Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 69 Twitter Trends

Chapter 69 Twitter Trends

Not too many twists and turns, after Lin Han open the computer checked the recent sales rankings, he found himself staying power of this book is actually quite large, because the decline is small, controlled in a certain range inside.

Like several other books are basically racing when diving champion, first two weeks of sales of hundreds of thousands, amazing burst of energy. But now the number of daily sales only a few thousand of this, it is estimated that two days only one hundred, not to mention long-term hit.

He looked at the watercress reading book review, the evaluation found that the number has exceeded 50,000 people, and there are people constantly buying the latest comments particularly interesting.

"Fanfan recommendation from, looks good, buy."

"From micro-Fanfan - over Bo child hold me tight!"

"I did not expect all that God actually still science fiction, I want to turn passers-powder!"

The entire Chinese entertainment can become all that God is only one, and that is to pay who knows, an ultra-popular small meat actor. But with the rest of the small meat biggest difference is that he's acting higher than a length, aged 22, had already won the Golden Horse Award winner title, a genius actor renowned.

As a real actor, pay special low-key man who knows, starred in the film quality is also very good, so the accumulation of a large number of acting Yan powder with flour.

Micro - Bo fans over 30 million pay who knows only an hour ago Zhang made a self-portrait, and in a book this self-portrait above the faintly aroused intense curiosity of his fans, only to see the book name behind the name, could not help but appeals to the imagination.


Familiar sci-fi users will basically cover the first thing to recognize this, but who knows fans pay basically the age is not particularly large, with no close relationship between science fiction here, so could not help but see the Internet after searching them.

Want to own idol watching the same novel, some of this seems to closer relations, so the fans to act quickly.

Search engines play a huge role, the screenshot of this part of the book go out and search with pictures, instant answers: This book is impressively Lin Han's "I, Robot"!

So fans get an answer quickly pay who knows the piece of hair has selfie micro - Bo under review: "Fanfan to see the book," I, Robot ", interested buyers turn right."

"Fanfan actually watching science fiction, but author is Lin Han ah, do not go in the hole."

Is a super popular small meat so intentionally or unintentionally pushed a little, "I, Robot" successfully transferred from the front to the public eye sci-fi fans inside.

Some fans also love reading very generally follow the trend ran to buy, even if it is not paid Xiaofan writing will do.

Follow the trend of power is enormous, even if more than a trace discussion, can increase the trace of concern, it is essential thing for a small minority literature is.

"I, Robot" does not reach the point of attention of mainstream literature as "village teacher", thanks to word of mouth effect can go today, so I'm very grateful to John to help the little meat, this is a God assists.

However, Chen Jiaxuan a letter micro news shattered all his illusions, entertainment broker really can not be underestimated.

"Seeing micro - Bo hot yet?The effect is not very good, but I went to pay for the shy old head who knows to this recommendation. "

Lin Han quickly hold the screen, his quick reply and said: "! It is actually your arrangements, I thought he was like watching science fiction it."

Chen Jiaxuan made a tinkling Joseph's face it, she jokingly said: "You think of it, as an actor so busy, there is still time to see science fiction ah I specifically sent him yesterday one, let him help Send a hazy photo? this savvy kid can be good. "

This time it is the turn of Lin Han ignorant force, he asked, puzzled:. "Why do I want to pay who knows to do this promotion, if you are men of artists do that also can guess."

"You can Zhenshi Ben, I just do not want to let others know that it is we are doing promotional activities. I want to sign the star to send photos, is not that just being hype it? This is the most low-end approach."

Chen Jiaxuan in such a novel way to stimulate sales growth, thereby increasing the bargaining chips with the press, she chose to do the promotion with a Lin Han look no ties to the star, which is entirely consumed in their own personal connections.

For this practice, Lin Han did not exclude, this is really no trace of soft advertising than micro - Bo sent directly above those marketing advertising blunt very much more comfortable number, netizens acceptance should be higher.

Let the stars to advertise a high popularity, with his full run signings China, there is no difference in real terms above the estimated effect may be better.

Lin Han against Chen Jiaxuan made a tall erected thumb, "Well done, I have not found this to be an ad, thought it was accidental."

"Thank you, little brother another day, he was pretty upright allegedly took more than a dozen photos to select it slowly."

Small meat appeal is unusual, a short time, "I, Robot" This book has been boarded microblogging Asian red-seller list the top ten of the heat, many people ran in to talk about.

As sales people also particularly pleased, recently experienced numerous exciting good news, "I, Robot" sales fell once again to achieve reverse, this is a fan of role.


With micro - Bo here the situation is very similar, there are also impressively tweeted a new topic in the discussion of "i, robot" This book is not just sffworld official Twitter posted a message, there is another sci-fi master George - Johnson three bursts of emotion Twitter in this book.

George - Johnson, aged fifty

Years old, with a lot of sci-fi classic, so deeply loved science fiction readers, early in the morning he could not wait to release tweet, "I'm sure myself that life will not see more exciting than this law it to the robot delineated a suitable live range, so do not worry about humanity is threatened. "

"Han-lin author of the novel must be a genius, the idea is so praised! My dear readers, you must go and see," I, Robot "This book, great novels."

"Everybody says that China is a science fiction desert, did not expect the classic desert can be born, this is definitely a miracle."

Reporters could not find Zhengchou news suddenly eyeing the three tweets, we know what science fiction is not a small minority in a foreign country,Perennial science fiction summit on the New York Times bestseller list, almost every year according to the Hollywood adaptation of the popular science fiction movies.

A master of science fiction actually recommend up spontaneously, but a careful search, in fact, the amount of the previous discussion is very amazing,

nbc is an American television network referred to, but it was not limited to, text, picture is also a great amount of network reported on the official website.

This news reporters soon Amazon with George - Johnson's shot put up, and named, said: "One of China's best science fiction novel" I, Robot "to stimulate discussion."

After the number of cumulative purchase the English version of the Amazon has more than 10 million people, before gathering a considerable number of sci-fi Bookworm, there is now a leader in this group of otaku geeks who have come online brush from the topic.

"I, robot" actually became a trend in Twitter, which is equivalent to micro - Bo popular micro - Bo, geeks forces already on the network, to create from the topic but is not ambiguous.

In the past, China is almost can not be linked with science fiction, but now so many people are in this praise from China's science fiction, which is almost unprecedented thing.

The key when they download the electronic version of this book, is that genius to conquer the three laws of robotics, while the back nine short stories are also full of flavor, it seems to feel the cultural differences, in full compliance with their reading habits .


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