even There is no time to enter Myriad Realms King Chart.”

Yang Qi flickered in a row, fighting between the brows, trying to fight against the dream of this child.

He really wants to see how this big dream can make him.


A big dream together, a dream of a thousand years, a cool autumn, a world of impermanence, in the blink of an eye, seems to have passed through tens of billions of years. That Zilin’s attack and killing has come up, and the palm appears from the fog of dreams. The palms are slammed onto Yang Qi’s Various Gods’ Pure Land, and the force bombards into it, causing Yang Qi’s body to shake again and again.

“Why didn’t you rush?” Zilin’s attack continued, and the voice passed: “That is, let me bombard, the energy will be exhausted sooner or later. At that time, you don’t know what will happen?”

Although he and Yang Qi are enemies, the tone is not arrogant and embarrassing. Instead, it is very peaceful, smooth, and polite.

This kind of opponent is the most terrifying.

“Hey! In your big dreams, there are real and false attacks, some are illusory, some are real, I resist one by one, isn’t it a big waste of true yuan?” Yang Qi said: “You really think that your big dreams are unmatched.” Under the heavens, you play with nothing, I will play with you!”

Suddenly, around Yang Qi, a virtual giant array appeared. These great arrays are densely packed, and they constitute thousands of primal qis, which are true and false, and true and false. It suddenly disappeared.

It turns out that these great arrays are just blinds. He is really confusing the other side, and he has created a powerful energy body, which is exactly the same as the real body. It uses the Life and Death Disillusioning Thunder method which is practiced in the treasure house. Create a virtual magical treasure that no one else can see.

“Your virgin energy, the means of making the great array, is indeed vivid, but it is still worse than the big dreams.”

Bang! The great array of seats was destroyed by the attack.

Zilin’s voice is still so anxious, not warm. However, the means are getting more and more powerful, more and more chic, in this chic style, Yang Qi energy body was hit by him, suddenly collapsed, any great array, all turned into nothingness.


Zilin saw that there was nothing in front of him. Yang Qi disappeared and felt very strange. He already knew that the energy body was fake, but the real body went there. In this altar, it was blocked on all sides. One road, blocked again, any technique that shuttles the universe has no effect, how can it disappear.

His Qi Art was collected, and the whole altar restored the darkness, but his whole body, a jade brilliance, spurred out, and the stone chambers around the altar were all inlaid with 1st Stratum green.

“Big brother, what happened? This kid is gone?”

“Well? He suddenly disappeared, but I still suspect that this person is hiding here, but can’t find him.” Zi Lin’s face is dignified: “This person does not know what is coming, but there are some powerful, I I don’t know what he is doing. Divine Artifact? This Divine Artifact is definitely very good, good at hiding, even I can feel this person peeping at me.”

“What should I do?”

A male pet said: “Or else, we quickly open this seal, and Divine Spark collects it? Immediately, anyway, the kid is not the opponent of the big brother.”

“No, this person’s means is gone. When Divine Spark appears, he will take advantage of it and grab it. If it is lost, we can’t blame it.” Zilin shook his head: “The urgent task is to guard here, you The information was displayed, and the old eunuchs of the sunflowers were informed that they came. I showed Unsurpassed Qi Art and took them.”

“Big brother, this is not enough. We have seen so many sufferings, and we have wasted a lot of Divine Artifact. You even spent your own primal qi. The positioning came here. Now inform those people to come, our Credit is not in vain. People snatching? Defeat?” A beautiful man quickly stopped the road. “Don’t we have to hand over Credit to people?”

“It’s not like this. It’s all done for the palace owner. I believe that the palace master can distinguish clearly.” Zilin said: “This person is indeed powerful, although not as good as me, but various means are emerging endlessly, it is Ghosts and Gods. Test, if it is because of the competition for Credit, this person has been under control, and even the main plan of the palace, then I am a hundred deaths.”

