Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 68 flocked

Chapter 68 flocked

Yuelushan house sounds more like the name of a bookstore, not a restaurant, but in fact it is precisely these two complexes, a bookseller's Hunan Restaurant.

Shichahai this Yuelushan House Restaurant has become a minor celebrity place, "Yue" word on the store signs are specifically requested the President of the Yuelu Academy of Righteousness & Principle teacher personally inscribed.

Lin Han first came here, it was thick scholarly atmosphere attracted to the pure classical Chinese-style tables and chairs atmosphere, book shelves standing aside, hardcover edition of a physical book to attract some of the guests gathered to watch.

The diet combined with culture, is indeed very unique.

This time coincides nightfall, after the sea above the small weeks have lit red lanterns will illuminate some dark lake, it is full of implication.

After wooden stairs to the second floor, this time with Lin Han Chen Jiaxuan They look at the crystal and sit and enjoy the beauty of this great, do not eat, the stomach has been fed to the food.

"What matters, first a la carte say." Lin Han looked at the serving staff kept the shuttle, and that color, flavor and taste of Hunan people appetizing.

Chen Jiaxuan took a la carte, she asked and said: "? Hunan are more spicy, you should be used to eat it."

"No problem, the more spicy the better, eat chili warm winter."

How can anyone not spicy Hunan cuisine, fish head, beat eggplant, Shredded small turtle, Braised Pork as well as taro rice, two points after a number of specialties will be handed over to the waiter.

At this point the restaurant had begun Arranging, and many people have to wait in the lounge area of ​​the store, so Lin Han two still pretty lucky.

"The owner of this restaurant is definitely a literary man, it seems that all the arts are integrated in the cells inside the shop, will sell regardless of dishes or taste very artistic." Lin Han said the review, he admired the boss idea.

Chen Jiaxuan smiled, she spoke and said:. "The last time I came here for dinner seems to be the summer time, then did not eat it bought several books, really not stop I guess you must like the atmosphere here, it is recommended to come here. "

Look around in a circle, Lin Han found here, the decor is simple and plain, no matter what corner of the sitting to eat will see a lot of books and paintings.

So to sit here and eat, kind of back to the ancient study, dining feeling, so Lin Han praise, said:. "I really like this, just like to see my book, do not know illusion"

I, Robot which cover physical book is relatively unique, specially invited a large painting of the touch authored, a very high degree of recognition.

But a science fiction novel, appeared in this quaint restaurant, and Chen Jiaxuan always feel a bit violated, "or else you have a look, in the end is not that book?"

"Wait a minute, go eat a few, really want to, then I could go through to the ancient times." Lin Han looked across the table at Chen Jiaxuan, he asked, "Just what is it you want to say in the car ? "

"I want to say that you have now become official told us, there are already more than a dozen publishers contact me, you want to get a new book of copyright. Gee, one of these publishers are all good faith, to open direct 10 Royalty,I do not go to the opening of negotiations. "

Hearing this, Lin Han could not help laughing, "so to say, I am worth up a lot of ah, how you respond to them?"

Chen Jiaxuan sighed, "I always think you can not sign a contract so early, the heat is simply not the highest, so I let them wait, wait till you finish the talk, before dragging."

Lin Han at this time is no longer a rookie, he was the Galaxy Award winner, also have a solid reputation with novels of good sales. Coupled with hot Martian rescue network above cause, which became a bestseller in addition is almost a certainty.

No one is a fool, that just being a novel can not lose, so publishers will flock to think if you can get publishing capabilities.

Domestic publishing industry now is enough to go around the situation, publishers very much, but selling author is relatively small, most of these popular writers have fixed cooperation Press, fail to get them to go poaching.

But Lin Han obviously not the same, he has been listed as the number one potential shares, I, Robot sales just one month to sell nearly 500,000, a year down the broken million, becoming the best-selling book is the logical thing.

He proved in the market, their strength, talent demonstrates the ceremony also, but also just signed a publishing agreement with Renmin University Press book, this writer is simply publishing house favorite.

So many men gave the chief editor of the command staff, strive to be a writer so long as there is a glimmer of hope can not let go.

"I feel no need to sign a contract so early book, I, robot sales potential have not been exhausted. If delayed, I believe they will give more favorable conditions."

Lin Han has now bid farewell to the career money, not for petty profits and put their opportunity wasted.

Chen Jiaxuan mysterious smile, "You give me to operate, as long as you feel at ease to write fiction, I will not hold back in the near future will give you points to increase the weight, let them see your importance. "

As a broker entertainment, Chen Jiaxuan is the best at this, she has thought out strategy.

At this point, just a waiter began serving, Lin Han two have stopped the dialogue to start enjoying from the food to make things work aside.

Hunan spicy fish head classic Lin Han cropped sweat on his forehead, this soup is accompanied by gift shops exceptionally delicious noodles, Daosuan jar of eggplant beat a norm-like, salty and refreshing, to pass up.

Chen Jiaxuan could not help but open your mouth and gently began to breath, she gave himself took a swallow of ice water, and address him and said:. "Good good spicy spicy, but delicious."

"You eat more delicious, or else another point two dishes?"

"We both eat them enough, too many points will be wasted." Chen Jiaxuan net worth is unknown, but she was not too extravagant, choose to have a place to eat dinner Han Lin also expensive, at least not a high-end French restaurants and the like of.

A meal down, two people spend hundreds of dollars, a moderate consumption Shichahai this place.

Whole body warm, even if it is cold wind blowing did not feel cold, eat so much chili after all, is a bit of action.Beijing Yan night looks very beautiful, and from the vehicles on the road interwoven wonderful vision when they return to their cell, and some feeling of something more to say.

"You are flying today is clean clean, and certainly more tired, go back and take a shower to go to bed early, do not stay up late." He said Chen Jiaxuan charged with, she is the face from the house and took a cup of yogurt and handed Lin John.

"I know, not too late, go back and look at the Internet to sleep. You do not work long-term, the body is their own, late at night, but the biggest enemy of skin."

Lin Han direct plug will begin yogurt drink up, eat spicy things, drink the yogurt stomach to protect what is also good.

Turn on the light, shut the door, the two separated by a corridor silent about it, do not pierce the windows of paper to each other that road.


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