Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

The first 61 chapters pleasant surprise

The first 61 chapters pleasant surprise

The first prize just about themselves, Lin Han did not expect to come so soon, in the list of previously published works which only short-listed semi-finals, and no detailed to nominate each award.

Best New Artist of the scope is rather narrow, limited to the release of the new writers of science fiction in it over the past year, any more than one year's writers are not within the scope of the screening.

A human life can only get a best new artist, if missed this award, even if it does not matter how well written the novel back in exchange for rookie award, so Lin Han did not want to miss this opportunity.

In his rivals inside, almost every sci-fi writers are talented, these novels name sounds familiar, seems to have seen the original owners.

Took a deep breath, Lin Han efforts to maintain calm look, the head of a large rocker video camera trained on him, what tense and grim expression can not be exposed.

"Rest assured, though they are very powerful, but you are more powerful, I guess this must be your prize." Tian Ran opening said, although he recognized that Lin Han more than one hour, but has become conversational.

Allan Wu endorsed nodded, though the director Lin Han community is not ye, but it seems inherently belong to science fiction, first work, a direct result of the whole society, the second works equally as epoch-making significance.

If this award to Lin Han is not the case, the judges estimate are embarrassed to go to an interview, everyone knows Lin Han pen amazing force, with the magnificent illusion, like wings in general.

The rest of the field of science fiction writers, scientists as well as the audience and the corresponding guests are beginning to whisper together, the first prize of a home in the end belongs to whom.

Live sound gradually increased up, several candidates are slightly nervous, but they are in tension with despair, everyone knows this time have a common opponent, that is, Lin Han.

"Village teacher" hot remembers, regardless of network or reality hot-selling, or even a decent rating, and so are prohibitive.

Almost at the same time that several candidates turned his head, eyes locked on Lin Han who only beat him eligible for the award.

At the same time, live above the major video sites also attract a large number of readers love sci-fi, although these sites shunt, but watch the amount of network remained stable at about thirty million times people barrage fast refresh .

"This award to begin with, meaning there is no good ah," village teacher "award-winning suspense it?"

"Top Money Celine goddess, Rookie belong to you!"

"If" village teacher ", I live to eat Xiang."

"You look good naughty editors deliberately cut out the we all turned to see Lin Han picture."

"I do not want to Lin Han award, but he wrote a really very nice."

"" I, Robot "this novel took me a pink circle, the front support Lin Han has become the god of science fiction."

"Look at the" village teacher "Look," I, Robot "was completely impressed"

"Lin Han big forces of the top front of God."

"Support" Moon Prisoner "do not explain!"


Network above the sound did not affect the ceremony site, Lin Han sat slightly breath,Then he saw one of the award judges Zhang Jiahao Galaxy took the envelope onto the stage.

"In the past year time inside, very happy to see so many talented friends to join the new sci-fi literature inside every one of you are excellent writers, through the vote of the jury, this Galaxy Award for Best New Artist Lin Han, "village teacher"! Congratulations Lin Han, also blessed rest several writers, I hope you can create more excellent works to. "

He has long been expected, Lin Han sigh of relief, he had just been hand holds the handle, now finally can relax, he got up and ran around with the field, Allan Wu shook hands, and then only slowly away from the aisle up.

At this time, Lin Han handsome looks handsome, tall meter eighty suit and accompanied by very significant figure, if he is not generally participate in the Galaxy Award, but to participate in the Golden Horse Awards, the Golden Rooster Award for male stars.

This allows network handsome face a barrage of explosions almost up, a lot of people who do not know know works, and more do not know this person looks, at first glance, after Lin Han, is entirely boil.

They also thought that writing science are slovenly otaku, or a homely middle-aged man, but who would have thought that such a handsome guy.

Yen value is justice, the sudden surge barrage is the best proof.

Lin Han stood on the stage, he took the trophy in a trance, the people have some dizzy, though always in the vision of such a day.

But when that day comes true, he had been knocked unconscious happiness, only a few deep breaths, forced himself to calm down.

"Oh wow, a few months ago when I started writing science fiction at the computer, I have the broker advised me not to take things too hard, she thought I went into science fiction is the kiss of death, but I did it! Incredible, very glad he wrote the novel than his popular movie. "

From a black to adjust the atmosphere, Lin Han's voice down, I heard the audience laughing writers laughed, it seems that we all remember him as a hideous past.

Its irony by others, it is better to laugh at yourself out, so I'm very happy John raised his trophy, and finally said: "! This is just the beginning, I believe that in the future there will be more work out of devotion, thank Galaxy Award"

Lin Han pace off the stage and some floating, some could not believe he was, he really got the Galaxy Award? Although this is only one of the best award following the Galaxy

Couples only, far less than the real gold of the Galaxy Award.

Back position, Lin Han grabbed his hands firmly refused to release the trophy, the first time he truly realized that they can do better, those sci-fi classic into the world.

"I would say to you, rest assured that under it." Tian Ran Lin Han envy at the hands of the trophy, he may never won the best newcomer award.

Lin Han nodded, he now also very fast heart rate, can not calm down, get our hands on in the absence of proof necessarily who own it!

Now is the best translation prize awarded with the Best Art Award, and even Lin Han also saw the emergence of several foreign science fiction writer in the guest gallery,This is far from science fiction amuse China.

"The most popular foreign science fiction writer winner is Jean - Wolfe, representative of" Book of the New Sun "!"

A prize in hand, the world I have. Lin Han now do not care about the back of the awards, anyway relationship with their own little peace of mind when a spectator on the line.

"For any kind of literature, the direction from readers is our creation, only to write fiction for readers satisfaction is the real classic. Inside the works of the past year, we have invited all users as well as many other sci-fi hobby who will give them the right to vote. As of January 1, 2017, a total of 140,000 users and 50,000 "Science fiction World" readers participated in the selection of work order, get this Galaxy Award nomination readers' work is a "country teacher"!"

"Congratulations to Lin Han," rural teachers "to the space Liangwan Zi painted a picture of reality with fantasy staggered, with strong works, so breaking the traditional reading science fiction category, with a more spacious living space for the mainstream Literature see the potential of science fiction! in the vote, "village teacher" get more than 50,000 netizens support, Mr. Lin Han to receive an award. "

At this time, Lin Han is entirely ignorant of, that he actually Tiaofan those science fiction god? Readers Prize nomination is the number of fans.

As the new sci-fi world, Lin Han never thought so many people support themselves, this is the Earth sci-fi of victory!

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