“You speed up to inform, I will monitor the four weeks, so guard here! Don’t move the altar, how can I see this person to win Divine Spark?”

When I arrived here, the look on Zilin’s face was severe and it seemed that it was not negotiable.

“Mother’s, this guy is really loyal.” Yang Qi in the Myriad Realms King Chart, seeing it all, roaring in his heart, if this person immediately casts the God King devil map to open the seal, it is indeed a chance to give him . But now this person actually abandoned Credit, but also spent primal qi, picking up what the old sunflower eunuch came, once successful, he had no chance at all, only to watch Divine Spark for each other.

Faced with this person, Yang Qi really has a mouse pull turtle, there is no taste of the mouth.

This person is not greedy, not fire, not angry, not attacking, not breaking, not in a hurry, not swearing……….. There is no flaw in the whole body, it is very difficult to get something from his body, it is harder than going to heaven. If it is Ye Shaodao, Yang Qi has a hundred ways to deal with him, but this person, now has a feeling of helplessness.

“No, I can’t let him pick it up. I got it, take action to destroy!”

Yang Qi once again appeared from the Myriad Realms King Chart, landed in front of Zilin, suddenly took action, and slammed out to other beautiful men who sent messages!

Pēng pēng pēng ……… consecutive palms, suddenly took action, shocked several beautiful men’s blood surged, the information fire that came out, disappeared out of thin air, was repeatedly displayed by Yang Qi, the secret of the universe, cut off the void, blocked down .

“this is………..”

Zilin waved his hand and resisted the attack of Yang Qi’s. He did not show it again. “You just came out from the depths of nothingness, what kind of atmosphere is it? I actually feel the power of a strong king.” Is it Myriad Realms King Chart ?”

“Yes, it’s Myriad Realms King Chart.” Yang Qi said: “Why, do you think you can leave me? I am now free to open Myriad Realms King Chart! Anywhere, how? I have In an invincible place, even if you come to the Joyful Flower Palace, you will not be able to stay.”

“Myriad Realms King Chart, do you have Executing Immortal King?” XlinX Transformation: “Sure enough, Executing Immortal King, our Joyful Flower Palace has found many weapons of the Seventy-one King, but the things of Executing Immortal King have been Didn’t find. How many Executing Immortal King characters did you get? Can you use Myriad Realms King Chart to reach these points? It is your domain and time and space? It’s not three blocks. It must be done. Many blocks work together?”

“There is not much, it’s just a seven or eight block.” Yang Qi knows that Executing Immortal King is the latest thing to enter the treasure house. This son Lin doesn’t know, but it just happens to not let him discover that the treasure house was stolen. The news, otherwise he has to enter the treasure house again, then there are some difficulties.

“With so many Executing Immortal King characters, you are about to collect them.” Zilin said: “You are in a dangerous situation now, do you know? Executing Immortal King Once the collection is complete, the great will will recover, even if it is God. Also, I want to win and reborn.”

“This doesn’t have to worry about you, I have a way.” Yang Qi waved. “Well, male pet, now I tell you the cards. You already know that there is no threat to me. I can come out at any time.” Sneak attack on you, God is gone, and you can only passively accept my sneak attack. How? How about our cooperation now?”

“Cooperation, you actually want to cooperate with me?” Zilin frowned, his posture still beautiful.

“Yes, it’s cooperation. So, you open the seal of the whole altar. Let’s take out the Divine Spark from this seal. How about half of it? You can also give the Joyful Flower Palace a master, can I get what I want? ”

Yang Qi said faintly: “What is the best of both worlds?

“Hey! I think it’s beautiful, your Qi Art is far from the power of my big brother. We will inform the expert sooner or later, you will only walk away. And, you can’t open the seal of this altar, even if we are Go, you can’t do anything. Why should we cooperate with you?” A male pet laughed.

“Who said that I can’t open the seal?”

Yang Qi suddenly took a shot toward the altar.

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