Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 65 Huobian whole network

Chapter 65 Huobian whole network

Dong cannon for this reply, Lin Han expressed great imagination, but in fact does not apply on Mars, because the soilless cultivation relies on nutrition, plant growth requires a lot of nutrients with trace elements, just water, it does not these trace elements.

Even if there are some nutrition Mars base, would not be in support for too long, this belongs to consumables, with a little less, in order to support four years, is a very difficult thing.

Eagerly discussed above, the network has been extended to the next line, when Lin Han, who eat buffet in the evening to celebrate when the Galaxy Awards come to an end, we basically revolves around the topic of his new works in the body.

Tian Ran hands are busy stripping lobster, he looked puzzled Lin Han, asked: "Are you so the idea of ​​publishing a novel, do not worry about being the first to someone else wrote it?"

"Do not worry, I've done a record in the Copyright Office, and even the first step to write, ultimately have to rely on the quality of work speak."

Lin Han seemed confident that he did not start writing right now is to ensure the quality, the preparations were started to write.

What's more, he basically did not disclose other content, is entirely netizens in sporadic thinking, he was responsible for the mobilization things just to heat it up.

Allan Wu also expressed interest to one side, "If this book is written, it is certainly the result of the participation of all the people together. Now, ah, I'm waiting for you to write quickly, if you can publish it in the first half just fine."

Lin Han took a sip of juice, he replies with a smile and said: ".. Try, I finished writing speed is very fast went to press, I hope this time will try to shorten it, so the heat is gone."

"Oh, I envy you. No matter what the situation, you are the focus of attention of others, born science fiction fit to eat a bowl of rice. Although the film looks not look good, but so well-written novel enough."

Are eating field and then suddenly received a note from Allan Wu's elbow, he suddenly knew he say what, then again and again embarrassed smile, "I did not mean, you write good novels, and later you can his own novel into a movie Well, ha ha ha ha. "

Lin Han did not think too much, he knows he is not erase the past. As Tian Ran talking about, he does have thought about science fiction made into a science fiction movie, but this requires money as well as contacts and now director of his ability is not affordable.

Here are some plans will have to wait until there is strength when he was handed down, and now everything is too early, but only in a reserve force, waiting for the final outbreak.

Writers dinner party and no difference with the ordinary people, there are people familiar with alcoholism each other, focusing instead on eating there, there are chatting with each other, Lin Han biggest winner of this award Galaxy successfully hide in a corner inside.

When Li Wenyuan holding the glass to find a circle, only to find Lin Han's shadow, he drank reddish ears, bubbling beer do not know how much to drink cups.

"Your kid is not authentic, ah, actually secretly hide. Galaxy took the prize, actually still so low-key, I think you are very busy in the online thing."

"I was just chipping away only,You are not in it to make trouble, to establish what the robot empire. Your readers are calling you back more text it, when to send new book? "

Li Wenyuan pick up a slice of watermelon to eat it, he contemptuously Lin Han looked at, "which is also called chipping away? I have not seen more low-key than your science fiction author, this book is well written, do not worry. "

Li Wenyuan will speak after drinking a little more often, constantly asked Lin Han seize the current good situation, just like the reincarnation of the monk.

After dinner, a group visit to other writers like entertainment ktv, declined Lin Han is invited out, he returned to his room began to see from the latest developments.

After a night of propagation, the end of his piece to fire up Boche, the number of responses has more than 50,000 times, what is the latest reply all "micro - Bo tours", "End of the World tour a visit", " users know almost admiring "," watercress sightseeing cars toot toot "

It took him almost deceives the ignorant, and some do not understand in the end how, where so many inexplicable reply.

"These people came out from somewhere?"

Lin Han herself all the while the page above those figures prominently in red prompt destroyed, new fans for more than 10 million people, for a writer of science fiction fans do not buy very great.

Looked at the micro - Bo, this micro - Bo actually read a few more than eight million, do not know there is no water residue wave in the end, anyway, very prosperous.

These comments follow a reminder, Lin Han know almost inside into the search, and discovered that even in Mars began discussing the topic up: "? Live alone on Mars is what kind of experience."

"How to survive on Mars continues, welcome to the discussion."

"How to live with a 31-day food four years, we talk about his views on it."

Know almost is a relatively new online question and answer area, covering almost all Internet Encyclopedia of doubt, but also the integration of divergent thinking, can often see some verse baked.

Lin Han really did not expect to actually fire a fire to know almost go, these users weight ratio paste - it is slightly higher, regarded as science fiction a good training base.

Which led to his surprise at the End of the World Forum of rhetorical exercise but also post questions raised in the discussion of survival on Mars, still dutifully landlord initially handling the micro - Bo the following reply wonderful, and later thrown directly linked, so users themselves to micro - Bo to see, so the formation of the End of the World tour.

Similarly there are micro - Bo Bo above some well-known

Lord, watercress bacteria, paste - it Mother, Britain those things, I was shocked and so bloggers have forwarded this microblogging, and also the opposite of those popular responses were summarized screenshots, convenient for some users with advanced cancer lazy View .

"Today's hottest topic: How to survive on Mars, take a look at the wonderful reply netizens"

"Science fiction writer Han Lin post questions, tens of thousands of users respond, your brain hole big enough?"

"Everyone is a potential sci-fi writer, wanted to know how to survive on Mars? Yes or Lu Yu eat the bodies of aliens, it is to find the wreckage of the spacecraft is to carry forward the spirit of interplanetary colonialism,Come onlookers! "


With these micro - Bo tours, Lin Han probably know why the number of reading so much, and even watercress interest groups in science fiction, science fiction fans are running onlookers.

They want to see Lin Han himself in the end is how to deal with their own doubts put forward, never a science fiction can cause so much concern, a problem, a bunch of reply, Huobian whole network.


Greedy pot yesterday, today diarrhea collapse, what a sad reminder! Fear of dehydration, have to drink glucose water to sustain life, the author bacteria really gave it all for food.

Friends looking at other authors recommended votes to rise biubiu of the authors expressed envy borne bacteria, once you let me enjoy such a happy chant ~

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