Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 62 biggest winner

Chapter 62 biggest winner

Readers Award nomination genuineness value represents the popularity of a work, only to get favorite of many readers, Lectra warlords in order to win this award.

Lin Han to know this before the time the body can no longer be new competitors, but many senior author of science fiction and even some science fiction god, but "rural teachers' short story high popularity direct them to spike.

As Presentation speech said, "village teacher" not only in science fiction industry has been generally recognized, even in the rest of the field also attracted the attention of many readers, effectively expand the scope of science fiction readers.

From "Science Fiction World" began detonated topic, the first to respond to the national education system, such as a teacher of singing the hymn in many schools to promote the novel, and even some classes just start to buy.

Rural teachers this novel science fiction and even broke the deadlock in the "Selected Novels" above, reprint the remaining amount of assorted particularly gratifying, so the number of readers to radiation would be more than the rest of the novel.

As a result, a short man inside overstating, "village teacher" has emerged as a dark horse shiny Readers Award nomination.

Before declaring a result, no one would have thought Lin Han actually be able to win this award, even those who voted for him are just dig it, never thought would win the prize.

The shaking regicide transfer ceremony scene suddenly becomes noisy up, the writers actually is not calm, have discussed it, buzz directly increases.

"Readers Award nomination he actually is, I thought tower Guo Rui little suspense at all. This is not a statistical problem, a couple actually put so much science fiction god God gave a dry little lie down."

"It is estimated that this year did not how publicity, and I did not see them in the micro - Bo forward canvassing above, despise about this award."

"I think there is a problem, Lin Han is not their entertainment set of things to get us to the cultural circle inside. Every vote online entertainment will always be those foul, this time will not be his brokers shot, to help cast so many votes? "

"Definitely more than just this if you dare brush votes, it is also not to be locked up and awarded the Galaxy, you forget that of the year before being permanently banned from the Galaxy Awards in the?"

"Fairly deserved," rural teachers' quality is very good, recently considered rare books. "


For these arguments, Lin Han turned a deaf ear, he again boarded the stage, took the trophy from the hands of a jury addition, it is not only heavy honor, but also the value of 100,000 yuan, for the author is still struggling near the poverty line is not small help.

Normally, however, can win the nomination readers who are considered great coffee, put one hundred thousand yuan will not be looked down on. They who do not know, Lin Han had directed at money to write science fiction, use this to feed themselves.

Now thousands of dollars is still a lot to him, Royalty, "I, Robot" is not yet settled, so the bulk of which are still publishing house hand holds, Lin Han money inside the wallet is not much available.

Compared to just tight collar Best New Artist, and now Lin Han a lot of calm, he stood in front of the microphone and looked Wu accommodating the crowd below,He spoke and said: "I thought the opportunity to own at most only once on the podium, so just have to ready acceptance speech to say that now I am very excited and grateful to my readers and friends to vote, thanks to my horses." Sci-fi World "magazine, thanks to my agent, she is not only a broker, but a good friend, always encouraged me."

"I would say that, although not exactly the same as science fiction future of technology, but in recent years, from science fiction and reality are getting closer, the proximity of high-tech products and science-fiction description is increasing. Today it is the most science fiction good time, as long as there is good work, the reader will not abandon us! Thank you. "

A lot of impromptu speech acceptance speech, Lin Han holding the trophy two very prominent in the audience, the General Assembly arranged for him only an intermediate position, which means neglected.

He happens to be very disappointing heavyweight won two trophies, outshining all the rest of the author, let the rest writer has kind of feeling to accompany Prince reading.

With the award-winning one after another, people temporarily forget the existence of Lin Han, the attention will be on the best novel, best novella, the introduction of the best books and other top awards.

Not surprisingly, these awards are taking well-known writers, the atmosphere is finally easing a bit, there is no longer any upset to burst.

Orderly conduct of the ceremony, Lin Han also just take a piece of the trophy began selfie, won two awards he felt should be the unexpected, totally seniority awards back no longer count on.

A little time goes by, the scene guests of the stomach almost cooing when called up, the ceremony came to the last high tide - part of that is the result of galactic prize essay announced.

This essay is open to all authors, regardless of what level, no matter at what stage release, no matter what type of content to write science fiction, are likely winners.

This award is today's top priority, the scene everyone is holding their breath, waiting for the results were announced.

Li Wenyuan took the envelope from the back came out, he was a super-popular science fiction writer to issue the most weight naturally caused a sensation Awards, wearing a suit of Uncle Li Wenyuan looks quite mature kind of charm.

Before he opened the envelope again, talking into the camera and said: "Every year, the Galaxy Prize event are science fiction, there are numerous outstanding works emerged last year, which is a favorite of the judges, is "Leonid meteor" or "the other side of Broken Dreams" and "village teacher" or "ship in the sky"? this is every piece we are in a dilemma, they

It is a masterpiece of Chinese science fiction literature, which is brilliant Milky Way stars. "

"Getting this award Milky Way's work is" rural teachers, "Congratulations, Lin Han!"

Once again, luck comes in Lin Han's head, winning the third, and each one considerable weight, Lin Han has become the biggest winner tonight.

Slowly the crowd when he came up to the stage, some people do not even know have reached out to congratulate him, Lin Han accept, but also kept, by the hand, the road came to spend nearly twelve minutes time.

At the same time spoke the beginning stage large-screen narration: "unrestrained fantasy universe,With delicate nuanced humanistic care, Lin Han at the same time into the Chinese traditional thinking and circumstances, but also with witty romantic tone depict as much as Hollywood's top movie glory. The story extends from the interpretation of the reality of human nature, easy to understand as well as grasp the science fiction double narrative description, "rural teachers' interpretation of the most wonderful teachers praise! "

Hugged their friends about, Lin Han at this time has no other feeling, leaving only the excitement with excitement, and even language are slightly choked.

"I've never felt across the Galaxy Award with his so close, a few months ago when I was in trouble, dared not expect to win the top prize when the Galaxy Award in front of the first to get a prize, I am very satisfied; The first two awards, I was surprised with joy; now the third prize, I thank Galaxy only filled with fighting spirit award, thank you all book club. "!

Third Prize monopoly, can only trophy in his arms, Lin Han simply could not bear to put down any of them.

Suddenly hair book now for a month, just to the right of the page to see the statistics, thanks to a reward up to last month's Book Club "guardian of truth" has become the first fan, book club "Lin" became ticket king, and "God the request "to be the first commentator.

Although the end of the book, but the results may not fall too much, have recommended votes pro also hope to continue to support ~ ~


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