Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

60 Chapter Awards

60 Chapter Awards

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A magazine of victory is sometimes an author can drive up, but that's not Lin Han.

At this point he did not have the strength, "village teacher" will expand readership and attract more readers to pay attention to, "science fiction world," which is on its own strength this part of the reader firmly attracted.

Lin Han do not know these two editors had come, but still showed enough of friendship, after talking to a few people for a while, with Wang Yifan Chen Chu He got up and left, the space reserved for Lin Han.

He now only needs to tidy up their feelings, allow yourself to become a little easier on the line, this time winning the prize award ceremony can be the best, you can not get nothing, more opportunities for their future.

More and more classics are handling themselves over, do not believe that these are not favored by the judges, but Lin Han's ultimate goal is to become the first person with a science fiction novel won the Nobel Prize for Literature, this goal is very, very difficult, but he will not give up.

Evening free time, Lin Han did not stay inside the hotel, but went to read the Huangpu Night, Shanghai Bund and other places to stroll around.

He did not want to meet with Li Wenyuan before the ceremony, to save the people behind talkin '.

Night in Shanghai is very charming, even if the cold night wind can stop the footsteps of visitors, Lin Han enjoyed the taste of a person's travel, he picked up the phone took a picture after the spread of micro - Bo above.


The next morning, dressed in Lin Han came out of the hotel, his driver have been ready, but this time not to leave alone, but together with two other science fiction writers.

"Hello, I'm Allan Wu, this is purely to see the exhibition of lectures plus, you do?"

Lin Han turned and looked the other person look, he spoke and said:. "The first time I participate in such activities, I'm John."

"No? You're Lin Han, they say your" village teacher "Aspen is a favorite yet, we have seen you that story. By the way, your robot is too praised three **, I saw yesterday had this topic on Twitter, the fire went abroad! "

"Forget that, I'm Tian Ran, write" dream harvest ", do not know you have no impression."

None of the three is the kind of preoccupied with the car's character, Lin Han just inside the memory of the presence of the two men, Allan Wu of the "Windy City" with Tian Ran "dream harvest" in 2016, "Science Fiction World" which had published, therefore it had been invited.

But he is quite curious is how Aspen popular thing, taking advantage of the drivers still on the road when they quickly asks them: "This is how popular Aspen row out, I actually did not know about it."

Tian Ran eyebrows, "seems to be a bored person, web search data statistics, the number of watercress reading reviews and evaluations, professional book reviews and the rest of newspapers and magazines reprinted amount to the integrated" rural teachers "very front rank , in addition to lacking professional book review above. "

"It turned out this way, but the Galaxy will have to see the judges who awarded tastes." Lin Han shrugged,Helpless said, he had never had a similar experience, and somewhat nervous stimulation.

After arriving in the venue, they want to see is the future of science and technology exhibition, is the later Galaxy Award ceremony.

So Lin Han, a pedestrian they see the future of intelligent aircraft cockpit, no sun without soil intelligent plant factory, as well as precise orthopedic surgical robot, accumulate wooden dancing robot.

There are also popular in the world of 3d printing technology and vr virtual exhibition, and even Iron Man-like flying jet social security, quantum levitation and so on, people feel dream-like, as if the scene depicted in science fiction is really coming up general.

"Amazing, wait a minute after attending the ceremony, I would like to stay here all day."

Lin Han talking to himself, at the moment just skim the surface like to see, he even have the opportunity to experience vr New World, only be envious of watching the audience to enjoy.

Allan Wu feel the eyes fast enough, and this exhibition is very interesting, more and more people out there in the queue waiting for admission, he could only sigh and said: "When can really see these applications on the market, I wish I You can live to this day. "

"Believe me, you certainly can." Tian Ran patted him on the shoulder, then under the leadership of welcome staff, a few people through the exhibition hall, into the large auditorium.

At this hall is decorated science fiction full color, on a huge stage Galaxy Award words and embraced the brilliant galaxy around two thousand people in the audience this time will continually have someone come in.

The scene is playing for a big-screen sci-fi concept piece, described fragment future life attracted the attention of these science fiction writers, have forgotten things around, immersed in the movie inside.

The rich and powerful "Science Fiction World" magazine actually spend a special shot a video like this, composed almost entirely of computer cg effects picture looks very good, every second is equivalent to the number of million yuan.

This is not to see the movie, but a picture of the yuan!

After Lin Han's location in the center-right, and he took a deep breath two, then stopped and looked in front of the eyes of the judges and guests, she began waiting for the start of the ceremony.

The Whole Ten o'clock in the morning, look forward to a long time Chinese Galaxy Award for science fiction has finally opened his own mysterious veil, scene lights suddenly dim up, a passionate promo appeared on the big screen.

Technology with the naked eye 3d of passionate music, as if it were a battleship going out of the screen, or even an explosion of debris will impact the planet

To the front of their own, extremely bright interstellar war lifelike robot butler, setting sun like blood doomsday crisis, developed very future of transportation, one science fiction scenes video appears inside.

At the end of this five-minute short film, the scene everyone can not calm down, can only desperately applause to express their excitement.

Too great, this is the real science fiction awards ceremony, science fiction elements everywhere!

Even when dressed as a robot look like the host of debut, Lin Han will not react because it Shizaitaixiang, could see that the effort is definitely the case in cosplay."Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 27th Chinese Sci-Fi Galaxy award ceremony scene, shaping the future of science, fantasy make up. This is an annual event in Chinese science fiction literature, is all science fiction readers like carnival!"

The beam of light down, the hostess appeared wearing a spacesuit Slim valiant, without the traditional host so elegant dress or dress, who helped ponytail, holding a laser gun astronaut looks very handsome .

"This is the highest award of Chinese science fiction, science fiction is the literary development milestones. Today we celebrate the 27th birthday happy the Galaxy Award, today we meet with the rise of new forces of science fiction. Participate in the Galaxy Award judges have Wang Jinkang, Zhang Ran, Jiang Bo, Han Song, Li Wenyuan, dense Teng yuan, Zhang Jiahao, Ni Jianzhong eight teachers, also attended this ceremony there Lu Gang, Li Miao representatives of the scientific community and other persons, integration of science and technology in today! "

"The ceremony will be broadcast live Shanghai TV channel trade, but also can log on Youku, Tencent video webcast site, we welcome the participation of micro-channel, interactive micro-Bo to win the well-known writer for signature."

Having said so much pile, Lin Han glad eliminating the need for leadership speech when it began to face up, waiting for the prizes awarded.

Dressed as a robot male host spoke and said: "Today is the first award-winning sci-fi to new strength, every year countless new authors added to the science fiction community, and they hope science fiction, the future belongs to you! "

"In the past year which, many new sci-fi devote a great article, readers bring a reading feast, see below nomination list."

"Li Yukun" blue blood, "Liu" nebula other side, "Zhang Tianli" Moon Prisoner "money Celine" Lost Butterfly ", and Lin Han" village teacher "!"

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