Flower Master in the City Heart Is Wandering

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This is a story about a legend, of one that can never be forgotten.
Summer, first time down the mountains in 16 years, after being raised by his 3 masters and Fairy sister.

‘Why won’t you follow the Rules of society?’ The rules are the tool made by the strong, so I follow my own rules.

‘Why won’t you just use your brain instead of your brawn?’ Idiot! Have you ever seen anyone use their brain, to get back at an ant that bites them!? No, they just casually step on it.

‘Oh, everyone says you’re a first-class beauty huh?’ well, I’m sorry but even you are not qualified to be my wife. Only a ‘Summer class beauty’ is worthy enough!

‘My enemy is sick?’ Oh, don’t worry, even if you’re on your last breath and I feel it’s beneath me to slap shot you dead. I’ll just fix you up and then beat you!

‘Who am I?’

“I am Summer in the spring, the autumn, and the winter, I’m the world’s first above the heavens!”

Follow me, Summer Day as I step by step become known as the world’s first master, the world’s first doctor, the world’s richest man…… a lot of other world’s number one, but most importantly, The worlds happiest man.


  • Modern Day
  • Beautiful Female Lead
  • Confident Protagonist
  • Cultivation
  • Genius Protagonist
  • Adapted to Manhua
  • Assassins
  • Charismatic Protagonist
  • Harem-seeking Protagonist
  • Average-looking Protagonist
  • Lucky Protagonist
  • Abandoned Children
  • Doctors
  • Enemies Become Lovers
  • Enemies Become Allies
  • Famous Protagonist
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