Heavenly Farmer

By Golden Dragon

Chapter 244 Someone sneaked into the farm

Chapter 244 Someone sneaked into the farm

The dinner is over.

Ye Xiaochen and Wang Shuisheng did not spend the night in Shashi, but returned to the sheep market that night.

In the car.

Ye Xiaochen sat side by side with Wang Shuisheng.

Wang Shuisheng’s driver and bodyguard A Jin driving.

Ajin’s real name is Liu Jin, a special soldier who has been mixed with Southeast Asia, played black boxing, and crossed the black car.

Later, he offended the man, or Wang Shuisheng got out of the prison. From then on, he was loyal to Wang Shuisheng.

In the words of Wang Shuisheng, three or five strong men can't get close to Ah Jin.

Moreover, Ah Jin is not strong in melee fighting, and the shooting method is also a god.

With the ability of Wang Shuisheng, Ai has been equipped with a gun license in private, which means that Ajin carries a gun with him.

"Xiaochen, this time it is not you, I am afraid that I have been unable to get on the line with such a big man like Governor Zhang!"

Wang Shuisheng exclaimed.

Although he has a relationship in the province, he is also limited to the bureau level.

After all, this level of the provincial department can be called a real seal, and only the provincial rich can be qualified to contact.

He is the richest man in the sheep market, but he is still a grade from the provincial rich.

The most important thing is that his roots are in the sheep market, and there is no way to rely on it.

Even if it is a provincial relationship, it is because of other reasons, it takes a lot of financial resources to maintain it every year.

It is different now.

He is officially stepping into the core circle of the province.

He lamented Ye Xiaochen's ability. When he first saw it, Ye Xiaochen was only a farmer who gave food to the restaurant. But less than a year later, he was already an associate professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a top botanist, and a national researcher. The person in charge of the organization, the seat of the provincial and ministerial officials.

Any identity can have a huge impact on him.

"Wang Ge, you said two more words. With our relationship, it is necessary to say more."

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

This time, the Shashi branch, in addition to a few old shareholders, Wang Shuisheng also officially participated.

Li Jiaren, they have nothing to say, now the vegetable supply of Xianquan Restaurant has been slowly transferred to the Shennong Farm.

The structure of the current Shennong company has undergone some changes. Ye Xiaochen and Wang Shuisheng have successively established the Human Shennong Seed Company, the Human Shennong Fertilizer Company, and the Human Shennong Transportation Company and other subsidiaries according to different businesses.

In addition to vegetables and fruits, there are various kinds of flowers, plants, herbs and so on.

Now a certain scale has been formed.

It is impossible for Ye Xiaochen to fully cultivate these plants into super crops.

Without this time, he does not have this energy.

However, in the planting process, a special type of new fertilizer was used, and the use of the seeding liquid to infuse the foam, and the Shennong talent of Ye Xiaochen had a certain influence on the branch farm.

Naturally, these crops will gradually change in growth and are definitely superior to normal.

Moreover, this superiority inherits and will become more and more excellent from generation to generation.Nowadays, the advantages of GM crops or hybrid crops will gradually weaken in inheritance, and some second generations have no reproductive ability at all and cannot be replanted.

Planting techniques are stronger, and plants that are stable in inheritance cannot be cultivated.

Ye Xiaochen is different, possessing the divine talent.

It is here that the divine nature is immortal.

In the car, the two also discussed the development of the future human Shennong company.

Ye Xiaochen has pointed out some future research directions. With Wang Shuisheng's business mind, it is easy to get business opportunities from it.

It must be said that Ye Xiaochen and Wang Shuisheng are perfect match, one person can create results, and one person can turn the results into business opportunities.

With Ye Xiaochen’s commercial ability, he will certainly be in a mess. He has no people who can be trusted too much. Maybe he may be sold, and he has to give money.

Wang Shuisheng is different.

After arriving at the sheep market, it was already nine o'clock in the evening. Wang Shuisheng let Ye Xiaochen stay at home for one night.

Ye Xiaochen thought about it and agreed.

There are several rooms in Wang Shuisheng's villa, and naturally there is no place to sleep.

Wang Xinyi knew that Ye Xiaochen was sleeping at home, very happy, staying in Ye Xiaochen's room and talking to Ye Xiaochen for a long time.

Until the yawning again and again, Wang Xinyi was not willing to go back to his courtyard to sleep.

Ye Xiaochen is very good.

Lying on a soft bed, Ye Xiaochen closed his eyes, summoned the Shennong system, opened the farm map, and was looking at the farm.

Using this farm map, he was able to communicate directly with three bean soldiers.

There are three bean soldiers on the farm, and Ye Xiaochen is very relieved.

Ye Xiaochen used the farm map to display the cloud rain predation with the cooperation of the bean soldiers, to give the rain to the genus, and then to apply the technique of giving birth to vegetation.

This is his homework every day.

In particular, the three elixir preparations for the source of the drug are even more important.

When the mana in Dantian consumed most of the time, Ye Xiaochen began to absorb the power of the grass and grass, and cultivated Shennong.

The clock is ticking.

It is already late at night.

The whole villa has already been dark, everyone

They are already asleep.

Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes and vomited a sigh of breath. He felt a sense of bulging in Dantian. This was the result of the filling of the mana, which reached the limit and could no longer absorb the power of the vegetation.

He was about to turn off the farm map and go to sleep. Suddenly, Dou Fanger sent a warning message and someone sneaked into the farm.


Ye Xiaochen’s eyes showed amazement.

The current farm is no longer surrounded by a first-class wall, and cannot be destroyed at all, unless it is over the wall.

The most important thing is that there are bean soldiers on the farm, they are very sensitive, and any movement can be detected.

Up to now, there have never been cases where someone sneaked into a farm.

Thinking of this, Ye Xiaochen quickly passed the map to check the situation of the farm.

Sure enough, he saw a white figure in the southeast corner of the farm.

It should not be a sneak sneak, it is a big swing.Moreover, this person bears his hands and walks between them, just like a foot wind.

He saw it clearly. This is a young man with a long hair and a normal appearance, but his temperament is absolutely not ordinary.

From this person, Ye Xiaochen felt a familiar familiar atmosphere.

Nature is not a Shennong.

There is only one Shennong between heaven and earth.

The scent of the immortal.

Yes, it is the breath of the immortal.

Even across the farm map, Ye Xiaochen is still able to faintly sense the monk's breath on the long-haired young man in white.

“Is it a cultivator?”

Ye Xiaochen's eyes wide open, not nervous, but excited, because finally the immortal appeared.


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