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By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 67 All things are difficult

Chapter 67 All things are difficult

Physical book one day sales exceeded 30,000, this "I, Robot" is definitely a great pick up, hot sales situation in the previous two weeks after the start basically slowing down.

Behind is to rely on word of mouth slowly increase sales, thousands of thousands of rose, with the accumulation of time to come out of the sales.

At present, "I, Robot" version of the entity's total sales nearing 420,000, while the electronic version of the network's total sales reached 280,000, Two Star writer getting closer.

Galaxy Award unusual nature of the power of science fiction readers, this represents a recognized authority, had some people still say bb "village teacher" is not pure science fiction, the result of this case only beaten face.

Even Galaxy Awards are recognized fiction, you say it is not science fiction, this is not nonsense it!

Some of the original short story collections are not interested in science fiction readers, in case of shortage of books, saw Lin Han won the Galaxy Award news, also lost its praise with curiosity, to see the last one.

An award brought honor not only with fame, as well as sales with bonuses such real thing, so the increase in sales is a normal thing.

Heating the house will soon evaporate water stains the floor, facing Lin Han Chen Jiaxuan said:. "Since you have just come back at night to eat together a meal of it, let him give you celebration"

"How I have to treat ah, this time the prize sent down, at least to buy a toilet in Yanjing." Lin Han said with a smile, "Do not tell me politely, I once so generous, what to eat say."

"That's OK, we'll go Yuelushan house bar, I heard that there is very good, and very good environment, more suitable for you."

Lin Han heard of this place, he was not too concerned about, but joked and said: "That name sounds a bit like Yuelu Academy, China's oldest university anyway you decide to like, do not give me money. "

Chen Jiaxuan put on slippers, she looked at the phone in time, and said:. "You break it, it's early, we have come in the past seven, and the city a lot of home Yanjing its branches."

Eating out will certainly have to change clothes what make-up, Lin Han expressed his understanding, now less than three in the afternoon, there is plenty of time.

He will send out Chen Jiaxuan, watched her turn into his house after the closing.

Since there is plenty of time, then just start writing fiction, right, outline the key link with the fine already listed well, need to do now is to develop a good schedule and figure diagram.

"Mars Rescue" mostly a one-man show actor, very seldom rest of the characters, the novel which uses a first-person writing style, more realistic and accurate heart activity can be displayed in front of the reader.

"Log: sol6

I am his mother completely finished! This is the conclusion I think twice, finished.

Six days, this should be the most glorious of my life began two months, only to become a prelude to a nightmare.

I simply do not know who is watching these things. I guess there is always one day people will find it, chances have to wait until 100 years later.

Seriously, record down ...... sol6, I'm not dead. Other teammates must have thought I was dead, which of course can not blame them.After a while they might be held a state funeral, and my Wikipedia page also write: Liyun Fan is so far only one human died of Mars. "

The protagonist of the novel is to the beginning of the video recorder in front of Liyun Fan flashback memories begin, he is the third installment of the crew YingHuo planned tasks.

YingHuo is the so-called Mars in ancient title, and YingHuo plan is human to Mars, it will be the first man on another planet, forever expand the human horizon, and so on.

YingHuo plan the first phase with the second phase have been successfully completed, the crew landed at different places on Mars, and then return to Earth, the astronauts become respectable.

"I reckon, and so this recorder uncovered when the rest of his teammates have long been die of old age. Of course, if they can safely return to Earth. Folks, if you live to see this recorder, then listen up : not your fault, you did what I should do for to do, I would make the same decision I would not blame you, I'm glad you survived. "

In front of the "Mars Rescue" a few hundred words will be sketched out a rough background, but also depicts an optimistic atmosphere hero image, but to explain to readers why only own one stay on Mars to die.

All YingHuo planned missions to Mars are by Jingwei spacecraft, because of the huge machine and take too much, so the Chinese space agency made the only one. Each time you start must consume large amounts of fossil fuels, to be able to transfer the spacecraft into Mars knees.

In the back of the contents inside, turn on Lin Han begins to fill some of the information to their own inquiries ,, such as Jingwei number is driven by the ion engine, ultra-high speed projectile back the argon atoms, thereby achieving an overall slight acceleration of the spacecraft, only need to consume fewer nuclear reactions house, the way will be able to provide continuous acceleration.

These things science is no room for the slightest error, Lin Han written very carefully, occasionally stopping to check with the data bit, try to make statements easy to understand it, will not cause much of a dyslexic readers.

In addition, he also describes the details about the Mars landing vehicles (mdv), which is closely related with the back story, from the beginning to the end of a mission to Mars takes three years.

Carrier has landed, it is lifted off the carrier, Mars launch vehicle (Music Videos) using a series of elaborate design and Mars exquisite stroke atmospheric chemistry, not written to Mars one kilogram of hydrogen fuel can produce 13 kg, but this need to compare

For a long time.

The upper limit of surface design task is to cope with wind speeds of 150 miles per hour sandstorm, but Liyun Fan, who was met by 175 mph giant dust storms.

When they left the cabin perched in an attempt to walk to the Mars launch vehicle, and is scraped off the wind fell communications antenna arrays inside, and a long, thin antenna directly through Liyun Fan spacesuit, and he to the distance fallen.

Fortunately, with the antenna that is just his waist muscles Zhazhu did not stab in the past, the suit above the flaw started to make the passage of oxygen to slowly go out.

There is always a way out,Gush of blood from the wound rapidly converge suit breakage, rapid evaporation of water under a strong stream with a low pressure, leaving a sticky residue. When the blood flow more time, these residues are also gradually increased, and finally slowly strengthened at the seal is broken, the suit will reduce leakage to an acceptable level of oxygen.

Wrote this passage, when Lin Han stopped and just let him three thousand words beginning large-brainer, coupled with brisk and witty style of writing Tucao protagonist from time to time, make those boring scientific part becomes fun stand up.

When night falls, he will treasure these very manuscripts preserved, and uploaded to the cloud disk inside against loss.

At this time, Chen Jiaxuan looks very happy, she was carrying a bag, smiled and talked, let Lin Han shook God's light in the corridor, a stunning look to emerge.

"Come on, we can start. By the way point down to business with you, in fact, I do not want to say these things in this time off work."


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