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By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 66 linkage benefits

Chapter 66 linkage benefits

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No one can think of a forward micro - Bo actually can cause so much discussion, Lin Han themselves underestimated this Internet age people's spiritual needs, the book has not been published already red.

But many people thought his new book called "Mars Survival Guide", and all of them began to call, so he made earlier book, their future certainly need it to Mars.

Earth above, "Mars rescue" the heat is even higher than that, but that is because when the sci-fi movie release, publicity side to develop a series of promotional tools, the whole network can see the soft advertising Mars rescue, hard advertising.

Etc. After the heat up, which was quietly faded navy, deep reactive with the name.

"Mars Rescue" movie worldwide have made good reputation with the box office, it scores 8.4 on IMDb, there are more than 24 million people participated in the review, the results are better than 91 percent of science fiction, and has made nearly 600 million yuan in box office.

In its hometown, is also very good performance in North America, $ 220 million in North American box office, won four weeks at the box office champion, imdb rating is also 8.1, media evaluation 80 points.

Caused a topic of concern, although not a true film promotion, but at least potential readers become increased, these users are likely to participate in the discussion of the entity to buy a book and read.

Many readers Lin Han is not a fan of, after such a trouble are also aware of the author, also won three major trophies Galaxy Award, read the number of eight million is not a small number, just a very small part of the people on the inside interest in science fiction, it would be achieved.

What's more, with the increasing amount of forwarding, read the number is rapidly going forward, beginning in the comments someone inside Amway Lin Han from previous novels.

"So looking forward, I had listed to buy a certain look. But now there is nothing like fiction recommend it?"

The following reply naturally increase up: "Lin Han wrote the previous two novels are very good," I, Robot "with" rural teachers "can go and see."

"" I, Robot "highly recommended ah, is simply a domestic science fiction Best of setting, foreigners are amazed too!"

"His film is not ye, but the novel is very good," I, Robot "relatively easy to understand, for entry-level reading."

"Personal style sci-fi feel of the big changes Lin Han, from" rural teachers "to" I, Robot "and then to Mars wrote this book, has not rest on our laurels, constantly creating, I feel very good. most do not like is a book written from a 5 or even more. "

After seeing this comment, Lin Han very kind of laughed, as he was the author of a new sci-fi world, now the style are basically those of the original author's style on the planet, although trying to change, but with little success.

From the "Mars Rescue", he began trying to put their stuff into them, and then put the rest of branded all those sci-fi classic the true meaning of their mark, and not just copy the intact.

He has been seen more thorough, now slowly feeling the stones find their own style,So there is no outset "three-body" or worse out of science fiction.

In front of two books of high quality, as well as higher-quality fiction behind Lin Han wait to describe it!


From the magic back to Yanjing, Lin Han particularly miss is the family of the heating, the magic of the hotel although there are heated, but that is air-conditioning, heating with hot air blowing out there are still some differences.

Lin Han took off his coat on a hanger that he is slumped on the sofa, obviously only in the past few days, but he felt at home some dirty, could not help but want clean tidy.

Sweep a sweep, mop the floor again, so let Lin Han slightly over the top there is a hint of a familiar feeling.

After the rapid and transient knock on the door interrupted the calm inside the room, Lin Han mop against the wall, just past the door, he knew that in addition to Chen Jiaxuan, there will be no rest people come to their own.

Sure enough, is holding a red apple bite of Chen Jiaxuan recklessness came in, she Puchi bite of the apple, and then said:. "I heard you closed the sound, so we came to look back so soon, how is not in Shanghai and more play two days of it, whatever the outcome, to get so many bonuses. "

"Shanghai is very good, but anxious to come back to write a new book, the Internet so much heat, if I would hasten to write, I am afraid to receive a lot of the blade."

Lin Han will turn off the turntables, soothing and melodious music had stopped short, this baby lump Taiwan is one of the original owners of beloved items.

"Other writers are every day is Cuigao broker, the broker I do not urge you too much consciousness, worthy of praise." Chen Jiaxuan will apple core thrown in the trash, she said with a smile: "Yesterday's that discussion was very successful, rarely seen so many people to care about the same issue. Unfortunately, time is not right, and if after this gimmick to get out in front of a new book on the market, sales certainly good. wait a few months to cool the heat are not I know no publicity. "

"My fortune, lost in my life. It has always been an accident, should be extra happy fishes."

Lin Han shrugged his shoulders, he took the mop, indicating Chen Jiaxuan will foot up, and can not be put down to the ground before the moist, otherwise it will put him time and again.

Chen Jiaxuan toe touches, she obediently feet slippers from the inside out, accompanied by a lovely pale yellow duck plush slippers stockings, as if there is a girl's mind her vigorous and resolute appearance.

The whole person curled up on the sofa, watching the busy mopping the floor of Chen Jiaxuan Lin Han, she spoke and said: "In fact, this referendum

The role of the great debate is still very significant, at least today you published book, "I, Robot" to achieve a sales volume fell against not only physical sales have gone up, the electronic version are also selling quite good. "

"How to say?"

"Renmin University Press there fed back sales data, before yesterday," I, Robot "book sales have been slowly reducing, one day only to sell more than five thousand of this may be after what happened yesterday, today this volume is more than 30,000, they look at the market reaction, printed ready to continue. "

From 5000-30000, reverse the decline of this is really amazing, Rao is Lin Han could not help but surprised a moment,This is just for a day of sales.

Chen Jiaxuan holding a pillow, her other hand is gently comb his hair, he continued spoke and said: "This linkage is very good benefits, electronic version of the larger sales gains, probably because it is a wider spread on the Internet, today should be a list next week, the results tenacious climb back into the seventh. "

Netizens do not see Lin Han speak Martian new book, just search but found his collection of short stories was also on sale less than a month, so we are attracted to go in and see.

Sales surge is a good thing, but can be maintained, but also the ability to attract the novel.

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