Literary Superstar

By Mai Meng Wu Di Xiao Xiao Bao

Chapter 59 Mordor trip [to seek collection]

Chapter 59 Mordor trip [to seek collection]

When the integration of technology and science fiction, the birth of what chemical effects of it?

Two representatives gathered at the frontiers of science and technology conference on the future, with their own ideas to crash out of the spark of inspiration, like crowdfunding wisdom that can promote Discovery with vision for the future of science and technology.

For science fiction writer, that's when they launched the idea of ​​a brain-hole play, to promote integration between applications with the scientific discoveries of science fiction, so some of the items inside the fiction come true.

Lin Han alone, dragging a small suitcase came out from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, the city is exceptionally noisy, subway station repair was as if the maze, if the bad sense of direction, people will probably get lost.

Follow mobile navigation transfer to the subway, he finally came out of the pavilion Shanghai World Expo, here is his destination must be the future technology conference attendance and hotel occupancy under the guidance of the staff.

Outside the venue at this time of ongoing science fiction writers of the book signing, well-known science fiction writer Wang Jinkang readers are constantly surrounded signed with his name, won 15 times this year, the Galaxy Award Wang Jinkang already sixty years old, but he did not stop writing, almost every year new works published.

Adhere to the creation of so many years, readership accumulation of different nature in general, so the signing will be there appeared ages relatively large difference situation.

"Mr. Lin, please come with me, it is the driver of our General Assembly, will be 8:30 tomorrow will be on time at the hotel the following, we started nine of the General Assembly, the Galaxy Awards ceremony is to start at 10:00 award. There will be Dragon TV and the rest of the arrival of friends in the media, the winners will be interviewed, please forgive me. "

After Lin Han hostesses sign he will be directed to the next Audi a6, this treatment seems too good to be too much.

He was only a budding new science fiction author only, sponsored by the General Assembly of hair can be the future of technology is still not underestimate, we can see this is under a lot of capital.

"Yes, Thank you for reminding. Now everyone has come to you?" Lin Han little friend here, though science fiction nebula group to a lot of people, but basically are not the right path.

That Miss Manners smiled, spoke and said: ".. Has now signed to more than half, leaving a small part of science fiction writers have gone on inside the hotel, you can contact each other."

Lin Han nodded, he opened the door and sat inside, so that drivers will be delivered to your hotel inside the General Assembly. After get the key, he discovered that there was actually surprised everybody alone house, do not live in a standard room with others inside, this is probably the most gratifying thing.

After the luggage put away, Lin Han took to the suit hanging in the cupboard, he will have to wear at the ceremony tomorrow, try not to crumple.

Overall, the room environment is very good, but also opened the curtains to see the scenery outside.

No one to disturb, Li Wenyuan as though the judges a long time ago here, but certainly busy round and round, no time to bother Lin Han, but he would rather stay with the reader together, is not willing to talk and laugh with these authors, only lying bed playing mobile phone.

He sent a letter micro give Chen Jiaxuan,He said he arrived safely, then it is out of tune with the evaluation of the content on the sales watercress reading "I, robot".

At this time, the number of listed from the novel has two weeks time, watercress reading has sold more than 150,000, the following ratings also reached more than 4,000 people, the final score is 8.9 points!

The score higher than 99% of science fiction, many people choose five-star rating, which accounted for the majority, but there are some naughty people choose a star rating, that this shit unreasonable.

For this score, but it is still a little Lin Han is not met, in accordance with his ideas should be entirely on nine points fishes, this is full of sci-fi classics at home and abroad, even if they have some changes are not appropriate, but it should not be Star fishes.

Many people did not even buy the book began to evaluate them, which people are very unhappy, and have not seen no right to speak, so it also aroused indignation science fiction readers.

Hey a novel, but it should not have been treated, these people do not know from where came out, one by one like a new account evaluation was able to play a star.

Depressed watercress app will turn off, Lin Han pillow next to his hand severely hammer hammer after he opened the Amazon site, compared with the Chinese version, the English version of the sales, though a small, but the increase is very alarming.

Often the day that sales growth of about 120% or 145%, but the figure rose a day a thousand downloads, but continued impressive gains.

Now we have sold successfully broken million, as a novel did not how publicity, "i, robot" word of mouth success erected image in the minds of European and American science fiction readers, more and more places began to talk about this fiction.

While he was browsing the following comments in English, but heard the knock on the door bang bang bang.


Lin Han was wondering, who would find themselves in this time, he was almost in isolation in science fiction author lap, although others envy but envy is more powerful.

"Edit" science fiction world, "Wang Yifan with Baron Chen, will now be convenient?"

"Convenient, how convenient it." Lin Han opened the door, then made a gesture of invitation, "Come in, we sat down to speak it."

This is probably the way to meet friends, and slightly embarrassed.

This time with Baron Chen Wang Yifan came just to witness the pleasure of seeing their own dig out the upstart science fiction, the two of them sitting on the couch, opening with a smile: "Although seen your photos online, but still feel a little surprised.


Lin Han shrugged cheekily replied: "?? What surprised me to be young and handsome than any other writer."

"So to speak. At first, I see," rural teachers' time, thought it was written by a middle-aged man, this is a huge surprise, wish tomorrow you can get the Galaxy Prize. "Chen Chu River is over Latin America, as themselves strongly referral relationship Lin Han, now he has occupied a dominant position in the competition's deputy editor.

In fact, there is also the editor of factional fighting, Lin Han's debut is emerging from the hands of both teacher and student Chen Chu River, which is regarded as their direct descendant, so these two people will come to visit your particular Lin Han.From the "rural teachers" to emerge, to "I, Robot" hot market, Lin Han like a good polished jade, is constantly shine.

As long as John lay a good relationship with the forest, his new works continue to publish the above "Science Fiction World", Chen Chu even earned this achievement with all his resources.

"The General Assembly, the editorial you all come?" Lin Han curious to ask, and he does not understand these things.

Wang Yifan looks like college students in general, he was holding a hand inside the moment, "I, Robot" and then spoke and said: "Galaxy Award is hosted by our magazine, so as employee benefits, so that everyone would come to Shanghai play with the trip. "

"It seems that your magazine is pretty good benefits, employee benefits quite good."

Baron Chen nor too modest, "compared with the previous is better, thanks to your" village teacher "of our magazine sales exceeded to 1.7 million, and" I, Robot "the first chapter led the magazine 12 sales reached 1.5 million, an average of 2016 we successfully exceeded a million sales mark in 2017 and now we have the best-selling magazine, advertising fees are doubled, so the business looks good. this is a you credit. "

"You can not flatter kill me, that the magazine not just my own article, but also the rest of the content, the original" Science Fiction World "on many readers, when I was just a catalyst."

Lin Han waved their hands, he can not be triumphalist.

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