Chapter 449 Entrustment and Transaction

Chapter 449 Entrustment and Transaction

Sima Yuyue is not embarrassed, saying: "Since this method has been fixed, we will go back first. I haven’t been back for a long time, my grandfather should be worried."

In fact, she had already used Weimu Qi to tell Wei Ziqi that they had to stay here for a while, and they would not worry about themselves.

"In this case, I sent the master to leave." Zhou Haimo said.

"No, you can find someone to take us a road." Sima Yuyue said, "This is a good transmission. I think you have something to discuss, we will not bother the owner."

"How can that be, there is nothing to send the master to leave important." Zhou Haimo said.

He insisted on sending them away, and Sima Yuyue did not shirk and left Tianhutang.

Back to the inn, Sima Li, when they saw the four people coming back safely, they really sighed.

"Grandpa, let's get ready, leave here tomorrow." Sima Yuyue said, "Why didn't you hate the cabinet today?"

"He hasn't been in the inn for a few days." Sima Li said, "Zn, are you looking for him?"

"There is nothing, just want to ask him to ask something." Sima Yuyue said.

Xiao Er happened to come out from the back hall and heard her words. He said: "The guest officer, my shopkeeper said, if you have something to look for, just wait for him for two days."

"He knows that I am looking for him?" Sima Yuyue asked strangely.

"Hey, this Hongcheng thing is not known to my shopkeeper." Xiao Er is quite narcissistic.

Sima nodded nodly and went upstairs to return to his house.

This hateful cabinet actually knew that he was looking for him, which made Sima Yuyue even more curious to him.

Because the enemy's treasurer did not come back, Sima Yuyue, they waited for him for another half a month. Fortunately, everyone can cultivate, and these ten days are the days when everyone closes.

On this day, Xiao Er came to knock on the door of Sima Yuyue, saying that the hatekeeper returned, and asked Sima Yuyue to meet in the back hall.

It is a back hall, but it is far apart. Before she did not notice, this large block behind the inn was a back hall.

Xiao Er took her into a room and let her go in alone.

The house was very dark, and the door was almost closed and the situation inside was barely visible.

"You are hurt." Sima Yuyue said.

"Your nose is very sensitive." The voice of the enemy treasurer came in the darkness.

"Blood smell is too strong, I can't smell it." Sima Yuyue shot a light, illuminating the house, and the hatekeeper was lying on a chaise longue. "Are you going to do something irritating? Is it so badly hurt? Your second child doesn't know if you are so injured?"

The enemy’s cabinet smiled and said, “I didn’t tell him, I’m afraid to scare him.”

"If you are dead, he will not know." Sima Yuyue saw a light around the room, hit the flame, and the whole room was bright. "What do you call me to do?"

"I want you to help me bring Xiao Er to the Wanqing Hall. Cough... Give it to the owner of Yunxiang Hall."

"You really are the people of Wanqing Hall." Sima Yuyue said, "We are not familiar, you please me, not afraid that I will not agree?"

"I naturally have the conditions to make you tempted." Qiu treasurer said.

"Then you are not afraid that I will take things and do nothing?" she asked again."Oh..." Qiu dispensers laughed and said, "I have lived for so many years, and people are still relatively accurate. You are not such a person."

"You really look at me." Sima Yuyue said, "Are you being beaten like this? If I left Tianhuling with the younger one, I was afraid that I had not yet reached the Wanqing Temple. Was killed."

"You are really smart, more intelligent than I imagined." The enemy's treasurer did not have the greed of the treasurer at the moment, the momentum is even stronger than Zhou Haimo. "Would you like it or not? If you agree, I will pay you."

Sima Yuyue walked over and sat down with a stool and said, "I am very interested in your remuneration. It is better for you to listen to me and see if I can make my heart move."

The enemy's treasurer moved, and there was a box on the lower table next to it. Sima Yuyue picked up the box and opened it. It turned out to be a big stone.

The larger the boulder, the higher the level of the array. The average stone is only the size of the longan, the better the size of the lychee, the size of the egg is relatively rare, and this is actually as big as the palm!

This is enough to illustrate its value.

Rao is well-informed, and she can't help but feel the heart of this stone.

"How?" asked the hatger.

Sima Yuyue put the box away and said, "I was thinking if you usually converge a lot of baby, if you die, I will grab it again. This is definitely more than this stone. Anyway, your second child. We can't even grab us. Maybe I can get rewards when I take your head to find your enemy!"

The hateful singer listened to Sima Yuyue, not anxious, not angry, as if she was joking. When she finished, he spoke and asked, "Do you do this transaction?"

Sima Yuyue’s vengeance is not angry, and he no longer talks about those jokes. He said, “You will vote for it. I am really interested in this stone, but I am not going to participate in your affairs. ""

The enemy's gaze is sinking.

"But I can trade with you," she continued.

"What transaction?"

"I have cured your wounds and got a stone. As for your second child, I will give it to you to take care of yourself. How?"

Qiu treasurer looked at Sima Yuyue, convinced that she was not joking, her eyes flashed a trace of play.

"Are you a physician or an alchemist?"

"Yes." Sima Yuyue said, "How, promised or not? If you have been dragging on for a long time, it is not good to heal. When I arrive, I have to increase the price!"

"You are a mage." Qiu treasurer said.

"But this does not affect me as an alchemy teacher."


"Slack." Sima Yuyue patted the thigh, and took the box with the stone into the soul tower, then

Take out the silver needle and put the chaise longue flat. After three or five times, the clothes of the hattery cabinet will be cleaned, leaving only a pair of pants for him.

The enemy's shopkeeper saw Sima Yuyue took out the silver needles and saw the first time he was treated in this way.

"You shouldn't give me a remedy? How can I use this needle to heal?" He couldn't help but ask."Dan medicine is definitely going to be eaten. But now you have lost function in some parts of your body, you don't need silver needles to activate, and it is useless to eat remedies."

Sima Yuyue said that he took out a medicinal herb and stuffed it into his mouth. He disinfected both his hands and the silver needle, and picked up the silver needle and tied it to the hatchet.

The enemy's treasurer was pinned for the first time, and watching Sima Yuyue started his own important acupuncture points. Those places know it, but it will be very painful.

Seeing the silver needle, he closed his eyes subconsciously.

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