Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 64 national discussion

Chapter 64 national discussion

Lin Han popular at this time is the most productive time, as the Galaxy Award winner, he quickly appeared prominently at the major sites, along with the name "village teacher" award together towards a wider audience.

Even sci-fi be a small classification, but still the highest national award caused a lot of attention, and the first to come up with highlights video playback live video on the site had to: "full playback:" "! Monopolize Third Prize, to dominate the Galaxy Award" rural teachers

Also new - Sina news headlines: "Galaxy Award ended," village teacher "成最大赢家!"

Teng - News qq pop message: "" Village Teacher "won the Galaxy Award, Readers Award nomination, Best New Artist, science fiction new strength to look forward to."

Yahoo: "Galaxy Award 2016 came to an end, Lin Han Clueless"

Headlines: "Future Technology Conference sci-fi spectacle staged, one after another popular Galaxy Award"

Southern Metropolis Daily: "from the director to the writer, Lin Han interpretation of sci-fi legend!"

There are also some local media also reported this matter, the whole network seems to have been detonated, just no other breaking news upset today, so came to the attention of the Galaxy prize above.

Lin Han overwhelming news to bring great fame, his name even appeared in the micro - Bo recommendation, recommend users to add focus, in addition to his micro - Bo Certification rapidly from the "new director" to " well-known science fiction writer, representative of "rural teachers," "I, robot". "

So much attention, just Lin Han forward and comment on with this micro - Bo, brain-hole wide open netizens immediately to the interest.

Chinese Space Agency, said there is no conclusive chemical components of soil organisms, while Lin Han of this proposition is to add a series of restrictions, also given considerable information, to see in the end is kind of how everyone's idea of ​​a.

The first to react to belong to Lin Han original science fiction readers, their first reaction is: Lin Han to open the book, the protagonist of a new book called Liyun Fan, as the plot will think a little bit.

"Mom Egg, the book is actually written Mars to survive, you want to empty glove yellow map it!"

"Liu tongs, until I thought about it for a moment and then return."

"Food can only eat 31 days to wait for four years, this is not only being starved to death yet! Said earlier, the only one who survived, is not to find the bodies of the remaining partners, then eaten as partners with juvenile camp corpses to survive. in 4 years, how much he needs corpse ah! "

"Oh, upstairs too heavy mouth, and simply can not stand. Eat the bodies of people it still is, so to really develop, I absolutely abandoned the book!"

"I am concerned about their own ideas. Astronauts on Mars certainly have their own place of residence of it, if the residence is damaged, insisted that the main character can only be used up to the spacesuit oxygen, not to mention such as 31 days, not say four years. Since there is no damage to the residence, there should be a lot of things in the rest of that right of residence, such as water .31 days on food with an unlimited amount of water to fully calculate the calories burned with the body to calculate the required minimum consumer body there is no food may be extended 31 days to 310 days, or even longer?"

"A person stay on Mars, it may not be starved to death, the first bored to death. A speaker did not, such an environment would people crazy, but quite looking forward to this new book, take a look at the alien version of Lu Robinson Crusoe how to play. "

"Protagonist will find aliens on Mars, then tied the knot with a bizarre alien princess and live happily?"

"This is science fiction, science fiction sure to have the ingredients. I guess around Mars in 31 days time inside, find alien spaceship left behind, then start your own spaceship back to Earth to. This guessing how many points ? "

"666, I came to see comment."

This micro - Bo forward with the number of messages are beginning to surge up, we are scrambling to speak his mind, and then look at the front of those people say they want to have with no similar.

The idea of ​​the most appropriate, the biggest hole in the brain that several replies received more than a thousand times like this, it also made a lot of people began to rest from friends, top off the Three Stooges Zhuge Liang, the power of so many friends, but is it better than a forest John a person?

So here I opened a few friends over there sent the link to the group, their friends, and it buzzes.

Many authors have even received the invitation, many of those science fiction readers in the micro - Bo to call their next brainstorm together how to make a person live.

Lin Han proposition with some wide hole, and in that a few words, who do not know what should be in accordance with the reality of science and technology, or to a proliferation of imagination.

At this micro - Bo message number has exceeded 10,000, and many users commented on the continuing review, or even directly in it began to return to discuss it.

The first science fiction writer is dragged Li Wenyuan, he was regarded as "Mars Rescue" this novel only insiders, but now she is trying to profit from it, "I guess the earth sudden nuclear war, the destruction of the entire planet, the solar system inside became the protagonist The only survivor, and the development of Mars, colonization of Mars, building a series of robots to build the strongest robots universe Empire! "

The comments quickly attracted netizens joke, we all know this is a laugh, is not official.

"Mosquito naughty, I like to hold back twitching like a whip."

"Brain mosquitoes really big hole, directly to the robot Contact Mars together, you just wrote a good."

"You have the face bubbling here, go back to writing a book, there are no new books a year published, and I have sent to the publisher of the blade, each

Once a month, please note that check! "

More and more onlookers into them, most people have become spectators, only a few people actively discussing down to business, how to make Liyun Fan survive from space.

Up to now, the largest number of comments won praise a man named Dong cannon friends, his message said:. "As far as I know, a simulated Martian environment is nasa get training has been almost a year of training content is observed there is a biological laboratories inside the seed growth conditions, under the influence of weightlessness and radiation to see if the seeds have not changed. Chinese scientists on Mars, certainly has a similar experiment, right?Water, seeds, using soilless culture can develop a lot of vegetables. Then use vegetable seeds mature and then planting, so that you can survive by eating the vegetables. "

Lin Han had to admit that this idea does have some viability, Mars residence built a greenhouse, a Watt of power, the percentage of humidity, temperature and other data to determine Celsius can soilless cultivation.

Now soilless cultivation technology has been very well developed, can automatically control irrigation pumps, temperature and humidity-controlled system of vegetable planting, cultivation light with nutrient solution and so on.

Under computer control, such as, led plant growth light can be automatically adjusted according to the growth of vegetable garden lighting duration; Automatic irrigation systems every hour injecting the nutrient solution inside the water tank; when the room humidity is below 70%, the room spray humidification system will mist.

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