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By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

63 Chapter fancy Cuigao

63 Chapter fancy Cuigao

(Recommended seeking votes, seeking collection, the author bacteria Bese o (n_no ~~)

There are three components to win the grand prize, Lin Han directly surrounded by reporters to, what he did not have time to think, only to face stiff face the camera, flash Huang spent almost his eye.

He knew that "rural teachers' quality is very good, otherwise it will not select from the inside out inside my mind so much science fiction short stories.

But with the next Galaxy Awards to win three awards, even if it is great pomp Liu then write "village teacher" when there is no appearance of that year only big Liu won popularity with readers nomination.

It can be said, is entirely the result of favorable factors Lin Han these three awards, the judges did not even think would be the result, because the last few judges are selected by secret ballot, the final result is only the notary office to know.

So until after the award came out on stage, smiled at each other before these judges, almost all of them chose the "village teacher", did not let this excellent work dust.

Previously often have a variety of public relations of things happen, once a high opinion of the novel "abyss of spacecraft" Just because another novel, "The Time Traveler Diary" to start to become public relations Pearl award Galaxy, the year was also become a shame Galaxy Awards.

PR every one of the judges, the judges selected so that the name "Time Traveler Diary", each one of the judges thought someone would choose "the abyss of the spacecraft," while his own this vote does not matter, the result is still abruptly put a quality 'Fiction Pengdao highest throne above the Galaxy Award.

This time, they did not make mistakes!

Congratulations heard the sound of Lin Han's ears are slightly numb, he even no extra hand to rub the ears, you can only keep repeating Thank you.

Fortunately, now lunch time, after a while dogged reporter can only give up, but also the mouth to get a lot of valuable information from him.

The first step back to the hotel, Lin Han Leng Leng stay in bed neat three trophies, which is well as a dream that he came to this world, to write her first novel aroused such praise.

He was afraid the dream suddenly woke up, found himself in case sleep together back to Earth, Lin Han feel that they can not afford this reality. But for everything around so true, he really thought he came to the "Inception" world inside.

If at this time there is a hand gyroscope, then, Lin Han also hesitated in the end turn does not turn, I did not want to leave this dream.

Shuaishuai head, will throw out all of these negative emotions, no matter how kind the future, to grasp now on the line.

So after he took photos, micro - Bo said: "Thanks to the Galaxy Award, thanks to all readers, all this is just the beginning, there will be more exciting science fiction back offer!"

Whether read "village teacher" who, or because "I, Robot" and the novel powder on him, Lin Han of black powder that has gradually disappeared, and some even from black to pink up.

As always there are people who criticize him, and now almost all Comments Congratulations with Cuigao, Lin Han with their own efforts to change the netizens thought of him.

Not write science fiction writer is not a good director,These two books clearly showing that Lin Han talent in science fiction, so many science fiction fans began to have expectations of him.

"Congratulations, this is the Galaxy Award ah!"

"Rookie deserved, and quickly write more and better novel out of it."

"" I, Robot "can not update it a little faster! Only a chapter each month, you have the nerve to accept the award go, go and write!"

"Please turn right upstairs watercress Read buying the book, I have," I, Robot "read, this is the first entity, ah, do not wait," Science Fiction World "dawdle."

"Book famine, Lin Han When do you send the book ah, after reading your novel, others think science fiction is that, and not get the spirit."

"I also book famine ah, whip Lin Han, go code word, the code word is not how to make money to marry white Formica, took to the pinnacle of life too!"

"Galaxy took the prize, do not hurry to write a book, you are worthy of our votes cast by it?"

"I've read it twice," I, Robot, "When did you get something new out of it!"

"You can not see the new book, I fall asleep ~ ~ how we sing together."


Cuigao more and more people, had a lot of people are just browsing, and did not intend to respond to this micro - Bo, but was attracted by these Cuigao message, one changing the law Cuigao.

Author says he is in other people's writing, readers are particularly concerned about, some say much better hard, we feel bad, the body must bear, do not write too much, go for a walk or something.

Lin Han to the side, it becomes a "do not send the book, believe it or not I hacked you", "Lin Han Do not cry, stand up roll up, no new books, you're a pig," "Blade, only this unpretentious we want instead of what you can express deep love "kind of thing.

Fancy Cuigao demon war dragged draft strange metamorphosis!

Behind every writer has a group of non-stop Cuigao little angel ~

Lin Han particularly helpless watching these comments, it should be considered a prolific writer, right?

From crossing over to now, only two months time, but he has written a short story with a full-length, in addition to a full-length also active in waiting.

Cuigao has always been between readers, authors, editors can never be ignored, Lin Han without the editors Laicui him, so readers would serve this function.

Only really like the novel the reader will take the trouble were reminders

Draft, which is something we all understand.

After Lin Han thought, he hesitated about the new book exposure is not news, so let readers a little bit quiet, and so prepare their own fully re-made book.

After all this time, "Mars Rescue" is no longer intact copy the entire context of the need to replace some of the small details of the design have to change, it is only when the original reference.

Chinese scientists Mars, with last rescue Sino-US cooperation on Mars colonists only this, summarized in one sentence synopsis of the novel.

Looking at the surface is not attractive, but the protagonist of life on Mars a few hundred yard light of day, various problems have come up, with suspense stimulus is to find and solve problems arising.

At this point just concerned about micro-Lin Han Chinese Space Agency - Bo official account posted a Mars-related content with a few hours ago,He rolled Wang Qianmian, soil analysis collected by the Great Wall of Mars probe "published Chinese Space Agency, did not find results show that life forms constitute a decisive chemicals. Mars program chief data analyst Ma Yan said the acquisition will be re-used as soil analysis to confirm the results. "

Due to changes in the background, the United States and China's national strength quite so hostile to each other plus cooperative relations have been deepening down, the two sides in their respective institutions have a social media account above, foreigners like Twitter, the Chinese practice of using micro - Bo .

nasa with the Chinese Space Agency have launched the Mars exploration program, the two sides are similar progress.

This result is not Lin Han expected, because in the "rescue Mars" novels with their own excrement can not solve the problem of Martian soil with the plant one of the classic movie clips is the protagonist.

Lin Han Forward this micro - Bo, and the message said: "survived dust storms down Liyun Fan became the only human on Mars, his remaining food for only 31 days, but rescue teams take four years to reach Mars, how to adhere to live go on? "

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